Devil Wears Prada, The - Gloom Lyrics

We wrote a song in the dark.
We drove a stake through her heart.
We ride the wind, we ride the waves.
We are aggression, we are pain.

We wrote a song in the dark.
We drove a stake through her heart.
He is the Lord, we are the listeners.
We will not die without a whisper.

I've seen what's fake,
I've seen the distraction.
And like a wick there's no end.
I've seen what's fake,
I've seen the distraction.

No end to my burning.
No end to my burning.
No end to my burning.

Don't let the devil speak.
Don't let the demons take us.

Watch your back, look over your shoulder.
This war is meant to be fought.

I've lost my temper.
And yet there's forgiveness,
There is purity.
Lay waste to golden crowns,
Find hope in clarity.

Let go.

We wrote a song in the dark.
We drove a stake through her heart.
We wrote a song in the dark.
We drove a stake through her heart.

Black heart, black song.

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Devil Wears Prada, The Gloom Comments
  1. grant robison

    I always thought it was funny tdwp is a Christian band

  2. Hope Berens

    bruh i headbang sooo hard on the bus listing to this

  3. Mister Darkness

    no end to my ( NO END TO MY ) BURRRRNNING

  4. SinCity88Gaynor

    See you guys oct 26th last show I saw tdwp and as I lay dying in Vegas @houseofblues wazzzzz not disappointed

  5. Juvenal Ríos Carrillo

    2019 still hitting!

  6. Swiss Watson

    One of the hardest songs to date. Still here in 2019 🤤

  7. Morevidzz

    man.. Mike really shot his vocal cords over the years

  8. Bill Quarter

    when you THE BAND of the genre. for 10 years then change...TOO much. Daniel left and this band just....somehow got worse.

  9. Dante Consonero

    Holy fuck this song is amazing

  10. Wyatt Campbell

    I love devil wears Prada, although on stage mike gets to crazy running around. Dont get my wrong his stage presents is fun! But it tires him out and it reflects on his screams. Love the music tho

  11. Sid Sharma

    lol drugs


    This is my first time listening to this album. Used to occasionally list to this band years and years ago in highschool.

    I think it's safe to say Mike's vocals are absolutely shot now.

    Silver Hedgehog

    they sound better than ever, especially on their last two LP's

  13. dylan parrott

    Love the hell of this song hell all their albums were great

  14. Mouaad Blvck

    fuk this breakdown is heavy

  15. dan thomas

    From 1:19 on it's badass

  16. Del Armstrong

    watched them in 2000 something. best time of my life. got blazed up my whole way to dally.

  17. Georgia Var

    1:45 - 2:04 THAT WAS AMAZING

  18. zachzilla123

    2:38 iv lost my tampon

  19. Josh Leahy

    fucking epic!!

  20. Joe Williams

    so god damn heavy jesus

  21. Capone Bellefleur


    Luffy Joke.

    no end to my BURNING ooooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooooorrrrh

    Stuart Murray

    Legit live for this part

  22. Ryuk Mc

    Orgasmo auditivo

  23. Bob Ballard

    Amazing band - Mike is a special vocalist.

  24. bryan esquivel

    best band ever!

  25. joebuehrer

    They are such a better band now than they were back during the time of "Plagues" and "With Roots Above and Branches Below"


    @Daniel M if you're talking to me the album I'm on about is called transit blues came out a few months ago... It's sick.

    Daniel M

    Love that one kinda different but it's got a new style to it


    @Daniel M I've not listened to this band since dead throne came out, stop listening cause I didn't like his screams sounded weird to me but much better now imo

    Chantz Likes Punk

    joebuehrer With roots above and branches below was better than plagues and even matured before any if the ep's and showed the true nature and maturity?

  26. Dashawn King

    no lie those weird high screams sound like the heavy vocalist from outline in color


    this band is an OG. outline in color sounds like TDWP.


    put some respeck behind their fuckin name

    Janel I

    +Artist Culture lmao

  27. Josh Briere

    No end to my BERNIE :D #FeeltheBern #Bernie2016

    Luffy Joke.


  28. shav12

    1:45 wtf I feel like I just took a shot of adrenaline


    Right? This is one of my favorites! :D

    Joseph Bastidas

    shav12 That drop made my beard grow a beard

    Jason Bentley

    "Grabbin' Heroin *cough* I mean Adrenaline.."

  29. Justus Charlton Ong


  30. R4HU1

    Is it possible to get the instrumental of this somehow?

    Sean McGuire

    +R4HU1 Doubt it, you'd probably have to do that yourself, although I don't think that version of this song would turn out very well…. why would you want the instrumental version?


    +Sean McGuire there's an instrumental version of the whole Dead Throne album and it's great. I personally find them better to listen to when trying to write something because the singing distracts me and I end up writing what he's singing lol. Instrumentals are good though, it's almost like listening to a whole new song because you hear things you didn't hear so well before.

    Luffy Joke.

    i'd pay millions to hear the instrumental album version of this

  31. SF RH


  32. this channel is now dead.

    2:37 I'VE LOST MY TAMPON!!!

    XxForgotMyLifexX Games

    I didn't lol

  33. Sydney Blackbourn

    1:45 I cried. Just.. goddamn

    Iris Ghorbani

    I always get goosebumps

  34. I love you

    I first heard these guys 5 days ago and now i cant stop listening to them. They're fucking amazing

  35. Kai X

    oh my jesus mike makes me wanna jizz in my pants like fuck this band never fails to impress me.

  36. Joao Galvao

    His growls are so fucking good!!!

  37. Token 91

    Haven't listened to these guys since their zombie ep. His low screams are awesome, but I have mixed feelings for his weird, high lowish screams.

  38. 101chillen


  39. Trenton Henson

    My birth date is 8:18, SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!

    Learn Some

    8:19 for me lol one day off

    oliolioxin crii

    bruh get the bands logo tatted on ya somewhere omg

  40. Alex Walker

    This album is amazing, it goes great when I play Bloodborne

  41. Bob Gnarly

    The breakdown is

    Luffy Joke.

    +Oliver-Vic Carquinn THE BEST...THE Best


    Sooo true

  42. Adam Artz


    Adam Artz

    @Ahsyaa Pratama There's also the part where Mike loses his tampon.
    I've lost my temper -> I've lost my tampon

    Initial T

    lol man! Tbh, I realize that brownie for a long time but I just commented haha. You made my day

    Adam Artz

    @Ahsyaa Pratama Glad I did. ;)



    Luffy Joke.

    ah the good ol' days with brownies

  43. Selena DuPonty

    1:46 breakdown 😱

  44. Rylee Marie

    i dunno how i feel about this band
    the vocals are certainly unique

  45. Colby Isham

    Definitely sharing this!

  46. Allie Gator

    I got a tdwp shirt from some guy who went dumpster diving behind goodwill.. looked them up and these guys are pretty foking fresh

    ROADKI11 Yet

    Allie Gator I find irony in that because of their content. Made me laugh tho, at least you got plugged into a good band

  47. touchmyGstring

    that breakdown.. brutal!

  48. jake1o

    This might be my favorite TDWP song from any album.

  49. drakeunderscoremason

    I remember they announced this songs existence live when I saw them with as I lay dying

  50. ThatCaliforniaLife

    Next music video please!!!!!

  51. Alexis Melchor


  52. Riley Hamilton

    A minute into the Mike Chang 6 PackShortCuts Ad I was thoroughly confused at the comments talking about breakdowns and buying albums... lol Forgot TDWP brought me here

  53. Joshua Waurich

    i think im going to buy this album


    The same for me !


    just bought it

  54. Alx

    I remember a while back listening to a few of their songs and I didn't like it at all, but this song so far that I've listened to I absolutely love!

  55. Lauren Olivia

    the breakdown is just fqih;oirhqogihw[rh

  56. Nick McGoldrick

    Check out my drum cover of Gloom here! Thanks. --->  /watch?v=Y_oiys4B6fc&list=UUltuCDIHsDeI01by1OW7WuQ&index=29

  57. hailtori669

    They were AMAZING live. ♥♥

  58. Kurtis Klinger

    we are aggression WE ARE PAIN

  59. Austin Sweers

    this is one of those songs you can even head bang at home to. Probably one of the best TDWP songs yet.

  60. eddieedmondson3

    1:45 to 2:03 bass guitar drop ever!!


    And a guy said something about it a little before me lol

  61. Stephanie Waldie

    Someone carved their logo/sign thing into a bulletin board at my school. No idea who but it made me smile.

  62. Andrew Gambill

    i really wish the vocals were clearer.  I can usually understand screamed vocals but all I can hear is "gnaw into my brownie"


    That was their intention; to make the vocals sound like a live show.


    Can never unhear!

    Initial T

    this comment rules xD

    Scott B

    you bastard hahaha been listening to this for years now its ruined

    Marksman 5147

    @drummerboythx A good vocalist can actually be understood live... Mike is notorious for awful pronunciation and skipping lines watch any TDWP live vid theyre kinda awful, he just burns himself out tryna stay hype and cant condition himself for shit

  63. Hannah

    I decided to go and listen to different bands and decided "Why the fuck not?" for them. I like them so far and I feel like I'm don't "look" like the kind of person that would listen to them. Hah. Please send for help..?

    Datrion Pharoah

    As much as i can crash through thier teeth


    Are you going to send that over Youtube or on Vine?

    Datrion Pharoah

    Haha if i remember to call the camera crew when i predict the day im gonna knock someone out 😉


    Wow, never knew you owned your own camera crew. Your show must be popular.

    Datrion Pharoah

    Yup dude, in hollywo... ehhh im done >_>

  64. Mrwhiteguy908

    I went and saw these guys I was really sick but I manged to stay for the first three songs and literally screamed my heart out to this song 

  65. isaac ruegg

    Looking at the comments totally ruins the music sometimes.

    Real Niggas

    @Brett Williams or just dont scroll down...

    Exalted Nevaeh

    Gnaw into my brownies?

    Marksman 5147

    @Brett Williams man you're retarded...

    Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

    Just ignore the retards they can’t read


    Lol i agree the funny ones dont bother me its the ones who critique them for not sounding like plagues or earlier... Tbh they are probably not musicians or good ones if they can't tell how improved they all became at their craft... Im a drummer of almost 20 years tell me im wrong... This is the king and i don't see anyone taking that from them. They were billboard top 10 multiple times they don't care about mindless trolls.

  66. Atraills Sanderson

    Good job tdwp

  67. Blake Parthenay

    Man that riff starting at 1:44 is just savage!

  68. Aljaz Levstik

    One of the best breakdown I have ever heard in my fucking life..

  69. Cody Roberts

    I've lost my tampon! wtf

    James Garcia

    lol I heard the same thing. 2:32

  70. manologilhp

    So... in the next album we can expect a song named Vileplume or another called Bellosom right?

    Atraills Sanderson

    Where did you hear that?


    @Atraills Sanderson It's a Pokémon joke.


    @William Centeno
     Fuck off nerd.


    @CREWKABANGER Thanks for replying two months after I wrote this. However I will not fuck off and I will continue to comment on this wonderful music and piss you off.

  71. Alexis Melchor


  72. Nick Bagley

    2:26 is the best part

  73. Atraills Sanderson

    Dat breakdown doe

  74. UnityDeicide

    1:42 - 1:46 GNAW INTO MY BROWNIE xD

  75. Avery White

    A song dedicated to the worst Pokemon. Smh.

  76. Alex Kisart

    Ive lost my tampon!!

  77. Dropkick Kangaroo

    Another great song!

  78. ZeeGrizzly

    Everything up to the Zombie EP was perfection. Dead Throne was garbage, and now Mike's screaming style has changed for the worse. RIP old Prada

  79. Logan Dietz

    This song needs a video 

  80. CGFAN420

    @ 1:46 I felt like this should of been on the Zombie EP

  81. Mason R

    Omg. I hope they play this live June 19th. It would be SO SICK. That break down freaking rules

    Jordan Davis

    Well did they? I just saw them not long ago and they played it. Fckn sick haha

  82. MeMiMike

    these guys always come up with something new and cool, fuck i love this band!

    dylan parrott

    MeMiMike same here

  83. SlothsOnASegway



  84. SH0RTYY

    This right here is what made me love TDWP again. Dead Throne was not all that good imo


    Yea. I think its their best one also

    Dropkick Kangaroo

    By far!


    @Lanie Annette It's his opinion jeez

    ADel X

    @***** In my opinion, I think all of the devil wears prada albums are ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!! Every single album from them is freakin phenomenal, especially Dead Throne, but the best album that they've ever done in my opinion, was With Roots Above and Branches Below!!! :)

  85. Rubens Mateos

    2:26 and 3:02 wo0w it's amazingggg!!! /O/

  86. Eddie Coronado

    Sounds alienish


    i wasnt being sarcastic at all

  87. Jacob Smith



    jarrod right?

    Ryzing Apricot

    o my gosh now that's all i can here them say haha. Does anyone know what they're actually saying??

    Alex Martino

    @Will Sweet No end to my burning

  88. axel russell

    revelation 2.17
     He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it
    brothers and sisters great promises jesus has prepared for us 
    im glad to hear this awesome hard music to him

  89. Moon Devoured

    intro kind of reminded me of Exordium by Breakdown of Sanity. not really, but kind of.

    oh Brucey

    Was thinking the same thing

  90. Casey Custard

    There was a breakdown?

  91. Jack Bridges

    1:45.....I just crapped my pants 

  92. Justin Montoya

    2:25 ♡

  93. uncaringcaesar

    March 17th Tulsa, OK!!!!!!!!!!

  94. MoviesAccordingToJohn

    1:46 I couldn't breathe for a second


    My heart shot out of my chest, then shot back in so I'd live to hear the rest of the song. 


    i always get chills haha

    Joseph Bastidas

    strykerdude23 Same

    Jeffery Clark

    XD havent heard this band since high school lol that made my fucken day

  95. TOXICkidd18

    iv been hearing there music for years and they just get better <3

  96. Rob Pederson

    July 13th HOLY SHIT

  97. Julissa Contreras

    Man that breakdown \m/