Devil Wears Prada, The - First Sight Lyrics

Promise the lake
Don’t try, don’t be
Exist just like me
Promise shame
Every bit of everything is screaming so quietly

Is there anything else to say?
Are there any more words to sing?
Right after doubting all the things you claim
Right before giving all of it away

I thought I was ready to write
But you had me years ago
You had me at first sight
Even if it means nothing now

Promise these hands
No more empty praise and worship
Get lost at first sight
I’m driving my car away
I’m heading north

I thought I was ready to write
But you had me years ago
You had me at first sight
Even if it means nothing now

It hurts most in the mornings
And I wish I was in Chicago
Their statements are all contradictions
And I don’t think they can figure it out

All our damages transform us
We’re like our own historians
Is there anything else to say?
Are there anymore words to sing?

Every bit of everything is screaming
Promise the lake
Get lost at first sight

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Devil Wears Prada, The First Sight Comments
  1. jballgoesdjent

    This is one of their best songs imo the musicianship is spectacular

  2. Sean Paul

    So sick all I can say..

  3. AKittyX

    I like it but at the same time it makes my stomach twist.

  4. crackamanDan

    I love this song but what does it represent?

  5. Antonio Quiroz

    1:09 I thought I was ready to rape.

  6. BagIsFull

    My lord I can’t believe I listened to this when I was younger, I’m so embarrassed😂


    BagIsFull this band, album, and song still slaps. Sets the standard for metalcore, even now

  7. Bruno Oliveira

    The best!

  8. shamus248

    idk why but 3:00 makes me laugh

  9. d s

    The Devil Wears NASA-approved eclipse viewing glasses

  10. AcidHunt

    Generally i really dislike metalcore. But TDWP just feels so different from the rest, i really love their music

  11. crushcrush


  12. Hamuma Digiso

    This record kicks a lot of ass. Honestly, from intelligent and personal lyrics to the solid hypnotic rifs and drum lines that can make anyone appreciate the instrument, If this album won't turn you, there's probably not a whole lot that would.

  13. Travis Hoffmann

    damn...these guys have changed so much. I'm so impressed with their evolution.

  14. Khondaker Ahmed

    This song is insanely good, man!

  15. Wedge 

    1:40 - When you nut, but she still suckin'.

  16. Puka Muriska

    Ho ho shit. My soul.

  17. Trill Miha

    1:42 amazing sound

  18. Grizzworld54

    anyone else there when they released the audio video before the music video?


    I wish :/

  19. Rodrigo Medeiros

    According to the lyrics, at 1:12 he says "ready to write" but it doesn't sound like 'write'. Is there a reason for this? Just something to do with accent or are the lyrics wrong?

    Broke Even

    It's write. You just really have to listen to that part. Sounds different at first but I think it's because of the instruments tone at that exact point. The same line is said at 2:00 and there is where you can hear the word 'write' clearly. :)

  20. Helena Bee

    This was the first song I've ever head from this band, right when it came out. For years I've been trying to find which one it was and I finally did.

  21. 山本京佑


  22. Andulas is

    3:08 haha that face

    Ricardo cavalcanti


  23. Brad Apples

    roigj5-gijoevdp jfbiwnv;kljdfsn fvdcpmlx;scakdlns f;qkms na ;c cadkad;kdcscan'tcontain

  24. Solus E. Eclipse

    I thought i was ready to rape

  25. Darren Halstead

    Jesus Christ that was awesome

  26. reckzn

    nigga high as fuck

  27. Melina Oyarzún

    i do not understand the videoo...

  28. Troy Rodelas

    I thought the man from the thumbnail was blind. Still one of my favorite song of TDWP.

  29. Fluoride Youth

    my heart

  30. Ziqim Hakim

    I thought this band was like any other ordinary heavy metal bands but I was wrong HAHA,I should have discovered this band long ago

  31. namenenezalezi

    Meaning text please ? :)

    Gin K

    zzz Czech x z Dx z- Vizier Dzrnc z fnxr ncxr n Ņ zx10r cr xr. X, XD, x x c

  32. Rocks Bury

    Is it just me or at like 2:40 ish volume goes down?

  33. Encounter33

    This video means so much to me as when my family landed here in America we landed in Cape Canaveral. It was once my ancestor's land. Angels have never left our side. From Cape Kennedy til a Virginity Hit rape initiation in New Orleans. You will never hear about in history books except this one on YouTube. There are stranger things that we had been had in first sight and shall continue to bring the Kingdom here on Earth even as the United States faces the Obamanation of lies.


    +HaskelProductions hey! i live there dude


    +Wadeforce check out the church they built and donated the land for the cemetary, too.

  34. Jeffery Meredith

    This was what I needed cause of how I can relate to it from going and walking through all the hell I went through last Sat and this week so far!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Songfacts

    Maria Juranic did some really good work on this video. Check the Songfacts entry for the full story, but it's about a guy trapped at work in an office, with only his mind as a means for escape. If you work on a computer, you can probably relate.


    This video is so underrated, and it's so good.

  36. Chad M

    I still think Mike has a crazy screaming voice, like how it's different

  37. TheRantKid/TheRanting Marauder

    I was so wrong about metalcore.......

    Armando Molina

    +Horizon Gaming the devil wears prada is a metalcore band they arent as chaotic a deathcore and they use clean singing


    +The Rant Kid (TheRantKid) This definitely the upper end of modern metalcore. I like this record a lot

    John Jimenez

    Unblack metal.

  38. Darsey Parsons


  39. Sebastián Natanael Murillo Barrantes

    If I had a power it would be to understand this guys' videos and lyrics. My favorite band though!

  40. Bryan White

    The guy looks like if the guy from HTML rules D00D fucked Liam Neeson and had a child

  41. PhatTVFL


    John Harder

    Love this!

  42. Jacob Garcia

    Guys, TDWP said that their band logo stands for The Trinity; Father, Son, Holy Spirit. It has nothing to do with the Illuminati.

    Cavin Dobson

    Actually it has no meaning to it. Check one of their interveiws

    Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟɪʗ Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟᴇԇ

    It means NOTHING

  43. isaac ruegg

    I pray that Mike's vocal stay strong. He is so brutal and powerful - but that comes with a price on the vocal cords. Praise the good Lord his vox stay inspiring !!

    Mathieu Dubeau

    You should listen to the new song south of the city sounds better then ever

    Travis Holliday

    @isaac ruegg It only harms the vocal cords if you do it wrong

  44. Nick MacDonald

    Ya'll are arguing about what their logo stands for...they said in an interview that it literally means nothing. They just wanted something simple and memorable. I think it accomplishes that.

    Colton Pelletier

    ^this, they also hated their band name cause of that chick-flick that came out and they didn't want to be remembered as the band with the name of a chick-flick lol.
    Mike talks about it a lot when asked about the name.

  45. casket salesman


  46. CP MotoVlog

    fcking heavy !! 

  47. ZKP


  48. Brett Williams


  49. KCChrisG

    What makes the ringing sounds in the intro?

    josiah parke

    @KCChrisG Probably feedback from an amp- It's really common in studio to use it to fill space or introduce tracks subtly

    Cavin Dobson

    Yeah I would agree with him. Me being a guitar player I would say it could even be one of the guitarists doing a harmonic then slowly turning up the volume

  50. Mistercronomancer

    Love this! #TDWP   #RRRoadCrew  

  51. Эдуард Логинов

    Картинка, и манера съёмки доставила. Прекрасная работа! 

  52. Atraills Sanderson

    Can't wait for a new album!

    Bryan Cavazos

    Yrup it did thanks person c: 

    Initial T

    @Atraills Sanderson hey they just released new song!

    Bryan Cavazos

    @Ahsyaa Pratama Oh yes I know that ''South of the City'' since the song came out c:

    Adam Artz

    They just released this Tuesday a new single called "South of the City" and plan to release an EP called "Space" in the summer.

    Bryan Cavazos

    Yesh its true c':

  53. pharaohgirgzz

    I haven't listened to this kind of music in forever and of course the comments are still the same... Christianity? Screamo? My god...

    Initial T

    +pharaohgirgzz I fucking hate you Shane

  54. Douglas Santana

    Like .. nice ^^

  55. Fredrick Balois

    They evolved so much since their dear love until now, so much difference.

    I like this song, but for me DEAD Throne is still Remarkable than 8:18

  56. Lucas Santz

    qual o sentido da história (se teve algum sentido né) 

  57. cecy alegria

    Illuminati Confirmed.

  58. cecy alegria

    The seagull at the beginning makes me think of Teen Titans Go! LOL
    Anyone else? No? Okay T.T

  59. Jeff Ayotte

    I don't really understand why everyone complain about how generic metalcore can be , c'mun Metalcore isn't more generic than Thrash Metal or Death Metal or any other kind of metal , each kind have generic band ! If you don't like a certain genre , it's normal that you thought that this genre is fucking generic .... Listen what you want but don't forget that the music you like can be fucking generic for someone else , so stop with the generic everywhere ;)

  60. Nazarene Band

    His yells are so much better than his screams. Idk why he doesn't just yell

  61. Kieren Blake

    I'm not Christian at all but I love these lyrics. Anything about belief can circle back to anything you believe in, making it easy to relate to.

  62. Cisuukii

    holy shit please help im dying theyre so bad

  63. JK Andrew

    If y'all are not aware, TDWP's current logo portrays Jesus and the 2 thieves at His crucifixion. That's why the middle straight line is tall, it's Him, while the two are at his side.

  64. Genericusername

    umm to the people saying this is shit, i think their older stuff isn't very good, i think its very sloppy and all over the place, right here it sounds like they actually found their sound that fits them and it sounds different to me at least. how is this generic? sounds different to most of the metalcore bands today. 

  65. Logan Dietz

    I wonder what their next album is going to sound like 

  66. Yesenia S

    This is my Favorite Song!!!
    Gosh I Love their music so much !!! ♥

  67. MetalheadMickeyMouse

    Wow The Devil Wears Prada changed

  68. Prknoo

    2:30 till the end..... SO GREAT! 

  69. logan wygal

    still my favorite band since Plagues

  70. Rella

    Actually there logo represents God's eternal existence and makes a cross anyway you turn it

  71. Sphelpsx

    omg... i haven't listened to TDWP in YEARS, i've sure missed out on a lot, i think i like their new sound a lot more! never liked the higher screams though, low screams are BRUTALLLL

  72. Derek Shin

    His lows are really good but I still have a hard time liking his highs. 

  73. Red9

    Whats with all this hate? 

  74. Lukinha do carmo

    Muiitoo fodaaa

  75. Robin Bradwolff

    ok yea they have changed, last time I listened to this band was 3 years ago. xD

  76. Hauntsy Wauntsy

    The strange thing about the singles in this album is I feel like even though the 3 they chose are good, theres like 6-7 better songs that could have made it.

  77. thomas coleman

    They should make an actual music video with them in it I stead of the shot they've been putting out

  78. Aaron Manzano

    Lmao the chorus sounds like "I thought I was ready to rape"..

    Clyde Calamity

    @cecy alegria He didn't. He probably saw one of Jarrod Alonge's Misheard Lyrics videos.

    Nick Luciano

    It's not in any of Jarrods.


    +Nick Luciano actually its in his 2nd misheard lyrics cx

    Nick Luciano

    @Jaye C. Oh, I mustve missed it lol 

  79. Graciela Burgos

    Just btw this is Christian music lol... It's just screamo about god

    Graciela Burgos

    @MrCzeroolz What ever it's called I don't really listen to this type of music.

    Karynna Hill

    Then why are you here if you dont listen to this kind of music. You just look like an idiot.

    Sikma Patatas



    @Graciela Burgos Poor Graciela, poor poor Graciela. Get an education, kiddo, okay? You really really need one.  

    Cody B.

    Exactly this high ass quality

  80. Matt M

    God this is awful

  81. Greeleypeople

    actually his vocals arenr shot, they just like to change there styles

  82. Papa Floga-Chungus

    Uh oh, they get a triangle logo so they must be part of the Illuminati. Who just so happen to be so secret that they like to inform everyone they exist.

    Yayson O.o

    SIR sorry pop ur bubble but i think it mean the Trinity of god,jeusu, and the holy spirit... not illuminati

    Conner Nielsen

    @123azxa Ma'am, sorry to pop your bubble but he was clearly being sarcastic. You just got trolled.

    Yayson O.o

    @Conner Nielsen i am a dude 😂 only picture of me

    Conner Nielsen

    @123azxa LOL

    Yayson O.o

    @Conner Nielsen ik huh lol but idk i just wanted to say that lol i was like damn

  83. This Glock

    They arent illuminati, that symbol has a meaning to it..

  84. Logan Dietz

    People who bitch about vocals in any form of metal music make me want to throw up. It's unusual for a reason

  85. Koa'ki Meiru for Game

    There's a band that kinda sounds like them, they got big around 2 months ago, does anyone know the name? ~_~

  86. Abigail Pineda

    Te adoro The devil wears prada

  87. Joey Polish

    their fuckin music video animations are amazing. so eye catching everytime

  88. Victor Cordova

    Your logo is the trinity, son, father and holy spirit

  89. Fallen577

    Mike's screams are not as good as they used to be. They're still good just not as good as their last couple albums.


    really?!  you think so? to each their own, i guess. i thought his vocals have gotten better since then. he sounds more metal now, i suppose? lol. meh

    Logan Dietz

    @ahhchaosx I totally agree, they're going for a more unusual sound and in turn it does sound more out of the ordinary, raw and even metal 


    @Logan Dietz 
     More like loosing his voice it sounds like to me. But its still good

  90. Suleau

    The fuck did I just watch?

    Initial T

    +Suleau The Devil Wears Prada - First Sight

  91. Skittles Sick

    So fucking rad dude!!!! I love this song, but I feel that my screams are better... But they're screams are pretty rad too .....

  92. why angel why

    No hate but I really don't like the screams

    Skittles Sick

    Yea, well at least they tried....

  93. Tommy Baker

    Checkout my covers please!!!:)

  94. Trece Francisco

    lol illuminati conspiracies. Kids these days...

  95. jew ΠopotvΣ

    1:42 loooooool dat face

  96. RespawnWatcher

    They are so sick good live!