Devil Wears Prada, The - Dez Moines Lyrics

Fall to you knees (Accomplishing nothing).
Fall to your knees only to exercise your schedule.
Abandon calendar.
What has come with such preaching is loneliness.
Profit: Zero
Achievement: Zero.

Forward can't be stopped,
It just goes to show that some words are useless.
Take all your medals,
take all your ribbons,
take all your awards,
take them back to the ground.

Our youth is lost;
A product of the created circumstances.
All I can say is "maybe".
All I can say is maybe this is what I've been expecting all along.
Now's the time of weakness,
Now's the time of blood.
Perhaps even the whole-hearted had wished for this.
Now's the time of weakness,
now's the time of blood,
and still the time of lions.
Push everything.
Force everything.
We've all sung of the end,
But who truly understands it?
All along.

Forward can't be stopped,
It just goes to show that some word's are useless.
Take all your medals,
take all your ribbons,
take all your awards,
take them back to the ground.

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Devil Wears Prada, The Dez Moines Comments
  1. Gabrielle Battista


  2. Adrian Delgado

    I have the lyrics "Forward can't be stopped" tattooed across my chest. Love u guys!

  3. Spooky Da Scary

    I was 13 when I first listened to this song, I’m 25 and still here.

  4. 604T 80Y

    Drums sound fake

  5. Pr Persona

    I was ranked number 3 worldwide on the vocal category of this song (expert mode) in Guitar Hero. It felt cool but it drove my mom mad as shit.

    Matt C

    Did you actually have to scream Metalcore style?

  6. Jeremy Kruszka

    This song was so before it's time. The lyrics definitely resound with the world today

  7. myjy

    Had to go back and listen to the last time this band was good

  8. ʂɬɛཞƖıŋ ɱıɬƈɧɛƖƖ

    "Sponge Bob square pants"

  9. Alrex

    2019 and still a banger ayeeee

  10. Anthony

    back when they were good.

  11. notyouraverage dreamrr

    Elementary times 😔💞miss the original crew

  12. Sewer Boy

    Total riff fest

  13. Chance Butler

    2019 still fuckin great

  14. GREENCARD Hüseyin

    2019 WHO HERE ?

  15. Andrea Gonzalez

    Remembering when I'd bump this in middle school and thinking I was the baddest bitch lmao

  16. Hails Cannon

    Plz play this when you come to anchorage

  17. Pluss Ultra

    June 2019 still repping

  18. Drum Virtual

    tab guitar is epic so fuckin amazing i like it

  19. ISetYourFaceOnFire

    Take the screaming out of this which ive never really like hranica's anyway, and this song would be 1000x better. Leave in the cleans they are okay and the instrumentals obviously. Done.

    Murder HeWrote

    No way. The raw emotion from his scream. Undeniable. He is a true musician. They would be nothing with out his screams. Just so sick. Out standing front man.

  20. dorkydorky666

    me: (crying) ah good ol' day

  21. Neptune Nymph


  22. Eve PiyawaTz

    2019 thailand 😂😂

  23. Eric Metzger

    Middle school for me.

  24. Johnny Van Dega

    High school and guitar hero. And i use to blast this because all the other black people got mad because I loved this smh lol.

    Sean Maxwell

    you sir, are my kind of person

    Anthony Andrews

    Hell ya

    Anthony Andrews

    Ima white huh but I’m from south Memphis lmao so im around a lot of black guys they stay checkin my ass for listening to this 😂

    well done

    lmaoooo fuck it bro listen to what bangs

  25. SpicyLobster

    I listen to this when I go to bed

  26. juanita gaitan

    1:30 - 1:55 that guitar gives me life


    Makes me feel like I'm going to be alright even though life has been very hard lately

  27. yogi burr

    S/O to anyone that always has these sexy ass drum patterns stuck in their heads to this day

  28. Brandon Selsing


  29. Nathan Seah


  30. A Human

    I love how this is there most played song on spotify but it doesnt have a music video

  31. Isabel Lopez

    Time up

  32. Ed Navarro

    2019 and i still think it's a great song


    Because it is :D

    Landon Followstheroad

    For real 😂

    Johnnie Zaragoza

    I miss this

    Grayson Lucas

    2:40 is where it's at! Love that part

    iim Blazer

    it's fuckin badass

  33. The Unknown


  34. Jon Bettis

    Haha its been a long time since i heard this. I went to high school with the lead singer mike. We were in the same grade. We use to bmx before he became the front man for them.

  35. Astro Rain

    The concert was awesome! Happy birthday Mike! Happy holidays!

  36. Anubi

    Omg my teenage 😍

  37. Emy Aze

    I have had this cd for a decade now it outlived cd-player themselves it is literally a masterpiece from start to finish no other hardcore album has captivated me for so long truly BRAVO.

  38. Lee Mathew

    The riffs here is so much eargasm the band was my second favourite after AA.

  39. Lil Sloth

    Damn. Im 16. I was 7 when I found this, never gotten more nostalgia than this 😔

    Alexi Luffy

    Your parents/siblings have brought you up with amazing music

  40. PatInTheHat

    why did they wait so long to publish this 3 years ago lol youtube was big when this came out

  41. RedEvoPro

    Anyone 2018? Still good, I'm not even a senior in school yet xD

  42. El Bumper

    I remember 2010 when they played this album at warped tour

  43. Maykol breikol xd

    Amo esta banda

  44. Andrew Adams


  45. Albatross 5000

    Still 2018 almost 2019 still blasting this!!! Who else

    Jonathon Gutierrez

    Always will, for as long as god allows me to live🙏

  46. larrybob141

    2009 Ninth grade. Walking around with my shitty emo haircut, skinny jeans, and band tee. Rocked this shit so hard in the day.

  47. John Thangminlun

    2018 reliving good ol times

  48. Sergio Ortiz

    I almost forgot about these guys... How dare I?

  49. Tixer

    The good ol' days playing FoFix On rockband drum kits with double pedals cymbals. Ah yes. Got anger? Not after playin this

  50. Jordan Spanier

    Brings me back to 7th grade...

  51. iiTs A7X

    Listen too it when I’m depressed

  52. Kara Myers


  53. Mod Reno

    Take all your notebooks?

  54. Obay Arobi

    My fav album.. And my fav song...

  55. Jadkens

    Haven’t heard this in so long. Still got chills listening

  56. Daniel Corrigan

    old school haha

  57. Pac30

    My favorite song x3 lml lml lml

  58. Jorrensen Hendrix Gernade

    Its 2018 still this song stubs my ears 😁

  59. Jessé Levy Vieira

    One of the best albums of them, pretty nice lyrics and clean vocals!

  60. Saii Shawdy

    10:37 pm and this is where I am 😍😂🤦🏾‍♀️


    7:59am teusday june 3rd.this is where i am.

  61. Eloara Nathane

    2018 ❤


    Eloara Nathane damn you fine, and yeah same here miss the good ole days.

  62. Curtis Ficklin

    2018. SOLIDDDD

  63. Georgiy

    Still one of the best TDWP songs ever made!.. Listening to it almost 10 years later and it's still epic!

  64. Nicolas Perlini

    2018. Still has it´s strenght to push me to overcome shit. That´s music.

  65. Gtr Music.

    2018 ? lml

  66. David Murphy

    Anyone rock this masterpiece in 2018 ? ?

    juanita gaitan

    2019 till the end of my days, such an amazing album, band and music... the nostalgia of an era.

    Christofel Panjaitan

    March 2019 baby

    Daniel Elliott

    Hell yeah! March 2019


    Coming back and listenning to this has made me realize this song would be a masterpiece if there was no screaming at all. Mike hranicas vocals have always sounded extremely strange they are in this weird in between place of yelling and screaming, and they are just not good

    Katherinen Natali Leon Plasencia

    14 Septiembre de 2019

  67. Kevin Peet

    I live in the same state where Des Moines is lmao

  68. Komijoyo89

    2018 and I'm still coming back to this song.

  69. Noah Jackson

    It's not a phase, mom

    Michael Psyche

    This isn't funny. At all. TDWP ushered the new wave of Metalcore with this record. No one got their sound right after multiple bands trying to do it.

    Kevin Acosta

    Never was

    Nate Haji


    Albert Mora

    29 years old and still listen to TDWP

  70. Ergo Geto

    I remember that the feeling of waiting for this album was very close to the expectation before christmas. I miss those days.

  71. Cristian Mancillas

    I would LOVE to thank Guitar Hero World Tour downloadable content for introducing me to this wonderful band

    Cristian Mancillas

    Back in '09

  72. Ghost a.k.a. 5L4UGHT3R

    2018 and still listening

  73. Charlie Frederick

    2017 still good

  74. aite_bet59


  75. Renato

    For some reason this might be the only song I like from this band...

  76. Qaiser Latif

    tfw everyone forgets tdwp is a christian band

    Jonathon Gutierrez

    I never forgot, my mom turned me on to this music when she found Jesus,

    Nanishi Ruiz

    I listened to them back when I wasn't Christian. Now that I am I am sooo grateful that they are. These lyrics hit so much harder when you understand their point of view.

  77. Austin Warrior

    y'all aren't understand this music i don't think.

  78. pauL me

    high school soundtrip. 😅😅

  79. Spencer Yelinek


    Matt C

    Dentists when you have alot of build up:

  80. kaden kinley

    this shit sucks wtf is this shit ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhahhaahhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahaha


    Deez nutz

  81. Mirza Ardhiansyah

    any1 can recommend me another tdwp great song like this one

    Jaron Marval

    Mirza Ardhiansyah html rulz dood and hey john whats your name

  82. Diamond Armor

    "Fall, to your knees, accomplishing, nooothiiing!" The best fucking intro ive ever heard.


    I agree

  83. Edinaldo Santos

    2017 still good 💗💗

  84. Hank

    I seriously thought this was the hardest band ever. Lmao dumbass 9th grader me. Now I listen to like fucking Ingested.

  85. Nav Rhy

    Miss the old DWP 😔

    They are absolutely trash now live

  86. robynn sparkles

    fuck yea, super throwback

  87. Heinrich Himmler

    can't believe I like this song..

  88. Danae Ruff-Robins

    This brings me back to high school. This song and a butt load of other songs got me through it all.

  89. TrashMute

    fav song until now (2017)

  90. j e s s i k a es

    Good times.... I want them back!