Devil Wears Prada, The - Daughter Lyrics

Over a lifetime
I never loved her
My daughter, my daughter

Seems to be a distorted shift
I'm lost now, I'm lost
In the universal absence
And it is dizzying, dizzying
Pitch black, pitch black
Over a lifetime
I never loved her
My daughter, my daughter

Before there were
Ships sailing under a swollen moon

But enough now, enough
Every memory awakens an agony
But enough now, enough
Every memory awakens an agony

Over a lifetime
I never loved her
My daughter, my daughter
Over a lifetime
I never loved her
My daughter, my daughter

I keep carrying the dead with me
So let us pity them, bury them all at once
I keep carrying the dead with me
So let us pity them, bury them all at once

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Devil Wears Prada, The Daughter Comments
  1. Aril Razak


  2. Isabel Baranda

    My song favority!♡

  3. Colby Isham

    Who’s ready for The Act tho!?

  4. Roy Milla

    Did Mike grew his front tooth here now?

  5. Garett Chamberlin

    Tomorrow will be 3 years. holy shit


    This shit SUCKS

    Reb Roboturner

    Weak minded newfag


    @Reb Roboturner I've been listening to metal since 1984. Go FUCK YOUR LIBERAL PUNK SELF

  7. Justin Gregorio

    They've reached Good Era Underoath level

  8. TheKidSix

    This is nice I like it

  9. Darrell Perez

    2052 still listening to this!

  10. Baltazar G.

    christian metalcore lololol wtf

  11. mdk

    Sounds like a whiny little bitch lol
    Behemoth for life!

  12. Jay

    Whos your daddy

  13. Steven Curry

    This is too good to be true.

  14. Christina Marie

    Damn cuh

  15. bookgirl1971

    Not sure I understand this music. The band is good, though.

  16. Murdock Reltih

    Fuuuuuck yes

  17. Алексей Соков

    i am an epileptic and i ughrshjdslklsdvnbfjdk;jzsnjnjnioaIJo;kscm

  18. bruno oliver

    But enough now, every memory awakens an agony. uuuou

  19. The Gaianaut

    Those hats remind me of Alliester Crowley.

  20. The Light Of Dawn

    Why is Post Malone doing all that screaming

  21. Punto Codigo

    Esta de puta madre

  22. shadowsmustfall1

    Siiiick breakdown 2:04

  23. TheLostStraysVEVO

    I never loved him my turtle my turtle

  24. Bald Pokémon

    Not enough epilepsy

  25. Sam Held Dien

    is TDWP Christian yet?

  26. cole a.j

    So this is Christian Metal... Hmmmm, pretty brutal.

  27. DMAN D

    How does this not have more views?

  28. Littlegraytealeaf

    Yo, i got off the metalcore bandwagon 3 yrs ago and i think this is sick af

  29. DaNh StReEtCaR

    Definitely a band that gets better with age

  30. Carmine Daidone

    At this point Mike is just aggressively talking

  31. Adriana Crespin

    I must be living under a rock to have just barely discovered this album...I'm still rockin out to Plagues

  32. Alejandro Acosta


    Ant 92

    Buried in salt and waffles

  33. David Simien

    By far my favorite song on the album

  34. Inocentius baptista varani

    Creepy but good

  35. Josh Nelson

    Anyone else notice the penis shaped hats?

  36. PaperMundo Colombia

    El cantante se parece a El Bananero xD

  37. Dark Cloud

    No se si es idea mía, o el vocalista tiene un aire al Bananero.

  38. odi prasetian

    Kirain pocong tadi

  39. AcidHunt

    TDWP is the only metalcore band that i really like

  40. luciano Rock

    esta banda es cristiana???

  41. allan bloodworth

    saw these guys last night in Milwaukee great live show.

  42. Sergio Torrens

    I still believe this music video deserves more likes and views.

  43. Aarti Hoolasee

    this is deep

  44. zerc 01

    1:00 "MY TURTLE SWOLLEN NOW!!!!!"

  45. Hamuma Digiso

    I'm so glad that there are still bands that aren't just a cluster fuck of faggots. These guys are making sounds in a generation that is drowning in bullshit. Bullshit sounds, bullshit faces, bullshit names, bullshit bullshit bullshit. Long live the sound of shit that doesn't suck a bunch of dick.

  46. Theinsomniac826

    Over a lifetime...

  47. Yuki Hilwani

    Ya allah serem kaya pocong

  48. tom

    this is beautiful

  49. Bethany Mays

    Tried to watch this in the dark and had a seizure. Those strobe lights, I was not prepared


    whats up with the occult music video?

  51. Гарик Николаев

    bad sound

  52. Jesse Hawkins

    feels weird when my music on shuffle and hey John was right before this. thought it was a completely different band

  53. touchly

    throw an s on daughter and it'll be a 60% better song
    jkjk i'm liking this better than whatever the fuck the last album was

  54. Ruben Munoz

    why do i feel this song symbolizes gods neglect for something or am i the only one

  55. k par

    Sexy...Oh no im getting turned on. I love this Band♪knew them since 2010.

  56. Hingle McCringleberry

    this band used to be so much better

  57. Taylorswiftfan101 Cool


  58. ClayMoore

    I prefer this compared to their earlier stuff. There, I said it.

  59. LopesGamerBr

    Onde estão os Br ?

  60. Максим Быков

    Sick dark ambient sh-t ))) but zombies were the best album ans still are ((((

  61. NipahMotherfuckers

    This isn't like the movie at all...

  62. Jean David Laf

    2:22 Cameraman alert!

  63. martinblue1975

    Puesto 40, Los videos metal del año 2016, mas vistos en YouTube

  64. shane skates

    holy hell bad ass

  65. Emily Jikardo

    is it a metalcore band ?

  66. Emmanuel

    "but enough now, enough."
    My best line

  67. cold nights in the desert

    y'all try watching this high af, quite terrifying but exhilarating at the same time XD

  68. mvellis

    what crap

  69. Fernando K. Suprobo

    sometimes I hear MC DONALD, MC DONALD

  70. Dillon6479

    Mike out here looking like Jesus with tattoos and a missing tooth.

  71. Bruce Wayne

    What on earth is this song about???? There's some whack sh*t in this much for Christian influences lol

  72. Jackson King

    Why did Daniel Williams leave the band😰

  73. Pras Haris

    bbacot loe khonttol

  74. Kazcinelo95

    man. mike and Jeremy wash your hair or something. looking dirty af

  75. Jacob

    HELP. Ive been listening to too much music lately. It all gets old over and over. Now this shit i like ITS UNIQUE. Want something thats good and heavy. Lately ive been listening to Make Them Suffer, TDWP, The Browning, Infant Annihilator, shreddy Kruger, Chelsea Grin, Bad Omen, and the list goes on and on.... Any suggestions?

    Christopher Adam

    Jacob I know it's late but August Burns Red man!

  76. Zombie Gambino

    holy shit the beginning just smashes you in the chest with both barrels asap

  77. Lazershow9876

    are they still a Christian band?

    DJ Dalerious

    Oh yeah the one named Andy he is my cousin I see him sometimes but yeah I asked they are still a Christian band:)


    DJ Dalerious awesome. I haven't listened to them in a while but I'm probably gonna pick the new album up

  78. Elijah Williams

    what does this song mean?? :( any thoughts anyone please

  79. Alexis Crualnvseorm

    Sweet song!! #OH

  80. The Wise Man's Fear

    Their music video director really has a thing for sentient ropes.
    Killer video and song!

  81. Timothy McKane

    This is my favorite song out of the "Transit Blues" album.

  82. chase bowling

    I wish I can be friends with there daughter on Facebook if she has a Facebook!!!!!!!!!! Because she is very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  83. Max Stavro

    man this fucking band just keeps dishing out great shit

  84. -Th3Jiggl3r

    Reminds me of beartooth


    But the sound changes so it makes up for it

  85. Dek Fourteen

    Until now, dead throne still my favorite album from them.
    And Zombie was the best EP I've ever heard..

  86. Ervey Vargas

    Daniel williams, chris rubey, James baney, we will miss you :/

  87. Dylan Marriner

    What is this about? like the meaning?

  88. Jacobo Calderon

    Alguno que sepa si esta banda es cristiana

  89. Weslley Rodrigues

    Que música incrível! 😍😍😍👏👏👏

  90. amysticfigure

    fuck yeah

  91. myjy

    i must be an outcast cause i don't think this album is good at all and i think his vocals are not improving. shame, they've been my favorite band for almost 10 years but idk how this album is getting this much credit.


    cause it's solid lyrically and instrumentally, more so than some of the more recent releases

  92. Zachary Luke Bates

    The album has a dark vibe to it way different than their old stuff but I can dig it. I did cover transit blues on my channel feel free to check it out I tried to do it different. I can't imitate Mike's screams even if I tried haha

  93. Kurtis Klinger

    To the keys of Daughter's breeze

  94. icynegro

    “This is based around the climax of Simone de Beauvoir’s 1954 novel The Mandarins. The main character is at the pinnacle of her life, she’s on the brink of suicide and looking at the dizzying whirlwind around her that’s become her life. She quite casually mentions it and it’s a real shedding of obligation – one so often has to love your family but she just sheds it away and I find that somewhat admirable.” -Mike.

  95. ahmed mazin

    Fuck you i fucking hate you dirty bitch

  96. hollowminds

    The drummer reminds me of Aaron Goodwin from Ghost Adventures. 😂😂

  97. Gustavo Rdz.

    That fucking sound at 0:16. OMG!!!!

  98. Cj Doyle

    I love the 007 golden eye synths