Devil Wears Prada, The - Big Wiggly Style Lyrics

My regret is not writing more for you, lord
As this ocean comes to be deeper our vessels become less stable
Look to the sky
Encourage the elements of God
Rather than the jars that contain them
If on the ingredients of man were of such elements
If only
With great horror, I admit that we all live off the lust and misfortune of others
All live off the lust and misfortune of others
This is vision, not contradiction
I see greed in the face of a priest
And deterioration in the walls of cathedrals
What was right, now wrong
Casts a cold reflection on glory
Look to the sky

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Devil Wears Prada, The Big Wiggly Style Comments
  1. Teddy Denney

    D J E N T

  2. Two Steps Off The Edge -Official

    A candelit dinner with inamorta

  3. dNb m0eee.


  4. Franceska Tha Queen

    This much I love this song...
    To infinity and beyond

  5. Reste Dert Dert

    Almost 2020, all you see sounding around is trap and empty music... I'll always love this

  6. Kylo Pat

    Will Smith reference?

  7. Marc Sandusky

    I seen them play this entire album live twice last year probably the greatest concerts I've ever experienced the pit was insane (coming from Detroit and Grand Rapids Michigan btw)

  8. Jerzy Dziś

    ... this & type o negative 🇩🇲

  9. Phone Owner

    Oh my God the last comment was from 4 years ago. LMAO, yeah there not good now but the were when they did this, sometimes evolution is really devolution

  10. Chris Bray


  11. Daryl S

    This song is better at 1.25 speed

  12. Taufik pratama

    Jaman SMA

  13. Austin Wray

    You people commenting stupid fucking lyrics thinking there s as young that has obviously never listened to this band enough and it makes you look stupid as shit

  14. Zay Dizzy

    Happy 10th birthday!

  15. khman20

    Don’t know why I’m here this song just popped up in my head I remember listening to this in high school now here I am, this song still gives me chills

  16. Just Relax

    These are the cries of someone suffering from other people’s sins

  17. Ricardo Michaud-Lagrange

    2019 and still listening this

  18. OnePersonCirclePit

    I liked them, then I got this album and fell in love

  19. Chelito pro 18


  20. Blane Washington

    2019! rawr!

    Hingle McCringleberry

    Ha, gaaaaay

  21. Steven Zook

    2018 December 17th and I am still jamming this 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  22. dani :s


  23. Itz SchreFF

    Close to 2019 and still blasting this!!!🤘

    Silver Hedgehog

    Amen brother

    Jupit3r LE0



    Close to 2020 and I still can't get enough.

  24. itsme. amberrose

    Makes me feel alive again and stuff🤤

  25. Jordan Wadkins

    that intro doe

  26. afro1samuri

    im going to see them on the 10 year tour for this album and i think this is the song im most looking forward to seeing them perform

  27. Josh Dixon

    Look to the sky

  28. Jacob Swickard

    best Christian metal band ever!

    Jalisaa Lanaye

    Jacob Swickard it still shocks me with how amazing they are , idk any other christian band like this they’re so bomb

    Caleb Boser

    August burns red as well 🤘 never forget

  29. ISetYourFaceOnFire

    2:50 onwards is why i love with roots so damn much.

    The ambient melancholy guitar riffs/solos and the synth and the rest of the instrumentals. Its a work of art.

    Its too bad i never liked hronicas screams i always thought it brought this album and band down a few notches.

    I would settle for a version with the screams cut out and everything else, just leave it untouched.

  30. TylerMaterialFilms TM

    #2018 strong

  31. Hodor, Hodoring Hodor of Hodors


  32. Rob Martinez

    Miss these days

  33. Corey Dowd

    Man fuck all these not really fans of TDWP like what the fuck are you here for if not for a guy who's been doing this for years and a band that just fits so well together. Generic or not fuck you. What do you know ? Where's your band ? If you don't dig TDWP then why bother typing it in ?

  34. Flávio Narcizo

    The Devil Wears Prada fan [BR]

  35. Lance Buttercream

    someone should match this up with mystery men when their fucking up Casanova's car.

  36. Will Olds

    yeah this is the good stuff


    Its 2017 still listening to this song lol

  38. SickMarmaladeGrandpa

    Just listen to All Shall Perish... You'll be much happier...

  39. Todd Hamlit

    This band sucks now, and when r they going to realize god is a superstition

    Jonathan Richard

    Hork Porkler when are you gonna realize you’re lost


    Two years later, you still this edgy?

  40. Dustin that guy you don't know

    i used to love devil but man they ripped out my heart. in an interview they stated they were happy that they were singing more than screaming. joined the massive sellout list.

    Austin Newell

    when you think singing in a band makes you a sellout lmao

  41. Harrison Craven

    2:01 "Moisture cream in the fuzz of a breast"

  42. Masked

    The start of this song is so good. my god.

  43. I'm Just Gabe Gaming

    hm I enjoyed this song

  44. codenamefd



    codenamefd, condemned*


    It's clearly Gundam

    ESIN 623k

    Gundaam for sure

  45. Mitchell Fader

    only good part is the string intro lawl

    Jess Johnson

    Same. Lawl

  46. Johnnie Pittman

    its 2016 and this is still to date my favorite intro

    DirtyBlack Lungs

    Johnnie Pittman 2017 & I support this message.

    Demon Wolf

    2018 I support this message


    2019, i support too

  47. TheIceMan

    i like it

  48. Player is AFK

    whoa all this time this was one of their Christian songs...


    they are a Christian metal band


    all of their songs are christian

  49. Kayla Padilla

    does anyone listen to the first 5 second of this song and gimme half over and over again. cause its just amazing

    Pukey Riverz

    Kayla Padilla I listen to the synth breakdown at least 11 times

  50. DilonCampbell

    favorite album

  51. kingz8ter

    back when his screams were good

    Luffy Joke.

    Still a beast. go to one of their live shows and u shall believe

  52. Sam Core

    So good.

  53. Dusk


  54. LegionCronas Stark

    fucking love moshing to this band it's amazing every single time

  55. Sam Mansfield

    da nuh nuh


    Its 2metal d00d

    ItsaMario Me

    da nuh nuh


    Oh my god xD

    Joe Neigel

    Dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun dundundundun dun

    Jess Johnson

    The only reason I like this song lol should have been more duh nuh nuhs

  56. Ivin Mckinney

    taking me back to 6th grade

  57. PsyajinHitech

    CANDYYYYYYYYYYYY, so much memories.

  58. Mauricio

    look to the heavenly sky

  59. nickegofficial

    The build-up that starts at 2:51 is just absolutely incredible.

  60. Liz Chappell

    The first 5 seconds I must replay at least twice hahah


    Liz Chappell buhhh 13 seconds in is like bestest


    same lol

    braxton kelsch

    Liz Chappell that’s me at 1:20

    Anthony Kingery

    Lol always

    Jeff Bell

    Hahaha I know dude same here. I wish they actually continued with the organ sounding synth thing you know what I'm obviously talking about lol

  61. Chayna Renee

    I don't understand why their are only 39 comments and 93,404 views. This song rocks and deserves to be popular haha

    Luffy Joke.

    Cause it's a song with a message purely religious. People might like the song but won't support the message.

    e.g. John e.g. Smith

    +Luffy Joke Central Which is interesting because people will support Lil Wayne in the snap of a finger


    Luffy Joke Central im pretty sure the casual person that woulr click om this video wouldnt chose not too because of the lyrical content

  62. JediKnightZrenTobas87

    I need this album :P

  63. Rick Banks

    Anyone else here because of Sam tabor ? lol Wasn't the biggest fan of TDWP but damn their music is on point, new and old .

    C-Wil Productions

    +Patrick Banks I liked them before he posted the videos of him listening but it made me like more of the songs I hadn't really jammed to.

    C-Wil Productions

    He had a few of their songs in his "happy metal" vines. That's why we think that.

    Laurent Siino

    are you talking about sam tabor the skater? never heard tdw in his videos

    Style Masculinity

    I never used to like them. Then i saw them live and have been hooked ever since!!

  64. Jacob Swickard

    if only thee ingredients of man were of such elements!

    Deku Butler

    +Jacob Swickard such amazing lyrics. really makes you think deep

    Jacob Swickard

    +Deku Butler it used to, till i realized life is completely irrelevant. nothing matters, world war, world hunger education...its all completely useless. nothing will stop thee reaper from taking everyone and everything with a beating heart life dies , death lives all hail physics.

    Jax the cat

    +Jacob Swickard damn your inner emo really showed

    Deku Butler

    I have no idea what to even say to that

    Jacob Swickard

    its okay, i just get high and do drugs to deal with this.

  65. Sierra Ouellette

    I used to listen to this band all the time and then I stopped why the hell did I stop

    Péter D.

    @Sid The sloth Sure there were way worse bands from this era than the TDWP, but still. The mid 2000's metalcore bands like AILD, God Forbid, Killswitch Engage, Still Remains, etc. This album was such a cliche with breakdown overdose.

    Sid The sloth

    @Péter D. Nope... 08... Toured the album in 09

    Sid The sloth

    @Péter D. Well metalcore at its pun intended is what exactly....(trying to find common ground here) low lows and nice chorus style singing.... In a bland nutshell ....
    And yes thank you for some reason I for got KSE so thank you

    Sid The sloth

    @Péter D. And to be fair in a guitar aspect metal core can only play drop c or c# or even d enough times with open string palm mutes with pinch harmonics along with the typical 7, 8, 10, and/or 12th fret chords with out over the years becoming "stale" and needing maturity

    Sid The sloth

    @Péter D. And again make no mistake ANY GENRE can and will become bland how ever the facts are even after all that each genre in a certain time frame has its "go to" for the "hay day" for that genre
    Weather its
    Bullet for my Valentine
    The devil wears prada
    Kill Switch engage
    As I lay dying
    All that remains
    (Certain) a day to remember
    (Old) atreyu
    August burns read
    Just to name an obvious few ....theres alot ...ALOT more to be named....

  66. milf Destroyer


  67. VoiD

    Love the song

  68. Felipe Celestino

    Bacon's Nice 0/ YEAH!!!

  69. JosephxMartino

    Okay so a loooonng time ago I saw a YouTube video of a black church with the whole congregation dancing and this song was dubbed over it...i can't find that video anywhere. Can someone link me to it?

  70. Zach Northey

    I remember hearing the devil wears prada for the first time, completely blown away :3

  71. Evan Goes to Shows

    great pit opener 

  72. joshhill212

    Nobody like this video! Its a good song & all, but as I'm typing this, the likes are at exactly 69... & that's hilarious to me XD

  73. joshhill212

    Nobody like this video! Its a good song & all, but as I'm typing this, the likes are at exactly 69... & that's hilarious to me XD

  74. Brandyn Urbaniak


    jack Nufer


    Chayna Renee

    +Brandyn Urbaniak I swear to fucking god that's what it sounds like haha.


    Brandyn Urbaniak why you gotta do this

  75. chris martin

    0:44 - 0:50
    "bacon's nice"


    chris martin god dammit

    Dax Silverpatch

    I believe it's actually "becomes less" XD but even now knowing this all I can hear is bacon

    Johnathon Smith

    Obviously never been in a tdwp pit. Fucking pussy.

    Barrett Vasquez


    Briar Babcock



    If you dig this, come check us out! you wont be disappointed!

    Ardesh Rambarran

    i cant find anything good to say about this

    David Drake

    @CATCHINGYOURCLOWNS If you want music that doesn't sound like it was produced by a 4 year old, then come check out my channel. (its not Metal though)

    Havin Hadburger

    Sounds like anal cunt's cousins

    Jonathan Lemon

    obvious troll is obvious. made me lulz though so thanks!

  77. Tech Tadashii-Ching

    1:23 - 1:32 I lose it every time...

  78. Josh Olson

    remember when this came out <3 keep up the great work you guys! looking forward to seeing you in a few days.

  79. Drew Harris

    Love the re-upload guys! Keep up the music, love you all!