Devil Wears Prada, The - Ben Has A Kid Lyrics

I mean this, I'm not sure if you could say the same
Week after week after week
Idolatry is wasted reverence, idolatry is the yellow on your teeth
Gasp for the truth you once lived
Beyond this world is what is always breathing
Beyond this world is worth dying for
I remember what you used to claim
You cant bury conviction with anything
Our message will grow
No matter the mistakes made with construction
Beyond this world is what is always breathing
Beyond this world is worth dying for
Gasp for the truth you once lived
I pray that stolen glimpses wont subtract from what we've been building
Keep stride persist in our march

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Devil Wears Prada, The Ben Has A Kid Comments
  1. ilham yulianto

    My fav part 0:54

  2. cozce

    I could listen to this album all day everyday

  3. Alec Ream

    Fuck yea!!!!

  4. Senzubean Cartel

    This song is always going to bang no matter what.😎

  5. Michael Ayodele

    Still in this bitch Jan 12, 2019

  6. Leryan Burrey

    Brothers, I call the cut, in the spirit of katana and guitar, "Thin Stillness." Not one pixel of white was touched on a #budlight can. IG: Kingthecosmic "The King's English."

    Leryan Burrey

    That's a break, Bruce Lee. Try me. Shinobi. Why? #onepunchman

  7. nickwick35

    This whole album is a masterpiece. Dez Moines remains one of the best metalcore songs ever.

    Silver Hedgehog

    the riff from ATTRM gives me chills every time I hear it

  8. Benjamin Bue Kristiansen

    This album came out 2009. That's when my son was born, and my name is Ben. That's kinda funny

    Grayson Lucas

    That's fuckin sick dude lol

  9. ISetYourFaceOnFire

    Man what i would give for a version of this song with no screams and just the instrumentals and cleans


    Why. That sounds awful

  10. Eloara Nathane

    #2018 TDWP never dies❤

    David Sanchez

    WRAABB and Dead Throne are the albums that define the best era of metalcore. I'm sad of the direction that metalcore has taken, no other band will ever top these albums


    Eloara Nathane they're doing an anniversary tour for this album coming up here soon.

    Gerard Smith

    Still constantly listening to this entire album I swear its so timeless.


    @David Sanchez WRAABB and Plagues

  11. Gustavo Sanchez

    Argentina presente 😈☠💀🤘🤘🤘

  12. Brint Mann

    song title?

  13. HolyShot777


  14. Carnstein

    My oldest friend (named Ben) just had a kid so I'm playing this song to celebrate! :DDD

  15. Benacot

    Fight network brought me here! this is aweomse

  16. Bob Ballard

    Just different class - Mike has one of THE great metalcore voices.

  17. Ivo Ott

    "Pee on this world is what is always breathing
    Pee on this world is worth dying for"


    I love misheard lyrics lmaoo

  18. Leslie Lazuli

    2:39 - 3:13 I fucks with that. ✌


    agreed that part was very strange and unexpected which makes this song all the more beautiful.

    Justin Johnson

    Leslie Acevedo I would fucks with you. 😉


    Leslie Acevedo I went on a nostalgia trip today and seen you on a couple of songs lol.

    Tyler Maybush

    Pervert bitch go die

    Tyler Maybush

    Thats the b3st part hun

  19. James M1079

    Best album

  20. Sam Core


  21. Jupiter

    Who is Ben?

    Isaac Frazier

    +Isaac Frazier has*


    The guitarists brother.

    Trey Nesbit

    no joke Ben was/is my 7th grade history teachers son

    Ben Niebel

    Jupiter I am also Ben

  22. Dante

    The devil doesn't wear clothes. I think it's a little hot in hell to be wearing clothes anyway. If anything the devil would wear the skin masks of people in hell after skinning them alive. please don't insult Prada either. it's a sophisticated brand worn by people that don't like to brag.


    Devil wears Prada. And of mice and men. To me have had some of the most beautiful lyrics in the soft vocals.. But that's my opinion.

    Darling Bach

    Abradolf Lincler Marry me

    dylan parrott

    omg I'm with ya fam best of the "mix" of unclean and clean vocals (hardcore fans of both bands)

    Eddie Flores


  24. John

    2:39 - 3:13

  25. Father Hate

    beyond this world is worth dying for

  26. Aoba Seragaki

    I should send this to a guy in school named Ben and ask him who the mother is. lol


    Haha o yes you should post it on utube so I can see it!!

  27. Wendell Araujo

    that intro
    god eater op

    Paolo Scalo

    +Wendell A. OLDCODEX does it better, never liked TDWP even throughout my scene and band kid phase. lol

    Carter Redford

    +Turalyon Scala TDWP was the band that got me into metal, through my scene phase, and right now. Now 90% of what I listen to is grind, powerviolence, and beatdown. Still nothing fucks with TDWP.

    Tyler MN

    Yeah lmao I just started God eater and when I heard the opening I was like wtf I have heard this before. Just spent the past 10 minutes figuring out which dwp song it was

    Kevin Caputo

    You're so right lol

  28. Maxwaehrens

    I just keep replaying from 0:00 to 0:06 all the time :3

  29. JDMusic

    My favorite chorus!

  30. Jacob Swickard

    i got there symbol tatted on my arm
    love these guys best band ever!


    +Jacob Swickard Bad ass. The TDWP symbol is a good choice. Simple yet profound.


    +Kevin Smith just because you love the band doesn't mean you have to love Christ lol that's an ignorant assumption my man

    Quinn Crux

    same but on my right wrist with a whitechapel saw on my right hand and a wolf sleeve on my left.

  31. sonofgod031

    Come back to your roots TDWP!! we need more songs with power, anger, wise and meaningful lyrics like this, please make more songs with stupid title and beautiful tune.. stop with the experiments 8:18 was pretty.... disappointing, and Space EP Supernova was pretty shitty! come back to your ROOTS!!


    @sonofgod031 I thought 8:18 was actually really damn good. It has my favorite song by them. If you were a true fan you would give constructive criticism instead of a shitty opinion that they will never listen to.


    @sonofgod031 Zombie made me a fan. Dead Throne is on my top 5 favorite album list by any band ever. 8:18 was a step back, but still has 3 kick ass songs, and a couple decent (which is better than your average album these days). My biggest fear is Mike's voice. I don't know why people complain he doesn't scream loud enough anymore. His voice is still amazing for a guy who should have destroyed his vocal chords years ago.


    That niqqa really said his favorite song was from 8:18 smh

    SF RH

    people have their own opinion

    Gerard Smith

    Agreed I need this group back I wish they were still the same :(

  32. Will Dallas

    The breakdown dude the way he growled construction at the end of the word😍

    Deku Butler


  33. Alexander Antigua

    great song live

  34. zach mackowick

    BEYOND THIS WORLD!!!!!! best band ever! TDWP!!!!