Devil Wears Prada, The - Asteroid Lyrics

Racing toward us
Something like never before
Inevitable impact
Undeniable encounter
Man studied trajectory
Our best scientists all together
Racing towards us
Breaking through the atmosphere
Flames streak through the night sky
With imminence is our destruction
Rapidity and certain doom
What’s to say now? What’s to ask?
I can’t believe we never thought
We never thought it’d end like this
While we all live with hate towards our neighbors
Without favor

Think of best friends
Think of strangers
Think of lovers
Think of foes
Think of children
Think of family

Keep in mind that nothing stays
Say goodbye one last time as the earth will be no more
All aflame and destroyed
It’s funny how we once fought
It’s funny how we didn’t care
Consider what we could have been
Say goodbye one last time
It’s getting closer now
Say goodbye one last time
It’s closer now

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Devil Wears Prada, The Asteroid Comments
  1. Zombl337

    Such a shame that when i saw them live a couple years ago, that they were only the opening band and no one was even moving at all beside me :( But they still put on a good show and their opener was their best song, Danger: Wildman :O

  2. Sadie Kuster

    still one of my favorite songs from them <3

  3. Ah H

    Now it's going to happen on October

  4. Thoughtless

    2019 ? I still get the vibes

  5. Digital ID

    Is that bright eyes at 2:16 ?

  6. Jr Dolino

    I think tdwp is better than Impending doom

  7. Josh Brown

    The “think of..” parts just totally took me out the song whilst it were playing

  8. Kevin Dopp

    its getting closer now

  9. John

    Woah wtf 3 years ago. Been a while since I’ve listened to them

  10. John

    Sorry bro this ep is the worst thing I’ve ever heard tdwp release.


    Lol you are an embarrassment of a musician of any skill level. The worst stuff they ever released was the earliest stuff by far but they all got better collectively with each release. People like yourself don't realize how legendary this band is.

    lascivious sloth

    sorry bro, but shut the fuck up. be a good boy! this ep helped me in so many ways, you fool cant imagine.

  11. Comeclarity5555

    You hope one time you read a few comments it's not going to be full of genre obsessed whiners. NOTHING NEW WILL EVER BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. Why not get off youtube and write your own goddamn music since you're ALL such fucking experts. "nothing is original blah blah fucking blah", "every band I liked changed to this genre why can't they be one dimensional like me and release the same album over and over cry cry fucking cry". By the way this is a Devil Wears Prada song most of you AGREE TO LIKING but continue to cry endlessly about OTHER bands you despise now because they have changed. Just because you are incapable of growth doesn't mean others aren't, and FYI these stupid fucking comments are far more cliche than any music anyone has ever released, soooooooooooooooo.... TDWP great song, love everything about it, you are creative musical geniuses. And that is all that needs be said. Like what you like, give praise where it due or just keep it to yourself. This is getting fucking sickening.

  12. Lane Hughes

    1:23 everyone dies

  13. jonas rosa

    LOVE THIS SONG !!!! , 2018

  14. NaMTheWeebs

    It's happening...

  15. ix_D3monzz_xi

    This song is so fucking sick omg!😍😍😍😍

  16. even1313

    How could someone down vote this? Not to mention 69 different some one's?

  17. SeasideVultures

    Every time I imagine what a music video or something visually would look like with this song, it almost scares me when around 3:45 I imagine a giant, sky swallowing asteroid slowly moving towards the Earth as everyone looks up at it

  18. Ryan Dumont

    Death.. It's inevitable and everything that has a beginning has an end.. Nature why are you so savage?

  19. kiebin

    kieb uut

  20. im_normalll

    this song makes me think of my mom who died, and holy shit those ending lyrics hit harder than an asteroid no pun intended.

  21. Corey Dowd

    honestly one of my favorite songs by them. the whole Space EP was great

  22. Jesse Hawkins

    TDWP, Parkway Drive, Miss May I, and architects are the best Metalcore bands out there. agree or disagree?

  23. krysti Andrick

    damn this is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. RogueNinjaGaming

    its scary to think something like this might be right around the corner. "say goodbye one last time"

    Arcelia Ortega

    Ryan Mowrar but it is


    You bet it is my dude. Welcome to the decade where people realize how utterly fucked the global ecosystem is. An asteroid would be mercy.

  25. Niall Woan

    Least viewed video, best song on ep!

  26. Samuel steagal

    these guys are the best. no argument.

  27. Nine

    Wow, this is very powerful. Good work, to them.

  28. Gimme Dopamine

    There is no other like Prada. Thank you for the wonderful music.

  29. Justin Newman

    Asteroid is one of the most powerful songs I've ever listened to. It made me realize that I want to write and create a world to suck the reader into.

  30. Luffy Joke.

    Think of strangers
    Think of lovers
    Think of hoes

  31. Irving Ramirez

    Think, think, think............................ I like

    Irving Ramirez

    I love the drums....

  32. Igor de Vasconcellos Sobrinho

    Think of best friends

    Think of strangers

    Think of lovers

    Think of foes

    Think of children

    Think of family

    Keep in mind that nothing stays


    The joke's on you, I have no friends, no foes, no children and no lovers.

    2 Dark 4 U

    @LemonZeppelin but you do have a family wich in your case becomes even sader

  33. Abyssal Dragon

    This is hands down the coolest intro I've heard ha. Total annihilation by an asteroid is so metalocalypse in a good way haha. This album is really setting an example for other evolving bands in the genre. Man this albums gets me so pumped to work out, improve myself and do what I love, just like these guys!

  34. joshua penn

    This is all true, they are warning us......

  35. Ethan Rogers


  36. Logan McCauley

    This song gives me the chills just about every time I listen to it

  37. Steyn

    Compared to Dead Throne the vocals are in another league here, but that ofcourse is just my humble opinion.

  38. Bryan Drift

    I hadn't listened to TDWP in forever, so I decided to search them up on here and saw the "Space" EP. I clicked it and I just had to hear the intro to know I was going to throw my money at them. I clickly got the keys to my car and went to bestbuy to get myself a copy. Couldn't be happier!

  39. Alexandre Almeida

    Ae na moral, faz uma visita aqui no Brasil, mas então, essa letra retrata o Apocalipse?

  40. JediKnightZrenTobas87

    This ones kinda deep x.x I get the message though. Like if an asteroid were to be coming to hit us or something

  41. Dylan Figge

    One could say this is generic. One could also say I don't give a shit. I've never had a song from a concept ep touch me emotionally like this. Put a lump in my chest.


    This sounds good

  43. Owen Ellis

    I never thought a song like this could actually induce dread and anxiety, but holy shit, they did it. TDWP will always be one of my favorite metalcore bands.

  44. Smelly Robert


  45. Max Stavro

    0:58 makes the song so fucking good

  46. Steven Nunnery

    the entire EP tells a story.

  47. VenM PO1NT

    Love it, best song on ep 10/10 seriously good as hell

  48. EE NO TA NA

    Until next time..

  49. Jordan Lauterbach

    They doin it thing tho I remember seeing an interview Mike was using foot pedal that had upside down pentagram...that bothers me what ever I guess lol

    David Parker

    i think its supposed to be parodying the upside down cross that most anti-theists/devil worshipers use.

  50. T.J. Grieb

    I think this would make an awesome music video if it showed one scientist trying to tell everyone of the impending doom but no one listens.

  51. S FOUR

    Best buildup lyrics. 0:20 to 0:45.

  52. Marco Tilburg

    this ep rock my socks;top!

  53. Lotus House

    This is the best song on this EP!

  54. Elia Bernardi

    Have you ever listened to a song so good that you had to stop yourself from listen to it because otherwise you would get sick of it and you don't want that because it is so good that makes you cry?

  55. steven trieckel

    favorite song of the ep

  56. IamUltimate

    It's ridiculous how consistent this band is never disappoints love these guys

  57. Dee Cee

    See how it looks like it says the devil nears

  58. Dee Cee

    Wow, cannot believe how much I love this EP. Thanks so much you legends

  59. Alexander Silva

    2:16 to 2:40 fucks me up lyrically

  60. Deformed Asphyxiator

    This kinda sounds like "Escape" from their Zombie ep album

  61. Felipe Chaves

    People talk about BMTH evolution, but in my opnion the way TDWP evolved over the years is so much more impressive and feels so much more true, sometimes bmth feels over hyped for me, anyway

  62. Wan Mohd Rahim

    the outro is epic

  63. Michael Brown

    same with most people, i was getting so fucking sick and tired of metalcore becoming so generic and formulaic and just cookie cutter and blah blah blah, i couldn't stand it, but this stuff is actually really interesting and conceptual, and i'm digging it tbh, very nice. i feel like underoath's define the great line and they're only chasing safety will probably be the only metalcore albums i can always return to safely and feel passionate about, though. this is cool, though, i'm down with it. i really appreciate the emotion here.

  64. Suk Dufai

    I'm not even that much of a TDWP fan, but this song really hits me for some reason. "It's getting closer now" actually fills me with anxiety and gives me chills.

    Skyler Rice

    Check out leprous congregation album. And let me know what kinda anxiety you feel

  65. Hayabusa

    I like to think of the Asteroid as Fallout 4, and how we must learn to say goodbye one last time, to best friends, family, lovers. And that the erath will be forever changed :|

  66. Jaime Gomez

    2:15 - 4:26 just hearing that alone live is just so fucking good! Especially when singing along!

  67. Leslie Zabala

    Los Amooo

  68. DMACHINEproductions

    These lyrics are all too real. That is all.

  69. Julius C

    the emotions on this song bruuuh

  70. ahmano

    is the spoken word part taken from somewhere? voice reminds me so much of lou reed
    great song btw

  71. James Diaz

    this is not metal core and neither are you any more

  72. Ray Cracchiolo

    the cleans sound like the guy from modest mouse

  73. Rustin Cohle

    Dayton, Ohio represent!

  74. Eli Gomez

    love the intensity and emotion on this track!!!

  75. Samantha

    damn 😀

  76. ivandhana wedhatama

    the best song in this EP, the music ans especially the lyric is soo good

  77. Mountaineer Actual

    That was krunchy

  78. EscapeYourFate7


  79. Disciple-six

    metal core band rhythm and sounds, are just not the same. 2007-2013 was when metalcore was its best. Nowadays, everyone sound the same. The only band ive found to still maintain individual sound but attractive sound is Alesana on their Confessions album.

  80. Rodrigo Serra

    why don't they come to Portugal ;-;

  81. Adam Barkley

    Best song on the EP, SO GOOD!!

  82. itsCharlesnotCharlie

    Thank you, TDWP, for staying whole and relevent throughout all of the years. No going soft or giving up on what you started with. All of your music never gets old. I have one issue with the Space EP though, and that is because it isnt a full album i can go out and buy! You guys are truly fantastic.

  83. Matthew Rusnak


  84. Daniel Slater

    the message in this song/story is amazing, it's a question, how would we treat each other family friend foe if we all truly new and saw that nothing will last we all due and perish but spend our short years setting on each other when if we new how brief we really are on this earth we'd work towards taking care of each other...good job TDWP good job lol.


    mike hranica actually wrote the music for this song. pretty cool.

  86. Mitch Den Boer

    "Say goodbye one last time! It's closer now! It's closer now!"

  87. Cody B.

    Anyone else buy the CD and realize its called "An Asteroid Towards Earth" instead of just "Asteroid" kinda cool just wanted to point out

  88. Jaycelyn Bull

    think of HOES!

  89. CA1TE

    I haven't listened to the Devil Wears Prada for ages holy shit yaasss

  90. Andres Vazquez

    I think what makes this song such a perfect ending is that it's so atmospheric. Mike really conveys the sadness through his vocal delivery. Just how "Survivor" was the best song to end the Zombie EP.

  91. August Burns Red

    The lyrics at the end really make you think. All we've done is fight against each other. We became the dominate being on this planet. And all we do is hate each other. If an asteroid were to wipe us out as a planet, after billions of years of going from being a molten mass to creating and supporting life. All for nothing. We took it all for granted. All of the wars that have been fought, all of the bloodshed will have been for nothing. We wasted our privileged existence hating one another.

    Clay Smith

    If you want lyrics that make you think, check out Delusions of Grandeur. Specifically their song "Reclamation". It's a little heavier though

    Andrew D. Royappa

    @Kevin Wade But why bother loving people? It takes so much effort. Much easier to just look out for ourselves isn't it? Survival of the fittest and all that?


    but its a war basically between religion and whose religious views are right.

    Justin Ferdico

    +Andrew D. Royappa why bother hating people? takes less effort to love someone then hate them. its called compassion. yeah i get that theyre arent nice people out there that dont deserve to be loved. but there are alot of people out there that are just like most of us. dont you think those people deserve compassion rather than them being treated with a cold shoulder? why look out for ourselves? thats so selfish. why would we be put here just to hate each other? because we weren't. dont you think your life would end more meaningful for you if you knew that throughout your life you at least made some other peoples life a little bit better rather then spending your time mostly hating someone? lifes a bit more than that. maybe thats just me.

    Max Stavro

    +Andrew D. Royappa the way i see it is any animal or being on earth wants to live and reproduce and expand but if an asteroid were to whipe us out our existence was completely useless. in the end all we do is reproduce so once we die its like well ok that was fun i guess lol

  92. hydn150

    God damn. I was reading the lyrics while listening. The end of this song. The fucking end of this song gave me goosebumps. It's strange to think something like this could very well happen. The possibility of it happening is greater than what we think. They are so right, "it's funny how we once fought, it's funny how we didn't care. Consider what we could have been." That line alone is the best line in the entire EP imo. Think about it. This world is so focused on meaningless pointless shit, and in the end, none of it will matter. We were so busy focusing on what god was the correct one to praise, how many babies kim Kardashian is pumping out of her, none of it will matter when "judgment day" comes. Uhg, I have goosebumps just thinking how true this is. "Consider what we could have become." I know this is just a song on an awesome EP from an awesome band, but if you listen to music for the same reason I do, please, take away from it for that reason alone. Consider what we COULD be. Consider what we ARE. Let's try to improve this world for the better and help any way we can. Again, TDWP delivers.


    No it doesn't. But when we do die, at least leave giving back to the world at it has gien to you.


    On the kther hand, helping out EVERYONE now, can make ot possible for a better tomorrow/future for everyone.



  93. icynegro

    Think of hoes.

  94. Filipe S. Souza

    não decepciona nunca, muito foda!

  95. KeeMitayi

    Oh man, my soul. This is incredible... I was left teary eyed reflecting on the things I have done in my life.

  96. james ghosal

    Prada never lets me down! They keep my energy strong all day, and i feel driven after hearing my favorite prada tunes. God bless you brothers, you've done a marvelous thing.