Devil Wears Prada, The - Assistant To The Regional Manager Lyrics

These writings are to those who have wept
These writings are to those who haven't looked deeply enough into the correct resolution.
Wrong again but stronger now, we can face this
Fight life with life
Fight life with life

All glory to the one in existence
Bring upon your name, your grace, your everything
All glory to the one in existence
Bring upon your name, your grace your everything

Hold hands and stare into the circle
What are we looking at?
Rumors and rumors and rumors
Rumors and rumors and rumors
Assembly: Disintegration
Rumors and rumors and rumors

Tombstones serve as mirrors and the graves are infinite
Take a look through the lens and through your eyes

End the partitioning
Wrong again but stronger now, we can face this
Fight life with life
Fight life with life
Fight life with life


Enemies, we'll go for your throat

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Devil Wears Prada, The Assistant To The Regional Manager Comments
  1. Blank Blank

    When you want to be Meshuggah but can't djent.

  2. Marcus Bryan

    Nuts to know they are Children of God

  3. Jon Trollston

    “All glory to the One in existence. Bring upon Your name, Your grace, Your everything!”
    I’ve loved this band since 5th grade and still love them🙌🏼

  4. Ball-Steve Johnson

    I just finished watching all the episodes of the office on netflix.

  5. Joao Ferraz

    2020 and still sound amazing🤘🖤

  6. Mukbang Legends Bang Bang

    Whos here in2020 🤗🤗🤗🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭✨✨✨😀😀☺️☺️

  7. Sattiva

    Am I alone when I say that I miss this fase of the band?

  8. Erick GC

    2020 🎧

  9. rudi kurniawan

    dwight schred !

  10. Chanell McClerkin

    I'm so emo this was my alarm clock ringtone in hs to wake my ass up in the morning for school.

  11. João

    Dwight picks beets to this.

  12. CH RV

    satanic song piece of shit they all will go to hell and everyone fallow them and listen to them

    Chanell McClerkin

    Can't wait :)

  13. Franceska Tha Queen


  14. ME VS YOU

    🔥 TRUE$T⭕️R¥ 🔥

  15. Simrica 239

    Anyone know the meaning of this video ?!!

    Discoverance Band

    id say try to find a connection in the lyrics to the video

  16. daniel o'meara

    My family

  17. Keith Thrasher

    Dam I Love this Song😄😄

  18. M Syakae

    Peak of their career right here! It's still SICK in 2019

    Silver Hedgehog

    true af

  19. Mat Roses

    Still a great song 9 years later

  20. Jay mcking Dela cerna

    2019 and still listening to this. (goosebumps) 🎶🎶

  21. Canal do Vizinho Fofoqueiro

    I'll be the old man in the nursery screaming this whit Mike in this song. "FIGHT LIFE WITH LIFE!"

  22. Maurice Suffokation

    All glory to the One in existence, bring upon Your name, Your grace, Your everything <3

  23. Deivyson Brito

    massacrei o replay nessa música quando tinha 16 anos! Bons tempos!

    Rato Atirador de Elite

    Vdd men

  24. Beka lima



    Growing up my father always use to tell me "son quit listening to this devil shit" lmao little do he not know its nothing about the "devil" lol They actually speak on real things ♡

    Chanell McClerkin

    Right lol. People are so ignorant. No knowledge whatsoever.

  26. Adirondack Shiller

    crank it!

  27. Naz

    are you guys still listening to this masterpiece?

  28. meme patrol


  29. Adam Blaeford

    Oh man the memories...

  30. raybrandt


  31. Braeden Wardleigh

    This song is beautiful still!

  32. David Matlow

    love it

  33. Defiler Mound

    I love this band, but how can they claim they are Christians when they are covered in tattoos ? Doesn’t the Bible say you will not mark your body or something like that ?

    Maurice Suffokation

    Some people believe that Leviticus 19 doesn't forbid all types of tattoos (back then tattoos were associated with paganism,which is obviously not the case anymore.) Additionally some people believe that Revelation 19:16 says that Jesus has a tattoo on His thigh. “And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.”

  34. Reb Roboturner

    Here them bluesy tones.

  35. Letruc Ride Co.

    1:42 Love the sints

    Silver Hedgehog

    I think they're strings

  36. Antonio Quiroz

    1:42 Robots and robots and, ROBOTS!

  37. Paul Igyarto

    I can't wait to see the looks on peoples faces in 2049, when I'm 60 and driving around jamming this kind of stuff.

  38. Jonathon Gutierrez

    That intro... it was everything

  39. Nanishi Ruiz

    I use to listen to The Devil Wears Prada back when I was an atheist. Now I am a Christian and am so happy to be able to glorify God and be metal lol

  40. Wxnvy

    Raw Chai

  41. Jorge Mendez

    Bien loco

  42. CodeName_Prophet

    What the f*ck did I just listen to???

  43. 200,557,866

    0:55 hermosa voz que deja el metalcore

  44. sven mammel

    The Cleans👌🏻

  45. Jorge Valle

    So this is what Dwight was listening to in the car

  46. Vicky Handoko

    Still hearing from Indonesia, April 2019

  47. Alex Warwick

    God when that riff comes in at 3:04.. I get goosebumps every time.

  48. Erick Hope

    2019 y sigue sonando de puta madre

  49. Giovanna Beiruth

    Ninguém nem conhece a banda de vocês. Toda vez eu ia pro Bosque ver vocês. Ali perto Super Som a Hatley. Almoçando na igreja e tocando. Eu me lembrei. Olha como está vestido de social. Já ia participar.

  50. Max Lamp

    I mean It’s Christian Rock

    Get Scared_x3

    "Rock" 😂

  51. BIGtym1O1


  52. romanemul1

    Next up The Devil Wears Prada - That's what she said

  53. WaLeeZyy _

    2019 and still slap this song every day

  54. Dunham Outdoors

    Music video *still* creeps me out....

  55. Fariz Taufan

    2019 and still great sound 👌

  56. AuroraHD

    Enemies will go for your throaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  57. Ricardo del Hoyo

    The Office brought me here, like if you are rocking this jam in 2019, comment if you are in another year in the past.

  58. Rianna Bailey

    Dammit I thought I was out of the screamo phase 🤣 fuckin aye still know the lyrics 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  59. Angelofwar 92

    I like that 1:45

  60. TDrew 3

    Still listening to this in 2018 👍

  61. Cody Powell

    It took me many years to realize that this is a reference to the office. Holy shit. And I know people are saying this as well but damn.

  62. INeverWanted2010

    Every time I watch this video I think my internet is killing the frame rate.

  63. butters226

    Great song bruh

  64. I like metalcore


  65. Gamax Vamp

    It's October 4th/2018 and I am fucking ready! =D

  66. Vinicius Vieira

    Perfeição em forma de música

  67. lleshan kelevra

    Im thinking another title for this song would be Dwight K. Shrute.

    And that Dwight listens to this in his car before making a sales call.

  68. Alberto Castillo


  69. Bill Grim

    ave satanas

  70. masterofthewp

    If you turned off the sound this could totally be a Marilyn Manson video.

  71. gunni gundam


  72. Mongo mit der Bongo

    Still listen to it in 2018, awesome song 🤘🏻

  73. shnoogums1

    2:16 is life

  74. Rency Dela Paz

    Yep, same thing. Good asf

  75. Anthony Walters

    goddamn 2018 still sounds great!

  76. Alan Leinhart

    Still sounds great after 8 years later

  77. Felisha Sanchez

    I like the song, the music video is creepy.

  78. Cynthia Hernandez

    Is it ironic that I am listening yo this while the office is on in the background????

  79. Esteban Aguilar


  80. Bob Ballard

    Mike in his prime - amazing vocals.

  81. Aleques Carlos


  82. #GoNiners

    Such a classic in 2018,2019 & 4044

  83. Zombl337

    METALCORE 4 LIFE! Dont let it stop!

  84. Corey R

    Assistant Regional Manager*

  85. Corey R

    Umm I’ve never heard of this band, but it was in my Spotify recommendations. I’m still not sure I’m reading that title right...?

  86. adam sisk

    assistant regional manager

  87. Angelofwar 92

    I like 1:42 🔥🔥💯👌

  88. Jorge Metal

    Lo que sale en el vídeo, no es Anna varney????

  89. Angelofwar 92

    Awesome video

  90. Mike V

    Born again, much stronger now

  91. Steven Rogers

    Drums @ 1:40 😍😍😍

  92. maksimkat#

    2018! до сих пор слушаю как в первый раз. Великолепно!
    2018! still listening as the first time. That's great!

  93. The Grappler

    Unbelievably great

  94. TheRed Cop

    Bring Me The Horizon, then Architects, and then I found THIS.
    This is what I call epic.