Devil Wears Prada, The - Alien Lyrics

An extraneous existence
An earth-ending challenger
Encroaches upon humanity
Destruction, destruction they’re seeking destruction
Each ten feet tall, without remorse

Crawling along the walls
I see the eyes, I see the teeth
See the monster coming through the window
Closing, the doors are closing
I see the eyes, I see the teeth
See the monster

One cannot fathom such a phantom
The demon’s mouth hisses with acidic saliva
Acidic saliva

Crawling along the walls
I see the eyes, I see the teeth
See the monster coming through the window
Closing, the doors are closing
I see the eyes, I see the teeth
See the monster coming through the window

Game over, we’re done for

Crawling along the walls
Claws extended
No hope to persevere
Closing, the doors are closing
We’ve been surrounded
There’s no way out
Game over, we are done for

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Devil Wears Prada, The Alien Comments
  1. Cyndi Fox


  2. Gavin McConnell

    Best song ever 👽

  3. Kyle Kumke

    Gunna blast this during the Area 51 raid

  4. Stephen Kyrie

    Amazing song! Greetings from the Philippines! 🇵🇭🤘☠🎸🔥🔥🔥

  5. alessio bastianelli


  6. Chris O'Neill

    get this album on spotify plz

  7. Darker Star

    so awesome:)

  8. Chad Breider

    Anyone willing to send each other good hardcore songs facebook chad breider

  9. Ozkr Worsnop

    Esta canción es la que más me gusta de estos shavos

  10. Tartnation

    The Devil wears Prada rules

  11. wakeup people47

    Aliens = perfect pretext to attack lands in peace = NWO = extincion !!!!!!

  12. KenkZulu

    can't believe I'm the first to notice this but... that is totally the sample from Stone Cold's theme, in the very beginning of this song (glass breaking sound)

  13. Josue Cervantes

    Why doesnt this have more views?

  14. Nathaniel Lebaron

    Why would I listen to this when I can listen to rings of saturn?

  15. Harrisonsschafer

    I love the reference to "Aliens" "Game over man we're done for"

  16. Jeffery Meredith

    This is a good song for an Alien or Aliens or Alien Covenant music video


    1:58 spinner

  18. Jenk

    its almost been 2 years since this dropped wtfffff

  19. Maggie Turner

    This video is terrifying

  20. Juan Antonio Gonzales Castro

    The Devil Wears Prada Its the best band

  21. Matt Romano

    This music video deserves more views!

  22. UnkleLuke24

    The way he screams "along the walls" at 1:25 sounds so sexy.

  23. alexralston22

    anyone listening to devil wears prada in nebraska?

  24. Daniel M

    you guys did a great job at keeping your band sound keep it up and rock on 😈

  25. Jace cha sin

    These guys are the most unique and articulate BAND of my 41 years of life and musical career,hands down!FUCKING tears on my cheeks!!!!!

  26. Fabiola Davila

    the breakdown is the best of the album... seriously

  27. GetsugaxD29

    Esta canción esta increible y alguien de aqui habla español???, xdxd

    Arewt Eldreith

    aqui!!!! les recomiendo bury tomorrow , son la onda


    Gracias por la recomendacion :)

    Andrés Quijano

    si esta bien cool!


    aqui otro chileno :)

    Ozkr Worsnop

    Cállense prros

  28. Ic3nova

    That riff at 1:00 just fucking shreds!

    Trav Flores

    that's my favorite part of the song! so sick!

  29. Austin Westbury

    bring back the sound of with roots above and branches below!!!!

  30. John Doe

    Ok, this is scary... and AWESOME!

  31. Say What

    The beginning reminds of fire in the sky when the guy wakes up in the ship and has to poke a hole in that stuff and get out

  32. Abyssal Dragon

    If you like this album you will like the band "Johari". They are seriously under rated and will seriously rock your socks guys. Btw Asteroids towards earth has the most metal intro of the year right? Ha. These story albums by TDWP are beautiful, creative and pretty freaking metal

  33. 08bourquem

    plot twist, jesus is an alien


    Plot twist,he isn't real

    Marcel Telle

    OfficialQuackStudios Plot twist, that wasn't funny.

  34. von poltergeist

    An earth bending challenger, each 8 ft fall with no remorse. something that can't be fathomable.

    I will seriously smoke a blunt and blast this music when a behometh spaceship comes and rips through the sky.

  35. AmericaWest90

    TDWP is the perfect metalcore band. Well over a decade later, changing with the times and still staying hard. I wish this could be said about many other bands. They are also ARTISTS. They innovate with their lyricism in a way no other band does to tell a story such as on Zombie and this EP. Well done.

  36. Jhonathan Carrero


  37. SenselessBonkai

    they just keep getting better

  38. Allie Sailboat

    ayy lmao

  39. Gabereal Thomas

    new album sucks.


    well let it be an album first

  40. underlordd

    Is the alarm from alien in the beginning.

  41. Isaac Aronson

    Everyone who dislikes this is missing out on some sick ass s#$%! Amazing! Love Love LOVE!

  42. Trapito Martinez

    me gusto

  43. Henry Koast

    is band is not christian metalcore

  44. 呪村凶子


  45. IoneWolfx

    Holy shit one of my favourite bands accurately describes the Xenomorph scourge oh, the Dream is alive

  46. Trey G

    Anyone else's nipples get hard?

  47. Hatesmostofyou27

    Acidic saliva!

  48. aimilios christodoulakis

    The whole Space EP album should be on the Alien Isolation game

  49. Sterson S

    1 of the 3 metalcore bands worth listening

    Jude Flynn

    Check out Silent Planet

    Fabio Pires

    I second Wage War and Silent Planet

    Memento Mori

    +Steyn hey watch the music video for Breathless by To the Lions

    Champion Ash

    Fabio Pires wage war??? xdd

    Metal Core

    Wage war *-* But TDWP first of all :D

  50. Василиса Никононян

    это прекрасно, я в восторге...

  51. Jee Dayy

    this EP makes me think about Zombie EP. great stuff tho

  52. Joe Kauser

    Video as a whole is cool. Production/Sound quality of the song is great. Other than that, these guys are shit lol. Amateur guitar riffs and bass lines, simplistic drums that can be guessed along the way, and Mike's vocals are awful now.

  53. UNDERØATH 777

    acidic saliva in a movie "Prometheus" were an strange or alien creature spits a acidic saliva in the explorers.

    George Scott

    It's a reference to the original Alien movie from 1979, the whole song and video is a reference really, the game over bit and 'crawling on the walls' is from Aliens

  54. Cris Lucker

    now this... this is why I fell in love with this band!

  55. WillBallForSoup

    Its a step in the right direction, but somewhere along the way this band lost a ton of heart. The OG TDWP went so much harder. Bigger breakdowns, heavier moments, way less structured.


    Breakdowns don't make a band. It's good that they found structure with their music, and want to have a story with each individual song or even a story in each album.

  56. Griffith Johnson

    Awesome video. Very abstract and chaotic. Very Zombie EP-ish.

  57. wenderson braz

    do caralho

  58. Laura R.

    Tdwp forever <3

  59. Lazerwave

    Should have put this song in shadows of evil from bo3 zombies...

  60. Anti Hero

    WHY IS THIS SONG SO SHORT??!!?? I was just starting to love it until I realized...2:40!!!

  61. jookbj

    scream gave me the chills and sound little like Redeemer

  62. Dad Monster

    Don't call it a comeback...

  63. Victor Cardoso

    Uma das poucas bandas minhas favoritas que não anda me decepcionando. Por isso amo TDWP <3

  64. Dasiy Paech

    So that's a xenomorph basically right?

  65. Marcel Telle

    Research them, they're real

  66. Bruna Oak


  67. Sarbear Clausen

    Nos this is dope seit

  68. Andy Lichtenstein

    Do bands stick a member on keyboard when they're friends want to be included but can't play for shit?

  69. Maggie Turner

    love this song but no I can't do this shit aliens fucking kill me hell no

  70. Loveyourz


  71. Dogs Life Don

    Holy fuck! Feel good song of the year!

  72. Addison Irvin

    This ish is banging buddies keep it up weed

  73. Dying Wolf

    is it only me or you guys feel it weird too? since Deathrone album, they create such weird videos, such phylosophical. it's like this band try to tell us something...but these band still great anyway. i love this band more and more.

  74. franciely lucker

    TDWP Cada vez mais foda !

  75. Richard Dantz

    No more James, no more CHRIS! Is this still TDWP. I feel like Chris made that sound. I mean they even said. Chris writes skeletons of songs and he brings them to the band for finishing touches.

  76. ben todaro

    "Game over man!"

  77. ben todaro

    Man wish they could've gotten the xenomorphes from alien in this.

  78. DoomJoy666

    how can someone admit to like this it's complete shit. the video is so cringy it's just a kinda still image that shakes.... just like the rest of their videos.... the voice is so gross like I'm not saying ew screaming it's just shit it's the whole song. I can see edgy 8th graders who wear fingerless gloves black lipstick and hot topic baggy jeans listening to this trying to say this band is how they feel. fuck this band I'm sorry but I think that bands like metallica and iron Maiden are good and actually have talented skilled musicians, this is just some guys playing a power chord screaming ANY ONE CAN DO THAT AND BE A FAG

    Michael Fritts

    These guys are pretty talented too dude.

    Matheus Silva

    Sounds like something an 8th grader would say lol

    Anti Hero

    +DoomJoy666 feel free to give your recommendations, o enlightened one.

  79. Brandon

    I haven't listened to the rest of this album but loving the references to the movie Aliens. "Game over, we're done for", "acidic saliva" (although it was their blood I think it's the same concept, and the tongue like thing coming from it's mouth in the x-ray.

  80. hoshuabrutalbear

    Excellent video, bad audio quality!

  81. Brian Winterheart

    This video gave me so many chills. They really out did themselves for a 2 and half minute song :D

  82. BamBam Spirits

    That alien looks like it could be an evil monster in power rangers 😂

  83. Luke Smith

    Acid saliva... Anyone else getting a Ridley Scott Alien influence from this song?

  84. Gustavo De Lima Costa

    Awesome, looking forward to the Asteroid video.

  85. Old World Patriot

    they singing about GWAR?

  86. Daniel Nagy

    Zombie EP over everything

  87. Hatesmostofyou27

    One cannot fathom, such a phantom!!

  88. Brick's Toilet Store

    Isn't that girl supposed to be trapped on Planet A with the Cube?

  89. Wolf Fenrir

    Sounds about the Reptilians, ? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  90. Ralf Krijger

    This band makes the best video's! Exactly how I pictured it in my head when listening to the song.

  91. Kennedy Rocha

    bem legal...

  92. Alex P

    directed by Ridley Scott

  93. MeMiMike

    This band! can't stop loving these guys! seriously need to see you guys live!!!

  94. Wilhelm Drum

    is the video about auto-fellating in the morning?