Devil Makes Three, The - Johnson Family Lyrics

Born to a good father I have no excuse
I could say I blame someone but what would be the use
When I learn to travel now is when I learn to steal
To ride without a ticket now along the lines of steel

Oh you don't know the things I have seen
Twenty years out on the road with the Johnson Family
Oh you don't know the cages I have seen
Twenty years in and out of the Johnson Family

I'd harnessed stones and took them to the fence
I found my heart by moved the shop and always made the rent
When I met old George now he showed me to the box
Fresh out the night oh from the day now the money never stops

Oh you can't know the cages I have seen
In and out over the years of the Johnson Family
Oh you can't know the troubles I have seen
Twenty years out on the road with the Johnson Family

Call me a thief and a liar now you know you would be right
Straight as an arrow I sit here tonight
All my debts too heavy boys I cannot pay them down
I pawn my watch and take a walk down to the sea to drown

Oh you can't know the things I have seen
Twenty years out on the road with the Johnson Family
Oh you can't know the cages I have seen
Twenty years out on the road with the Johnson Family

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Devil Makes Three, The Johnson Family Comments
  1. PikeSlayer

    Whats this song about exactly?

  2. italosmuck71

    this is real

  3. Lana Thrones

    This band just blows me away. Can’t believe this band isn’t put with Neil young and just so amazing. I don’t really care about social distortion but I am just thinking i have to see them in person! It’s the hobo finest Americana folk punk blues band I have ever heard! Thank you train people

  4. Black Bass Whispers

    Fantastic Band! Discivered them a couple of days ago and I'm addicted! Excellent music and lyrics!

  5. John Pembroke

    The airplane at 2:20 was perfect

  6. Kody Callaway

    After this they went up to salt lake city to visit salt chunk Mary and indulge in a fine chunk of salt pork. You can't win

  7. Herr Nookenstien

    Great recording! Great audio! Great artist!:]

  8. Cleffpallette

    Jokes on you dickheads!! I was smoking crack on my first couple tours too. Bahahahaha, and there is always the smart just my george.lololol

  9. Леонид Попков

    after them mainstream country sucks

  10. michael assadi

    The Johnson Famolee

  11. Ray Leos

    The banjo though!!!!!

  12. Jesse -

    A movie with their music in it would be so damn cool. Setting: 1920's downtown England, Brimingham or something. Some melancholie movie involving money, drugs, drama, action... Man that would be awesome!

  13. mike cayer

    fuck you guys for finally being in vancouver. but at a time I'm strapped for cash. I've bed promoting you fellas since 2009 and God damn I'm gonna miss you in 2016. but who know. 20 years out on that road may do some thing to me.....

  14. Dave Schroko

    Good ol' DMT!

  15. Lorelei Petry

    Love em so much

  16. Christina Costello


  17. andrew osmer

    I'm a Johnson. I hate my name lol


    My First boss in the USMC was an insane Cajun named Johnson. We were made to fit the mold.

  18. luc07ry

    I'm drunk. The spinning camera work in the beginning doesn't help.

    warren nash

    Put down the bottle. Stop blaming others for your spinning head.

  19. Jay McCauslin

    I think they are fantanstic. If I can go see you guys I will. Thank you. Great!!!!!

  20. Marcus Teblano

    A little extreme, but funny.

  21. joegolfer

    The more I listen the more I like...have 2 of their cd's now and looking for another!
    Keep it up guys...great sounds!! :)

  22. joegolfer

    justfound this...great songs

  23. joegolfer

    bought one @best buy on line---other @Amazon---Do Wrong Right by The Devil Makes Three (Apr 21, 2009)
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    Order in the next 17 hours and get it by Friday, Mar 29.
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  24. C. Slough

    SO fucking solid, all the way around.

  25. joegolfer

    Great music! Honest without gimmicks. Good voices all around. Reminds me of songs from the 30's & 40's. Can't say enough good about them. I'm so glad I was looking for banjo music when I found them 2 weeks ago. I have bought 2 cd's now and look forward to buying more. Hope they stay together and keep recording. Wonderful stories.

  26. Sondra Faith

    Very interesting

  27. capi1lope

    Well done all'round, good, honest music.

  28. weirdand thensome

    Their beats sound a little like Johnny Cash's, awesome.

  29. mike cayer

    Sometimes i wish i could hunt down the dumb fu**s who disliked this and beat their heads with a bat

  30. Lagrangian

    Now THAT'S my kind of music.

  31. Norbit CleaverHook

    The drummer is a little boring ;)

    Ray Leos


  32. The Infected Fetus

    Oh ! also nice tatoos dude

  33. The Infected Fetus

    I stumbled here by randomly clicking videos on YT and well :D I like it :) keep it up :) like and sub from me ^_^

  34. Gage Bryers

    What a great video. Captures the feeling of the band. More over the song. Just like.. my opionion man .

  35. Mark Maysey

    Infectious music here, I loved it!!!

  36. Jade O'Neal

    I'm a HUGE Flogging Molly fan. I've noticed the bands who open for them... tend to be better than them... I know that sounds terrible but... The openers outperform them everytime! lol

  37. Daniel Thomas K

    I never seen anyone mute a banjo, I loved em when they were still uprising and now they've finally made it big and I'm so glad I got to see them in concert open for Flogging Molly. TDMT=definitly one of my top favorite bands and inspirations in music.

  38. memyselfandapie

    all of them?

  39. Vin Satyros


  40. Taiyo mn

    I love TMNT!

  41. Raw'N'Proud69

    i feel such a good vibe from this guys,absolute great music =)

  42. 18yardsout

    Oohm pah pah, oohm pah pah.

  43. Nigel Baldes

    This needs a "Love" Button to click.

  44. anarchyrabbit

    Gypsy music!

  45. Sam A

    saw them with flogging molly in boston...definitely a great opening act. so much personality.

  46. treestickdirt

    my favorite band ever.

  47. grossboy517

    so tight rythmically. cooper rocks on that there machine

  48. Gregory Hanson

    I saw this guys at the House of Blues in W. Hollywood a couple weeks ago. They were amazing, as was the opening band, Brown Bird.

    But, man, these video series are fantastic. Amazing sound and beautiful cinematography. It really is a fantastic job! What a pleasure it must have been to work with these guys. Such amazing musicians.

  49. pinkyring4

    Anyone else hear a plane/helicopter or something around 2:13??

  50. Philip Williamson

    great videos, great songs, great band.

  51. Khepi Allen

    This sounds really cool..great job!!

  52. bookwench

    God, I love these guys. And it's really really nice to have a high-quality video to send to friends to introduce them around...

  53. Zak MFN Garner

    the dm3

  54. Joanna Joseph

    I love the band, and I love your one-take video shooting. It gets a lot of story told! (But you must have grown tired from all that controlled moving and concentration!) Anyhow, great job.

  55. Reverend 'Gator

    Excellent music!

  56. nycbred92


  57. gaykirby

    does anyone know the chords to this song? they are nowhere!

  58. Mike Costello

    Everyone who listens to this tell a friend about DM3. Let's spread the Gospel of the Devil!

  59. Amber Nicole

    I am in love with this song!!!! They are effin amazing, wish i had known of them sooner!! Hey does anyone know where i can buy this version of this song?? This song on their album "Do Wrong Right" is quite different sounding.

  60. grocery cart 23

    tes sir!

  61. rcmontecalvo

    awesome. btw lucia looks just like lissie maurus another wonderful favorite artist of mine.

  62. Ryan Storzbach

    Awesome, love these guys

  63. RockabillyCowgirl

    love these guys! there are some damn good artists on the bloodshot label right now.

  64. jcinla76

    @weakmindedidiot No worries. Thanks for the support.

  65. weakmindedidiot

    My bad, it says it was shot in LA. Ignore that.. Weakmindedidiot not paying attention..

  66. weakmindedidiot

    Shot somewhere near Santa Cruz?

  67. Jay Churchill

    Freakishly good!

  68. Melissa Hinkle

    So much better live!

  69. Shawn Kirkland

    kick ass

  70. cstahley12

    she has huge bull horns across her chest

  71. Iburndowncities

    I fucking love TDMT!

  72. RWnutjob45

    so your sayin theres a chance...

  73. Death2Mediocrity

    Devil Makes Three are even better live.. Truly a talented trio they are...

  74. badazzbarbie

    LOVE IT!