Device - War Of Lies Lyrics

Who was the one that stood beside you through the war of your life
Who stood defiant in the face of your enemy
Who was the one you could confide in when your adversaries made you run and hide
There's no messiah out there waiting to deliver you now
You've lost the war and have surrendered your sanity
What was before has now been scattered from the heavy devastation left behind

You made it happen again
Threw your cover away
Built battlements to stand for all time

You've waged your war of lies
Discarded your disguise

I was the one you said you could never be a part of your life
I was the one who had a moment of clarity
Only a son, could stay devoted to a fabricator living their own lies
The ones who loved you can no longer be a part of you now
You're very deft at trying to garner their sympathy
But your reflection will reveal the shadowed image of the criminal inside

You've let it happen again
Thrown your honor away
You may never learn until you're denied

You've waged your war of lies
Discarded your disguise
Seen through damnation's eyes
You blame me for your lies


You don't get it
You won't let it
You won't ever admit your fucking lie
You don't get it
I won't let it
I won't believe this time



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Device War Of Lies Comments
  1. Peri Walker ღ

    Woaaahhh! I love this!

  2. oh humanity what a shameful existence

    my fav song in thia album

  3. Samantha Nesara

    fucken crank it

  4. Schnaider 978


  5. Vinny Silva

    representa a vida do meu pai essa música

  6. Universal Truth


    Wisemankugel Memicus

    He worships demons, he's a wack job according to American society.

    Wisemankugel Memicus

    I'm American. 

    Wisemankugel Memicus

    Good site though. 

    Ancient Veritas

    I worship no entity.I would follow the reapers before demons are angels.If demons are angels appear in my house,they are not welcomed.God's light is tainted light.The only true light is light itself.Then again, I do not even know if these beings exist.

  7. Nikos Metaxotos

    great videos