Device - Through It All Lyrics

I've been alone
Felt abandoned at times
Given into the fall
I can't forget what it's like

When I felt numb
And so hollow inside
You carried me through it all
Across the divide

And when I went through it all
You gave me your heart
I learned to forgive
And when I come through it all
I know you're the one
I'll never forget

I pray I'm the one
You'll never forget

I've been lost
I've felt ruined inside
Watched it all crumble
In the blink of an eye

You were strong
And so hopeful inside
Saved this fallen one
When I wanted to die

(You're the reason I'm still alive, the only reason I'm still alive)
(You're the reason that I survived, the only reason that I survived)

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Device Through It All Comments
  1. kingofthedoggos playz

    I believe this band needs more credit. They have many good songs. Through It All, Vilify, Opinion, You Think You Know. They are awesome. I feel like a lot of the people who listen to them are fans of Disturbed. I see how that has come to be. They are both awesome and deserve more credit.

  2. Judith

    and when i went through it all you gave me your heart i learned to forgive and when i come through it all i know you're the one i'll never forget

    Nicole Rebres

    This is justin u know whats it's like to lose somebody trust me i do 2

  3. Wade Guidry

    Nice panning at the intro.

  4. Doddann

    When I first heard this I thought it was a Christian song, very lovely. :)

    Neala Lacey

    Doddann that's because it is.

    Neala Lacey

    All of Davids songs are about Heaven and Hell. The belief of God.


    Neala Lacey
    Really, down with the sickness, animal, sons of plunder are religious songs?

    Jonathan Kendrick

    Neala Lacey this song is actually about Davids wife

    Teddy Julock

    Definitely not all.


    fucking lyric !!!! Beautiful
    Device is well done

  6. James Armes

    love this song

  7. Mohammed Alsaleh

    it was 5 am my fist was bloody I have just left a fight my dream is steady i will be great was on my way to subway it was still close but my day started at 2 so I figured wait a little heard this song and it was perfect it build the missing within me and strengthen the weak.. I get down and ask the guy what is it so he gave me the CD I still have it definitely the best Device

  8. No Name

    Glenn makes David sound like a bitch. He is a master giving the novice a lesson.

    Ashley Jones

    you're called no name because you say too much stupid stuff to deserve one

  9. Lead Stuffer

    "Watched it all crumble, in the blink of a eye"
    Blinking is the act of closing your eyes, then opening them in a short amount of time. How can you watch something if your eyes are closed?
    This contradiction annoys me, but it's still a great song.

    Bryan St.Martin

    In the blink of an eye, is a generally understood time frame. Probably about a quarter of a second.
    In one view it was there and when you opened your eyes from a blink, it was destroyed.

    It's a unique style David has developed for this song. I list it as one of my favorites, and Sound of Silence, a truly excellent remake. I can't swear the original singers would appreciate it, but I certainly do. (Simon and Garfunkel)

    Josh Tolsma

    Bryan St.Martin Mate, I'm just being a dick. It's a great song.

    Also, completely with you on the sound of silence, though that's a bit of a tangent from your previous point.

  10. CamBam

    This is the best song I've heard in a very long time!

  11. Antonio Natali

    it's the singer of Device the same singer of Disturb?


    +Antonio Natali Yes, David Draiman in both cases!

    Antonio Natali

    Really? Cool. Thanks. I've been waiting for ever for a replie

  12. L0nN13

    Glenn was 61 when he recorded this song w/ David. Incredible.

  13. Christian Y

    I LOVE this song and everything about it. But a solo would have been nice. I'm sure they had a reason to not put in a solo and honestly it's cool. A guest appearance by Dan Donegan would have been cool XD :P

  14. Wıll Almeida

    nice fuck song !!!

    Andressa Ribeiro

    +Wıll Almeida, seu gato delicia. *-*

    Bryan St.Martin

    I know this will date me, but a smokin' hot blonde and Joan Jet screaming "I love rock n roll!"
    Summer in Spain...

  15. Marcel Elmagic

    Really touching...grand vocals.Love it <3 !

  16. a7x fan

    where's the guy singing with david from (i heard of him b4 i just can't remember where)

    Dras Leona


    a7x fan

    @Andry-Kevin Koort not david i meant Glenn Hughes


    Deep Purple

    garrett kerr

    @a7x fan Also the tribute album "this is your life" to Dio, the song is "Catch The Rainbow" amazing song!!

  17. Bryan Lenihan

    worst song on this album 

    Ghost of Cyfair

    Glenn Hughes is a fucking legend.

    His vocals should have been louder than the main singer.

    Tom Foolery

    +Jake M. couldn't agree more, he only comes second to Mike Patton in my book although disturbed is my favorite band, Patton is my favorite singer, but he's been doing it a bit longer so maybe Draiman will beat him in my book someday.

  18. Troll Dotta

    Very good lyrics ♥

  19. Ron W. Bedoya

    Great song and great taste there DreadedDruid

  20. xy200stii

    100th like :)


    @LeeHGaming okay😏

  21. bess f

    wheres the LOVE button!!

  22. Justin Rivera

    <3 Mother

  23. DROIDG420

    lol fable the bandits call me the dreaded druid, did you get your name from there

  24. Jackie

    Glenn flipping kills on this. One of the top tracks on this record.