Deuce - When We Ride Lyrics

Hey yo, Deuce,
You hear about this fuck boy Danny,
Fuckin' American Idol reject...

[Deuce and Truth:]
Fuckin' Faggots!

That's when we, that's when we, that's when we ride!
That's when we, that's when we ride on these bitches!

That's when we ride on bitches, you fuckin' faggot snitches
So don't you try, we packin' 9's, we leave you dead in ditches

[Kinda Major:]
Yo, Hollywood Who? Without my dawg Deuce,
Don't make me have to ride, Men the boy got juice
In or outside, this ain't only in the booth
Somebody gonna die, they gonna wish they called truce

Kinda Major on a track got Truth, Gadjet get the facts
If you faggots wants prove, might as well hang it up now
No noose,
I'm fuckin' everybody, leave your pussies out loose

Tie em' up and I throw em' in the trunk
Fuckers want a war
And Imma give em' what they want
Bend they ass over
Imma treat them like a punk
Prison break that ass off.
Going til I bust a nut

I don't give a fuck, never have never will
Go try find a better rapper with some better skill
I murder mother fuckers, I massacre for the thrill
Itching for some fucking killing and blood is my Benadryl

That's when we ride on bitches, you fuckin' faggot snitches
So don't you try, we packin' 9's, we leave you dead in ditches

Look now, you got to admit
No one likes your pussy music
You say you sold out, but didn't sell shit
Fucking idiots, lip sync fags milli vanili bitch
How the fuck do you call yourself a band?
You can barely rap its on now
What comes up must come must come down

When this shit flies, I won't be around

Saying I couldn't spit was your biggest mistake
Now UNDEAD sucks, they're a bunch of fakes
Johnnys' getting overweight he's to fat to be callin' names

Let's play a game
Everyone's listening
When I say fuck,sing along and say "Fuck HU"
Fuck HU!

When I say "What's my name?"
You call me Big Deuce
What's my name?

That's when we ride on bitches, you fuckin' faggot snitches
So don't you try, we packin' 9's, we leave you dead in ditches

It's what it is, I'm the best in the Biz
Black ski mask and the cig, 2 clips
2 sips off of that Rosay
With my man Jose with the coke

OC, and the bumb of the cree cree
HU be softer then the sea breeze
Fuck You
We be nuttier than a reeses
And we see more dough
Move more blow

Deuce go solo, drop yall homos
So fly out come the parachute
I'm always first to bail
Never scared to shoot

The Truth, ya know I'm out for the loot
Heading to the top
We movin' through the roof
Shorty got her top down
Just like the coupe

Fuck you, this is 9Lives
Real like, my ties
One slip and you all die

That's when we ride on bitches, you fuckin' faggot snitches
So don't you try, we packin' 9's, we leave you dead in ditches

Say what the fuck!
Six shooters up!
Now, what the fuck!
Point them up!

[GML (Nacho):]
Imma snatch your mask off
And tell it like it is
No more talent, no more show biz
Deuce left the band
Now yall a bunch of jokes

Hollywood IS Dead
And thats all she fucken wrote
Leave you dead in the ditches
Heard you were snitches

9Lives that's how
We ride on you bitches, yeah
I said it, it's the boy from GML
If you got hurt feelings, oh well

Do something you couldn't
Face me on your best day
The Wiz Kid is gone
That's why you get less pay

Still remember when your
First album dropped
Skipped it to the chorus
The rest of yall flopped

Whack ass lyrics
I mean garbage
Leaky like a faucet
Your whole entourage

Wish on a star bitch
You'll never make a million
Ninelives and GML
In the buildin'

That's when we, that's when we, that's when we ride!
That's when we, that's when we ride on these bitches!

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Deuce When We Ride Comments
  1. WolfForever

    3:20 tryna sing this for singing contest in school

  2. Xander Puterbaugh

    4:13 20 seconds of silence

  3. Traci Antee

    I mean dude is like 47 pounds soakin wet, how is he even gonna pretend to be hard...sounds like he’s quite bitter cause he couldn’t stay in hu but lol whatevs turd, I mean deuce, keep up the crying

  4. W47k3r #4673

    when i heard the lines where they diss HU, i legit started crying. NO ONE disses HU or the undead army unless they wanna get their frickin' neck snapped.

  5. Aimee Boatman

    Deuce...i love your music. Your stupid for this. HU will forever be better then you. This song makes me mad.

  6. shianne Giese

    I just noticed that when deuce was in hollywood udead the mad a song called dead in ditches and deuce mad a song called when we ride and he used the same lyrics from dead in ditches

  7. shianne Giese

    Deuce has become kindof an asshole

  8. Adam and Jeremiah

    It's sad that duece is calling HU bad when he has 1.5k sub and HU has 1.44m


    how about you read a pinned comment. this is not Deuce's channel. I'm just a fan

  9. Crawlorax

    Bruh danny is so much better than this fuckboy deuce

  10. Fnaf_Creepypasta_HU Emily

    I hate this fuckboy Deuce 🙄😒

  11. Julian Lopez

    Who even is Truth and why is he taking shots at Danny. Danny is way way better than Truth.

  12. KnightOwl5404

    Anyone else a lot of the lyrics deuce sings is stolen from “Dead In Ditches”?

  13. Southard anna

    So... the rapist is still making music

  14. Fuckin Yeet

    This is from 2011, but still Deuce fucked up his chances of making bank with HU. They’re still killing it, and I don’t remember Deuce’s last project. He’s got a good voice, but I don’t have any respect for how he acted then. He was a dumbass

  15. Aroydyer1

    Danny VS Deuce
    Charlie Scene VS Gadjet
    Johnny 3 Tears VS Truth
    J-Dog VS Nacho

    Aw sht, I forgot the homie Funny Man

  16. Edgy Adult

    Sorry when duece diss johnny i lost my shit

  17. DelContener

    *Claims that Deuce left the band*
    Deuce in Story of a Snitch: "Quit tellin' people that I quit the band that I made".


  18. Aaiden Hernandez

    It’s by Hollywood undead not just Duce and the song is called dead on ditches


    Lyric: ”Fuck HU”
    Song: Dead On Ditches by HU :D

  19. iProfressional Gamer

    You are fucking pathetic

  20. BlackberrySun 24

    I was into it until Truth pronounced Reese's like a fucking psychopath

  21. CodeCrackerCrypto

    Ok no lie I actually think this is even better than Dead In Ditches. Gadjet is FIRE.

  22. Dredgen Shroud

    ouch bro danny aint a fuckboy

  23. Carrot Snail

    its like hollywood undead, but it's only deuce from HU, and the others, aren't. wait. they just roasted them but made it sound terrible

  24. izuku midorya

    Ur dissing on a band u created with shady and someone else i forgot who but u stoll lyrics from dead in ditches really one of the best songs ever created by HU, and why u diss Johnny 3 Tears hes one of the best i dont get it

  25. YI-doG

    It's funny how people don't care how Deuce has changed a lot and still saying a lot of shit on him cause of this songs and his other one's. Also, funny cause they can't understand how it's to be him and actually insult him for these diss track but I totally understand why he done these tracks and appreciate. Like can fucking people stop having problem with his diss tracks and actually every of his songs?
    It would be really nice!...

    izuku midorya

    But if ur a HUGE HU lover its shocking and especially since hes one of the ones who created HU


    @izuku midorya well yeah but they still shouldn't hate on him...

  26. D DoDo

    2020 and deuce is still trash

  27. mr lad

    Mom can we get Hollywood Undead?
    No we have Hollywood Undead at home.
    Hollywood Undead at home:


    mr lad omfg 10/10

    Southard anna



    Deuce is only good at the chorus

    Bloody Fangz

    Hollywood Undead: Come on Duece let’s publish Dead in Ditches
    Duece: No
    Hollywood Undead: ....
    Duece after getting kicked out of the band: I think I’m boutta steal


    mr lad I love this comment

  28. Just For Fun

    Holy shit was was that

  29. Hollywood undead fan ._.

    Who else noticed that deuce copied dead in ditches

  30. ItStHeEnD TV

    😂 someone was butthurt hey

  31. Evan Cendrowski

    He even used the same chorus from dead in ditches. What the fuck

  32. Ričards Avotiņš

    Hollywood undead isnt called undead for nothing. These fake ass bastards can go home. Undead put them dead before track was released.

  33. MysterTainment

    Honestly this song bangs, but Danny is a good person and musician, I never claim Danny or deuce better than the other but fuck man. Deuces group does have alot of bangers

  34. MysterTainment

    They just called out Danny!! :O

  35. sparky dammit

    Fuck You HU will never fall

  36. ExoEight

    Yall rly that stupid? This is from 2011 lol deuce and hu dont give a fck bout all that anymore

  37. Cry More

    кто этот ваш дюс(who?)

  38. YukoKat

    Deuce's voice makes me wanna vomit and his lyrics make me cringe. Sorry not sorry.

  39. Call me Fyvr

    This is a diss against Hollywood undead right, but he wouldn’t de here if it wasn’t for them and now he thinks he’s better than them all, but Danny has a much better voice then everyone ever in in the band, it’s unfortunate that he’s gone altho they’re making better music without him

  40. FeFe Cromer

    Hollywood undead better you guys are Hollywood undead want to be🖕

  41. VonArts :D

    They diss tracked Danny

  42. Funny Man

    This kinda sounds like deuce vs JDogg and funnyman and Johnny 3 tears

  43. monsterenergy07

    When did deuce leave

  44. azwego

    Я: мам, можно купить альбом HU?
    Мама: у нас дома есть альбом HU.
    Альбом HU дома:


    Спасибо, ты сделал мой день...

  45. nathaniel weiss

    Lmao this shit trash compared to anything from HU. Or just on it's own. Just pure 💩

  46. Drinky Crow98

    Aye guys, yall hear about this fuck boi duece? He left the best band ever and made his own bootleg version that will never get off the ground

    *Laughes in Hollywood Undead*

    Kangee Cranford Talonpaw

    Drinky Crow98 lol

  47. Kathy henry

    I wish everyone would act like adults 🙄

  48. Camedic Racing

    Didnt HU do this on MySpace or before they had a record?

  49. MythicalInsanity

    Irony is the best part of the song is the part ripped from dead in ditches

  50. Neptune

    This... This didn't age well

  51. Hollywood undead fan ._.

    I do love Hollywood undead!Duece your getting overweight.I like you but like he’s not overweight look at you fattie

  52. Violet Blake

    i like hollywood undeads music your just mad that there better then you

  53. PickledCatz

    Personally, i feel like he went a bit too far making a diss track on HU... don't get me wrong, it's a good song but the overall idea is a bit childish. You might've gotten kicked out, but your songs are way better as a solo artist anyways. The salt is un-needed

    Parmesan Killa

    this comment section will turn into a fucking war, careful what you say right or wrong someone will start shit with you. also the salt is very needed considering he MADE HU.


    @Parmesan Killa I don't mind at all, either way it's their loss and his gain i think

  54. ThatSpyTho

    Hollywood Undead lights out dominates this

  55. Mick E. Ficks

    Scene kids are getting big mad as they age.

  56. [GD] StarMarine108

    I hated the first part when Truth said Danny was an American Idol Reject


    Don't be salty dude

  57. Black Hippy

    Now that Ive delved deep into rap and it's my main genre I can see that Hollywood undead was trash lyrically and that while this is just as cringy it has more bars


    this song is pear ass Danny is beater then this whole band hear

  59. Mr. Cold

    That was weak af

    Tracy Rae

    No it wasn't fuck off

  60. Matthew Lovett

    Uhhh... “Dead in Ditches” is a diss track?

    Axel Juarez

    Matthew Lovett the original wasn’t , this one is

  61. Patrick Jackson

    Whys he gotta be mad enough to ruin such a great song by HU i liked deuce in HU but after he left was is dissing HU and stealing beats its like grow up

  62. Muhammad Ayesham

    Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you the arrogant Deuce and his lame servants.
    Deuce will be dead in every situation in which he faces Danny.

  63. rising phoenix

    Dead in ditches was hella better

  64. NixNine Lunatic

    This is why I only listen to the newer Deuce Music. His music when he first went solo was just hate and anger. This song wasn't a remake of Dead In Ditches then it would be good but like... The song being a remake and just filled with hate makes this song really unlikable. Some of the stuff in the song isn't even true.

  65. Drunkassunicorn

    Love how this is the same song HU sung over 10 years ago and deuce just reused it with different lyrics xD AMAZING

  66. caboose12 rvb

    Hes mad bc he got himself kicked out

    Kimmy Boy

    And you're dumb for thinking this song is recent. Everyone's moved past this already! This song is from way back in 2011.

  67. Wolf Spider

    Leave Johnny alone bitch you so skinny your arms are toothpicks

  68. scourpian

    W-wouldnt duece be the snitch? He's the one who told all media that they beat the shit outta Aaron aka deuce. And deuce got butthurt for getting a gun pulled on him by shady, because deuce came in his house and harrassed his family? HU we don't give a fuck

  69. Artifex MMB

    I mean "when we ride" is good.....

    But you can NEVER replace the "yo charlie you loco" , "I see three" and who could forget "FUNNY MAN LAY OFF THE WEED!!"


    Agreed. Personally prefer the original cause the raps had more original phrases lol

    Artifex MMB

    @Drunkassunicorn yeah, and also the fact that it was'nt made with pure saltines


    Artifex MMB very true

  70. Kim Jennie

    He got kicked out

  71. Lone Wolf

    This is the best rap smack track, MGK and Eminem got nothing on Deuce.

    I loved Swan Songs, i was pissed when Deuce was given the boot. Danny is a fantastic singer and I do enjoy most of Five, but Swan Songs was undeniably the best album if you know about ALL the Swan Songs and not just the standard album.

    I'll continue loving both of them, and this is definitely Swan Songs material, just listen to Everywhere I Go or City and tell me this isn't a Swan Song Smack Track.

  72. Austin Lauver

    HU to me is honestly better. They got better albums beats and lyrics. Deuce got like one decent song. HU Dead in Ditches is a better song then this. Honestly I’m glade Deuce got replaced with someone better.

  73. Fnaf_Creepypasta_HU Emily

    I hate that fucking song like Kan just insult hollywood undead😠😡

  74. GhostplaysPro

    Deuce is a motherfucking busta

  75. Jay-D

    Blood is your benadryl? You wanna feel drousy and dumb? Well your with duece so I mean it makes sense

  76. Taya Gore

    He like made this song with Hollywood undead like he make me sick 🤮. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD MISS YOU DEUCE. Come on you were all friends but you left the family and gang

    Taya Gore

    I did this 2 weeks ago and hears a challenge who gonna come out with a new song 😜🤪

  77. Taya Gore

    Deuce you were part of the Hollywood undead familey guns was pulled but ya just haten on yourself like I'll support but why

  78. Tree Licker

    Look, now you have to admit. No one likes your pussy ass music.
    Bro, Deuce wrote most of their songs.

  79. TailsThyFox

    Why he talk $h*t about hollywood undead when he was on it. Little B!tch

  80. Татьяна Бочкина

    Bunch o' fuckin' idiots

  81. My Falling in Veil Sirens Rivalry Romance

    Am I the only one confused why is deuce and Hollywood at it

  82. Dylan Rankin

    He should call himself "Big Daddy"

  83. Marc Gómez

    Bro... this sounds like if it's HU's Aliexpress version.

    BS Reborn Phoenix

    Thats fucking amazing lmao

    Oblivio n

    Thats because they stole dead in ditches but thats obvs

    mr lad

    HU, but from Wish

  84. Spooky Pickles

    Wait wasnt this originally a HU song?

  85. Mytomanstomparn

    Gadjet saved this song


    Mytomanstomparn and nacho


    @Leo nein but this song would be lost cause without gadjet doing his 1 time lyrics of his life worth it.

  86. Yuto127 Sao

    This is literally Hu’s dead ditches....Deuce

    A. Be more original

    B. Stop bitching about this it’s been how many years jeez

    C. Fuck off

  87. the depressed donkey

    Lmao deuce got kicked out of hollywood undead and joined the fucking moopits

  88. Shadow_Gamer

    I just took a big deuce on this song

  89. Bane?

    I love how his diss literally used the exact same chorus and beat as an HU song, just with discount rappers and shit lines. "Itching for killing and blood is my Benadryl" lamest line I've ever heard


    Bane? That was kinda cool 😎. He’s fast that guy

  90. BoneBreaker Draconis

    I don't like the fact they are dissing (childlish action after they kicked Deauce out) but damn! Gadjet's voice is awesome!

  91. Star Playz69

    Deuce is a lil butt hurt

  92. Zero Shadow

    Wow. He called himself "Big Deuce" a Deuce is also another term people use for a sh*t. He just called himself a big sh*t lol. And don't diss Danny.

    insane.girl13 _

    Got so pissed when I read the line where he disses Danny. Like wtf, Danny is awesome, every member of HU is awesome

  93. Mike Boatman

    The only Big Duece I know is the one that came out of my ass the other night...and that rapping kind of sounded like the sounds I made as that monster was coming out

  94. jerry the gamer

    Deuce is just jealous

  95. daylong legs

    Gadget is the only actual ok one

  96. Kathy henry

    Omg I really like this band best of luck to them 😄✌️

    daylong legs

    Yo what how this band no offense is complete shat I loved duece better as a solo plus half.of them aren't in a single song

  97. Harley Tucker

    HU: Tries to move on from the events of 2010
    Deuce: *Publishes this*

    Edgy Adult

    Isn’t this plagiarism

    Harley Tucker

    @Edgy Adult yea probably, but you're also the first one that replied and i actually got notified about it

    Harley Tucker

    @Kimmy Boy ever heard of, not putting logic in shitposts?


    Edgy Adult no he has the rights to this song and the rest of swan songs he can use what he wrote legally


    Edgy Adult Not really since he wrote the original song