Deuce - Surface Air Lyrics

Breathing the surface air
I feel that everyone's alone
And I can hold on tightly
Through all this pain, you seem to go

It's only me and you today
‎I feel
All the rest of this gone away
Gone away

So let me run
Where the sun is gone
I'm feeling alone
It's taking me so long to know
Where the sun is gone
It's taking me so long to know‎

Seeing you walk away
It's hurting me to play this game
I'm feeling so lost and lonely
So much I wanted you to say
To me

It's only me and you today
I feel
All the rest of this gone away
The things we used to be

So let me run 
Where the sun is gone
I'm feeling alone
It's taking me so long to know
Where the sun is gone
I'm feeling alone
It's taking me so long to know

So let me run
Where the sun is gone
I'm feeling alone
It's taking me so long to know
Where the sun is gone
I'm feeling alone
It's taking me so long to know‎

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Deuce Surface Air Comments
  1. HU Josh

    I'm breathing the surface air and feels good 😴

  2. Matthew Colone

    +doritoez9lives Can you make an instrumental version of this? PLeas.

  3. Zon Jr

    Is it just me,, or does this sound like Chester Bennington from Linkin Park a bit? Deuce truly has an amazing voice!!!!!


    chester bennington sounds really shitty in "Heavy" tbh Deuce has an awesome voice in some songs

    Zon Jr

    I thought he was pretty good in heavy. 😎🎸

    Master Disaster

    Not even close but I am a Chester and Deuce fanatic. Deuce has the professionalism and expertize similar to CB. He has an awesome voice on some tracks. If he'd get away from that lude and rude shit w/gadjet he'd be better

  4. Edward Elric

    wrong song

  5. Soulless Hollow

    I would know since i always listen to deuce and am a huge fan of his work .listened to all his songs

  6. Soulless Hollow

    I dont see why people are saying its like linkin park- dont stay the lyrics arent even the same and its not upbeat like linkin park

  7. Anthony Haller

    Damn this song's sad.

  8. arman gevorgyan

    this was created Pre-HU along with Dreams

  9. MusicKidd45

    Love this old stuff

  10. Andrew Stockmoe

    He is actually an ego maniac, douchebag in my opinion. BUT, his music is amazing.

  11. youainshit

    Okay, grammar nazi. Spammed enough videos, yet?

  12. DJ Greenwood

    producer* and*

  13. DJ Greenwood

    Oh my God* Air*

  14. DJ Greenwood


  15. lilwayne wayne

    Deuce is the best song writer prudocer an a great person

  16. Jorden Nimz

    and what rapper doesn't?

  17. Destany Jack

    So what if he does. He is still fucking amazing!(::

  18. Bradley Tomko

    All he does is steal beats from other songs and changes the words.

  19. Sh!tsheep

    your a bish

  20. comeat mebro

    Bish? its 2004

  21. Trenton Spangler

    Actually, (not being mean) HU wouldn't be here without Deuce. And J3T is a type of person who wants all the attention or at least most of it. It's why he got jealous of Biscuitz.

  22. Neesha L

    deuce is better when he isnt soft.....

  23. James O'Haire

    or just use a youtube-mp3 converter...

  24. Rich White Man

    Omg Deuce should continue in this style, with songs like Franny, Surface air, Dreams, Sometimes, Far Away... Brilliant songs

  25. tim thompson

    I don't like deuces old '05 songs, I like the more hardcore, hateful songs from him. That's why I started liking him

  26. Aaron Taylor

    its the Army of the Deuces now.

  27. Oooo Betsy

    Deuce and J-Dog were childhood friends so they did know each other.

  28. freezer142

    Actually met J-Dog? Get your facts straight. They've known each other since childhood.

  29. TheGreatGamer1855

    Shady Jeff, Aron (Deuce) and J-Dog did knew each other since they were young.

  30. Kat Sixx

    didnt deuce kno jdog since they were like little kids??

  31. David Major

    Dude this song was made in 2005 WELL before HU ever was thought about and a couple of years before Deuce actually met J-Dog

  32. sinister lyrics

    ok thanks for telling me i never really got why o and i subbed

  33. sinister lyrics

    quick question when were these released 2005 or 2011?

  34. scaryfunnygirl

    @RoCro535 it was before HU even lolz

  35. Bóg jest jeden i jestem nim ja

    song is published since its uploaded anywhere because you can easily download music from youtube and other sites even if theres no download button

  36. Bóg jest jeden i jestem nim ja

    his best song.. except america and lets get it crackin, seriously!

  37. Morgan Freeman

    Imo they both wanna get on with their lives but hey, HU wouldnt be here without deuce, and Deuce wouldnt be here without Hu (J-Dog mostly) but J3T wants to start shit.

  38. MrDiscocow

    @jamesoutlaw9000 HU was an experience, a good experience for Deuce, he got known, got fans, got fun but its time for him to shine in 9lives man look at America and all the songs he made now! If he feels alone or wants a real band since 9lives isnt a band he could make one so easily! he's Deuce! Also if he goes back with HU it will make him look like HU pitied Deuce and let him come back.. I dont want that! Nor do we all, Deuce's fans

  39. JUSTINCASE1251

    Sweet thanks!

  40. JUSTINCASE1251

    Can i download this song from anywhere or it was never published???

  41. Ricoleako LP

    Was this a side project while he was with HU or before HU even formed

  42. tashawn moore

    @jamesoutlaw9000 He wouldnt get back with HU... he got twice as popular then before, and they got danny he ant bad.. but deuce is doing way better with out em

  43. PointlessAccount115

    @jamesoutlaw9000 He made these songs before HU

  44. Deuce9LivesForLife

    I love doritoes, and I love 9 lives..

  45. Kody Pridgen

    Deuce all the way! :D

  46. Rick Sanchez Jr.

    @jamesoutlaw9000 this was made in 2005 when he didint even get with hollywood undead neither did he get kicked out during 2005 so yeh :P

  47. Jared Seaman

    I like his solo stuff, but I really liked him with HU. #TrueFan

  48. Jerson Gonzales

    again outdid urself u da man doritoez

  49. Austin Ingle

    @jamesoutlaw9000 Notice the Date. 2005. Now notice the date of when he got kicked out. You tried to sound really smart. But in reality you were making shit up to sound cool over the internet. Yousir, are a fucking moron. Good day.

  50. Sander Brugge

    @jamesoutlaw9000 Bro, this song is from before he got kicked.

  51. Jessy

    i must say...i dont think Deuce RAPS that good...but these nice cleaner vocals that he does tho in some of these songs...geifs me eargasms!

  52. seth toney

    @jamesoutlaw9000 will u post a link for the interveiw

  53. Scneek

    Okay.. C'mon guys. If you were a -TRUE- HU Soilder, you'd support both of them, Deuce and HU before AND after. If it wasnt for J-dog and Deuce there would be no HU..

  54. 9L4L101

    @Crow9Lives What? lol

  55. ArmyStrongGangflu

    Good ass song. Been blastin this shit. Thanks again for the link ^_^