Deuce - Circles (Remix) Lyrics

Take my hand, lets go
Somewhere we can rest our souls
We'll sit where it's warm
You'll say 'Look, we're here alone'

I was runnin' in circles, I hurt myself
Just to find my purpose
Everything was so worthless, I didn't deserve this,
But to me, you were perfect

I'm scattered through this life,
If this is life, I'll say goodbye
She's gone like an angel,
With wings, let me burn tonight!


Now watch my wounds, they turn to dust
Watch me heal, so I can love
I need to breathe so I can touch
Touch the waters in the ocean
When I breathe, it's like a rush
I can finally feel the trust
I can finally lead my lust
It's like I bleed, but I don't bust
So hold my hand, see the sky, see the waters, see the sun
If it's cold, I'll keep you warm
There's no need, then go back home
It's just me, it's just you, now we're free
We're all alone
Every problem has it's hope
And I promise I can fix them on my own

[Chorus x2]

I've gone away, seen better times than yesterday
It's hard to say, that everything will be okay
I've gone away, seen better times than yesterday
It's hard to say, that everything will be okay

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Deuce Circles (Remix) Comments
  1. eatcookieupsidedown

    I like (being sarcastisk) how everyone asume shit about deuce and compare he with HU, I LOVE, now sitting with a new HU.shirt so, Some people are fkn fycked up in the head, Shitfaced from sewden so no care about spellings huehuehue


    You only need to know...*Sweden* but thats it, HA DE GÖTT ALLA!

  2. Nightmare Blade


  3. -Magdalena -

    not the same without hu ._.

  4. McV0LTAGE

    I think this is for his girlfriends death


    HA u mad

    ͔ ͔

    +CARSONSMAD22 uh oh dumbass alert I repeat you are a troll

    chris motionless

    Yea it's beautiful can't we just put duece and Hollywood undead beef in the past

  5. Sprzecio

    CAN U SHUT UP ALL???????


    U MAD BRO?!?!



    Grigor Georgiev


    bro can i hit your juul

    @CARSONSMAD22 do you say that all the time? because i can see like 3 "u mad bro's" ._.

    ͔ ͔

    I love it when pepole argue

  6. Nick Watkins

    i wish i could rap right next to deuce he is my idol the life he lived being kicked or quitting and still making music lucky bitch i wanna sing and rap with you deuce

    اح احم


  7. Mellow Moon Cane Corso

    1: this is a really old comment
    2:I'm not trying to start a fight
    3: I really don't care anymore
    And 4: ok I like how you were proving me wrong for my mistake but I swear I listened to both songs and they sound exactly the same....don't want you going on a rant about that I believe what I believe you do the same life goes on and were all happy....OK?

  8. Omu' Cerb

    In this song is not Johnny 3 Tears ,  now this song remixed by 9lives disgusting me HU4L...

  9. Mellow Moon Cane Corso

    Iys really annoying hearing people fight about this i mean they both sound good and I think its cool how deuce is still doung what he loves he's a good songwriter and rapper also singer its awsome. And reminds me of ronnie radke and I heard that ronnie radke and deuce will be working together thats awsome to!!!

  10. Mellow Moon Cane Corso

    If deuce didn't sing this song for hollywood undead than why does te voice. Sound the same?

    Paul Fuller

    He did sing it for HU but he wasn't the only one singing (Charlie, J-3T, etc also had verses), Whereas in this version he sings everything.

    I much prefer this version

  11. sean de man

    stop hating just enjoy the music

  12. Doug Kelso

    really than how come duece sings in circles if he wasnt in the band at the time?

  13. jARED lETO

    Geez didn't think he wrote american tragedy and notes from the underground (Being sarcastic if you can't tell)

  14. tyler navarro

    Circles is on swan songs. I have it. This is jus a remake.

  15. Ridens


    Even Deuce said the following in a song: ''Stop saying that I quit the band that I made!''

  16. Ridens

    That's bullshit...

  17. George drrxryikdoy

    deuce wrote ALMOST all the songs he said in an interveiw that he doesnt like the song the diary cuz j3t wrote it

  18. NickTheDemon

    really? HU succeeds more without Deuce huh? thats why there losing fans because all there music is just sad and slow now, and Deuce did write ALL of Swan Songs.


    Lol you know that those are just rumors right he was never on american idol he had a band before HU lol

  20. GeileBratwurst

    Because they are HIS songs !

  21. M1 11

    DEUCE sings like he means it, this is why DEUCE was always my favorite HU member when he was in swan songs, that album is the best thanks to DEUCE.

    With current HU, i think its abit good, but swan songs still tops all the new songs of CURRENT HU.

  22. Milos ppM

    Cause he created them in the first place. :)

  23. Zystn

    Deuce got them somewhere, but Danny's here now to help get them further

  24. LinkinParkArmyV3

    All dat butthurt, and i just sit here listening to the music

  25. LoquendoElMejorxD

    Shut the fuck up you bitches If you like Deuce you like HU, and if u like HU you like Deuce, you are just kids dividing cause of they kicked him out, nobody know what happened exactly, and the details are importants. Piece.

  26. Henry Clay

    you guys relize no matter how it happen there both still makeing money. i like them both. there all still friends, even do shows together. im on no ones side bc music all about the feeling. you shouldnt love one band and hate another bc of whos in the band but you should understand the message.

  27. Mariusz Kuchta

    he did get kicked out, he wanted a solo career but he didnt want to leave the band. i think hes better now anyway

  28. Lorenzo Konsequenzo

    Yea ....

  29. DescoWars

    Deuce Ftw, but it kinda sounds.. Empty without Johnny 3 doesn't it?

  30. DwarfJuice9000

    They already have all of the fans Deuce got so they are set unless like Deuce having to come back

  31. Desaray Flaugher

    Everyone that is say he left HU is stupid. Listen to the song story of a snitch he clearly say "Quiet telling everyone I quiet the band that I made" meaning they kicked him out.

  32. maxel8333

    if hu is mad then why isnt hu dissing deuce in every song? all i see in deuce's song is that his dissing hollywood undead. if he was ready to solo then tell deuce to stop bitching and do his own thing

  33. Marcos Rodrigues

    I don't think so! For me they are both pretty awesome in different ways! I like the songs where Deuce performed and I like the song where Danny performs! They have incredible voices, and obviously that there are people who are mad because Deuce left the band, and they don't like to see someone replacing him, I understand them, but we can't be always regretting Deuce's left, we just have to enjoy the music, because regretting won't bring Deuce back! HU and DEUCE fucking rule!

  34. kitty holmes

    WOW ALL YA'LL SHOULD BE ASAMED OF YOURSELFS! fightin on youtube about whos better then who. i understand that to all of us it matters and its your opinion, but really? ITS YOUTUBE!!!! it wont matter what you say, because other people wont care. i mean yes it does count, but if you want to do something about it do it out of YOUTUBE.

  35. mfl1267199

    Deuce and J-Dog MADE Hollywood Undead, Deuce also wrote alot of the songs the performed

  36. Fici

    im not saying danny is better, but i h8 comments like deuce is better than danny or danny is better than deuce, i dont give a fuck who is better i just listen to music and enjoy cus what happened 2 years ago is history but people still cant get over with

  37. undeadfan111

    in my opinion i think it would be cool if they could combine bands to make this huge band :)

  38. Fici

    he is good cus he uses songs from others and just put other lyrics in it, kinda low and i think he should need to start now making own songs, not just copying others. he is good and all but he should also forget about being kicked from HU i loved him but when i heard some of his songs he wasnt even close to what hes been in HU now he is coming up again and for others stop fucking saying that deuce is better than danny cus it is realy overused comment

  39. joey lacny

    dannys voice is way to high for HU

  40. justin williams

    it took 6 guys for this song. but really only took 2. thats whats up.

  41. Carter O'Leary

    indeed it may be one of the seemingly stupidest things, if you arent there to deal with it. Being in a band, this is what is MOST important... nothing gets done if you've got someone unreliable there. and THAT was the issue. Though i do agree, HU was the best deuce.

  42. kitty holmes

    @Tyler51576 omfingg i love you now!

  43. Friezian

    @PrankSmith He wrote most of HU's songs...

  44. hunter kasulka

    @CorpralKasulka well j3t and charlie

  45. hunter kasulka

    @RawrxKlo charlie co-wrote most of the songs including this one so duece cant just take it

  46. RaPiiD IFiiRIE/ See Jayy

    This is one of my Fav song (the original.) This just killed it. D:

  47. PrankSmith

    Why does he take all these songs from a band he hates on in other songs?

  48. Tyler Shultz

    duece is the best

  49. lWBl

    @9LivesDeuce4L i agree on you with J3T. but J-Dog on the other hand would be a good combo with Deuce.

  50. Jordan Cross

    @9LivesDeuce4L agreed

  51. ShaftMasterable

    man fuck yall Charles P. Scene 4 life!!!!

  52. Indiie Timmie

    i think this version is better then the one he made with J3T

  53. Kyle DuBois

    @jockeysmoker And for some reason you don't give a shit about the other three members of Hollywood Undead? Wow dude disloyal to your own band. 9L4L. Deuce is better without HU.

  54. Joe Shakey

    @jockeysmoker theres only one thing with that almost perfect idea; j3t and jdog were the people that deuce hates the most :L

  55. medievalprince1

    im not gonna lie this song was better with j3t than this guy that sings his part dont get me wrong it still sounds pretty good but when deuce and j3t came together they made magic

  56. alyssa escobedo

    This is fucktarded !!

  57. Zippy

    @9LivesDeuce4L Actually, Hollywood Undead gets the song to, because they composed the music. Everyone in HU wrote their own part. Deuce can take the song and sing over their parts as his own. HU still gets money with every purchase of circles and this love this hate, so does deuce. Deuce still gets money from swan songs too.

  58. AnE000002

    getting rid of deuce is just fucking stupid. you talk shit out, you dont just fucking kick your main guy out cause you had some problems. and for all the pussies saying how they wish hu and deuce would get back together, forget it. they stabbed him in the back, and you never let that shit go. deuce is comin, and they better be fucking ready.

  59. jonathankundinger

    @Logfan200 its pretty obvious that the assistant thing is BS cause they could have said no and it be done with so no i dont think that had anything to do with it JS

  60. jonathankundinger

    everyone should shut up about him going back to HU, he obviously hates them with obvious reasons in his chat he is doing fine on his own NL4L

  61. Megan Bats

    @thedudenetwork really...?

  62. Charlie Hamburger

    @2012Agosto Okey. Here we go again. Deuce didn't show up on their shows, so charlie had to sing his parts. And, Deuce wanted to have his friend ("assistent") with him, and he costed 800$. So, it's deuce fault. You can't be a dick towards your bandmembers without consequences.

  63. TheOnlyTrueGamerDemon

    @thedudenetwork XD thats fucking awesome

  64. Chris Da Falcon

    im confused wtf

  65. Lilly Fox

    @XxEpicalyXx He should keep it the same, hence the remix.

  66. Lilly Fox

    @jockeysmoker Agreed but, J3T took all Deuce's credit....'nough said

  67. dyllan burton

    @jockeysmoker maybe if they didnt kick him out it would still be that way

  68. James Milks

    I do like Johnnies Rap verse for this song better, But i must definitely say, Deuce made a great remix for one of the songs from the band he was in.

  69. Team Action Angling

    Who is the terrible rapper in this band messing up every song?!

  70. mike sean

    :) opps

  71. killerkyle64321

    i really like this song by HU they both need to put aside this stupid cat fight and bring back deuce. danny is ok but to me is there is too much pop in is singing if that makes sense to people but deuce and j3t have a good chemistry and need to grow up imo

  72. Zachary Vautour

    @9LivesDeuce4L i like it better with just deuce!

  73. tenzin mendenahall

    @XxEpicalyXx its better dude. chill out and enjoy it

  74. Purple Cow Phillip

    actually Deuce wrote most of the lyrics in HU,he aint no stealing nothing,just look at the live versions of songs,he's the only real singer there

  75. TheDvd1

    dum ass deuce cant even write his own songs, yes, he wrote a part of it, but J3t wrote the other part and he should sue his ass. The proof is that the remixed part isn't nearly as good as the one with J3t it sounds like deuce just lifted a weight or something what a skinny fag I could fuckin break him in half

  76. Phase1072

    @MrBawnightmare deuce made hu slow ass

  77. DhaGhost

    @XxEpicalyXx fuck you deuce wrote that shit

  78. ReeCeDoW


  79. brandon lucas

    @laurtzy007 thumbs up if ur a jackass

  80. brandon lucas

    listen and shut t f up
    who cares bout who wrote it
    us the world going to change dont think so
    so just listen

  81. Lauren Roberge

    @9LivesDeuce4L yeah but it was first performed by him WITH Hollywood Undead. It's HU's

  82. MasterBugCatcher

    @XxEpicalyXx and this is not the last song he did with HU

  83. Britoe97

    @laurtzy007 meh...sounded like Truth.

  84. Bboy Hawk

    does 9lives have a album out?

  85. Alexander4payne

    @9LivesDeuce4L true

  86. Britoe97

    Can you tell me who sang J3T's part? Ty...

  87. Alex J

    @9LivesDeuce4L to whit: when we ride

  88. Phinsfan4life17

    @9LivesDeuce4L nope he stole this love this hat knife called lust and the kids from shady jeff and they chose deuce over shady so he got kicked

  89. Dave Strider

    4th takes 9lives all to him/herself :3

  90. Zack Provencal

    3rd with the gold treasure chest

  91. Soarer Dave

    2nd is best ;)

  92. Ben KDAH

    First comment!!(: