Deuce - Ambitionz Az A Ridah Lyrics

Hollywood in the building
Ayo Deuce, where the pistols at?

[Chorus - Deuce:]
And I won't deny it, I'm a straight rider
You don't wanna fuck with me
Cause you's a bitch just like the police
And I remember you was begging on your knees

I pray to Lord, tell him to forgive me for my sins
Not a ticket to heaven, just for my unborn kids
I'm addicted to the fast life, money and drugs
Plus you can't forget the bitches in Cali' showing their stuff
I smoke weed, pop pills, you'll never catch me shoot up
I'm a product of prison, behind walls is where I grew up
Getting money, fucking bitches, bowing down to no man
Nine Lives newsflash, get with the program
Ain't nobody invisible, anybody can get it
It ain't fuck the world, homie, it's the people that's in it
And if you a rat, homie, I got a pistol for that
All that woofing in my ear, where the paperwork at?
When you think it's all over, lights out, I'm gone
I got Nine Lives, homie, correct me if I'm wrong
All eyes on me till I return
The Truth, nothing else, my word is my bond


Leaders ain't got no fucking mercy for their enemies
Plus I'm living all your fucking dreams and your fantasies
I got some G's that will wake you up and take a felony
I got some G's that will break you up, become Makaveli
Whoa, don't get it twisted, I'm just trying to keep it friendly, yo
Go to church, keep it real, that's my antidote
"But Aron, I just wanna be in Hollywood Undead, though
I think I'm really cool cause I can sip on 4-0's
Until my mommy gets real mad at me and sends me home"
I'm everything everyone wanted to be
In Hollywood, everybody keeps on calling for me
It's a disgrace, you ain't even gotta bet a TV, ha
I turn bitches into monkeys and apes
Voodoo dolls, brass knuckles, I got magic for days
If I can smell your girl's vagina from a mile away
Then I can give you brain damage on any given day


Now I'mma 'fess that you can bet that I'mma do what I gotta do
The thug in me, nigga, got me sporting this powder blue
Balling through niggas, ain't the color for fucking ball
We don't keep it real, I don't bang, I set it off
Ain't got hood love so I grew through this bitch
Like it don't mean shit, still trying to get rich
Ain't got bad habits so I'm pleasing my addictions
With a chronic and convalesce eight along with these bitches
I'm hood, homie, so all eyes on me when I'm balling down the block
That's why I'm glued to my Glock
And bring pain like rain, fucker, umbrella
It's GML in this bitch so when you fucking tell it
Say it right, bitch, don't fuck around
I'm on the people, got it locked like Nero Brown


Yeah, I know you mad, homie
But you still can't see me
Yeah, Nine Lives, Undead, GML
You know you love this shit, yeah

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