Destroyer - Tinseltown Swimming In Blood Lyrics

Tinseltown swimming in blood
Tinsel ribbons dancing in the rain
Flowers on the skyline, hey how was the wine?
What comes round's going round again
Towers coming up for air

I couldn't see, I was blind
Off in the corner, doing poet's work
That's alright for now
It was just a dream of your blue eyes

Tinseltown dripping in blood
Tinsel women dancing in the wind
Dead flowers on the skyline
Hey how was the wine, baby?

What comes round is going round again
Now let me tell you about the dream:

I had no feeling, I had no past
I was the arctic, I was the vast
Spaces without reprieve

I was a dreamer
Watch me leave

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Destroyer Tinseltown Swimming In Blood Comments
  1. jude111

    Chirs Marker's sci-fi short La jetee (a French New Wave classic) is the clear inspiration for this music video

  2. Jaime Braulio Tello Gutiérrez

    ¿Existe algún latino al que le encante esta melodía?

  3. Kimchi _


  4. GoTorino

    Is this spoken word poetry set to unreleased New Order tracks?

  5. Nicolle E Z

    Excelent music!!!! Oroya city present ! <3

  6. Abu haneefa

    Nike trust fall - Blake Carpenter🔥

  7. Allan Pizza

    i was a dreamer... watch me leave

  8. Allan Pizza

    who loves Dan Bejar as much as I do?


    Beautiful track

  10. mslvc2011

    College radio brought me here

  11. Zoe K.

    This is so feel-good. So truly 80s.

  12. Santillan


  13. Epic Cake

    い丼とl likeていs

  14. Michael McLean

    Wow… this is beautiful

  15. Abdo Abika

    Sex education

  16. Yacky Vasquez

    número 2 del ranking de radio doble 9 del año 2018

  17. Angelina Mitsialou

    Du Nutte geh mal Haare färben

  18. Despeinado TV

    doble nine chicichcic doble nine

  19. Whitney Whitney

    This beautiful song , combined with the video of Vancouver’s La Jetee-ish “Tinseltown” is a delicious smorgasbord of painful nostalgia. Strangely familiar déjà vu. Thank you, Destroyer.

  20. 6laderunner

    A little on the nose with its New Order influences, but good nonetheless.

  21. Jenn Vix

    I think you sound like YOU; and you like chorus effect on the bass. Love it!

  22. Maribel Zapata

    Excelente tema, primero en sonar por supuesto en 99

  23. t c

    this straight up sounds like disorder by joy division slowed down?? idk its not a bad song obvs but kind of (feels like a rip off) srry.

  24. FRxDispatch Gaming

    Destroyer's keyboard player looked like a heroin addict at one their in studio performances. Didn't miss a note and played steady.

  25. densebear

    Am I the only one that noticed him get his arm tied up by his buddy in prep for a hit of smack? Then stumble around the rest of the video in an opiate nod?


    Oh, right at 0:32, right? Interesting idea.

  26. MegaSnippezz

    Wow this song is like Destroyer's Kaputt and Damien Jurado's A.M AM put together and it's fucking incredible

  27. Sentient Hotdog

    I'm really curious about the lyrical meaning here. Seems like someone disillusioned with the world of Tinseltown after starting with high hopes. Everything started off great (flowers), then the narrator has reality hit ("I was blind") and is just getting by ("doing poet's work") rather than having success and then reflecting on how things aren't so great now ("dead flowers") and how it's time to go ("watch me leave").

    I'm terrible with song meanings, so I'm probably wrong, but this was an attempt.

    Raul Roque

    It's about recesion, regress, and then in the end of the song's bridge he performs a consequential rollback. It assumes a failure, retrace its steps and eventually look for alternatives. In A Light Travels Down the Catwalk it reflects about lies. Social lies, daily lies, appearence lies, words of lies, becoming routine. In Ivory Coast it's about greed. In Stay Lost there is a big advice. La Regle du Jeu, the result - see the movie. This album is about the divisional state the world bases itself now - or more prominently, America

    FRxDispatch Gaming

    Why was the guy's arm tied off in Tinseltown at the beginning?

  28. Michael Gass'm thinking. Put New Order, My Bloody Valentine, and M83 in a blender...hit liquify and transport it back in time to the 1980's via some Donnie Darko portal. Hit play

  29. Harry Badaud

    He's like the Serge Gainsbourg you'd leave alone with your kids.

  30. Colin Ryan

    Love that New Order baseline

  31. Bruce Geldenhuys

    Hannah :-)

  32. diego paredes vera

    Buen trip!!!

  33. Jeremy Poythress

    its different colorless photo shots ,the instruments, and the lyrics its all good to me .nice song i like it.

  34. Primitive In The Extreme


  35. Valita 01

    La mejor radio la mejor, grandes momentos y los rankings locazos, tal vez un resurrection sunday grandioso

  36. Abraham Torres

    La Jetée en estado puro...sonidos del futuro...HOY

  37. MANTX64

    John Lennon?

  38. Laxmikant Gabel

    13 reasons why...

    kyle patrick maducdoc

    Laxmikant Gabel I knew id see a comment about that. prolly for every song that's in 13 reasons why. 😂👌❤

  39. Ray


    no name

    arjun gupta this was popular long before that show even thought about using it.

    Robert Howell

    Such a great soundtrack!

  40. StormSoundtrack

    So I stole her poem.
    It was just one poem...

  41. Purple Corner

    I love this song

  42. Kelly Hatcher

    Definitely a Joy Division vibe. Love this.

  43. Okily Dokily

    What is the horn instrument? Is that a saxophone?

  44. Arias Francia


  45. Brad Daves

    best song of 2018 for me (so far)

  46. René Moncayo

    Thanks Matt Lech

  47. Brian MacGregor

    Yeah can definitely hear some New Order. Great song.

  48. Robert Stengel

    His voice reminds me so strong to "Amanda Lear"

  49. Javier H

    Good job, Destroyer! is the best in this time

  50. Hans Maulwurf

    Wow, what happens to me at 1:05??
    Great song!!

  51. Javier H

    buen tema, de los pocos buenos de doble 9 en la actualidad

    Julia Ruiz Humpiri

    Yo también conocí esta rola por doble nueve <3

  52. Javier H

    influencia killing joke, new order, omd

  53. Javier Fernandez

    good song Tinseltown Swimming in Blood

    rpastevens Stevens

    Javier Fernandez 👍

  54. Alexandros Papadopoulos

    wonderfully uplifting! I am sharing it now, this electronic just kills gravity

  55. Jason Pucket

    If Peter Hook and Love & Rockets had a baby.

  56. 200,557,866

    Regresando a erasure, Depeche Mode, etc

  57. serialkillerjc

    Old school sound

  58. Michal Racek

    New Order + Bowie... Great 😉

  59. Juan Carlos Aguero

    La primera vez q escuché a Depeche Mode y a New Order hace 20 años cambiaron mi vida respecto a la música. Esta canción y Destroyer en general hacen que vuelva a sentir lo mismo. Q buena canción

  60. poopballoon

    This video is truly awful but the song is great.

    rpastevens Stevens

    poopballoon why is the video awful?

    hrvoje puksec

    rpastevens Stevens maybe because it’s reimagining cris marker’s ‘la jetee’? you don’t mess with classics.
    anyway, i have no problem with it :)

  61. agutterfan

    I've fallen in love with this song.

    rpastevens Stevens

    agutterfan right!?

  62. Ernesto Toccalino

    Los Joy Division del siglo XXI.
    Cada disco es distinto y mejor.
    "A saucerfull of secrets"

  63. Erico De Olivos

    Linda canción!

  64. Heartless

    Wasted a perfectly good band name. I guess that makes them an ironic success.

  65. Heber Armas

    lo escuche en radio doble nueve la mejor radio del mundo lo maximo

  66. Alexander Villagomez

    Para los compatriotas de Perú, el intro de esa canción me hizo recordad a una canción de Dolores Delirio - No ves el sol... Saludos Radio Doble Nueve.

  67. Maribel Zapata

    como me agrada este tema

  68. Dante Frías

    It seems the same that this

  69. rpastevens Stevens


  70. Araceli Martínez

    Jodidamente chingona!!!

  71. Gian Peralta

    Fantastic Song

  72. Ylich Foster

    Doble 9!

  73. Sol Solo

    La radio rock en lima.
    Doble nueve.
    La mejor musica del mundo.


    sol solo prefiero mejor Spotify o deezer

    Charles Dynamo

    Ya cansate

  74. Sol Solo

    Tu estas en
    Doble 99

    David Céspedes

    jaja noo, él lo dice por la parodia que hacen/hacian Gonzalo Torres y Daniel Marquina en Mañana Maldita de Radio Planeta, ellos se hacen llamar "triple 6". Hay audios en yt de ellos, escuchalos. Saludos.
    eLKoKo Cd

    Rulos de Acero


    Merry Bumm

    El mejor rico rico rock del mundoooo jskajdjsdd

    Jhonny Sanchez

    La radio rock en Lima


    chk chk chik....

  75. rj caruz colqui

    radio doble nueve..........

  76. David Céspedes

    radio Doble 9

  77. agbqto

    Love it so fmuch

  78. Momo

    And all of a sudden I realized that it was Marker's "La Jetée". Well done, Karen Zolo and Dan Bejar. By the way, Savage Night at the Opera is such a great nod to "C'était Un Rendez-Vous".

  79. Leaf McClary

    Scenes from a mall, but it's not Tinseltown

  80. James Jackson


  81. Christian Richtsmeier

    Reminds me of Bowie a bit!

  82. Jake Kowalik

    Thank you Destroyer.

  83. SwitcherooU

    Really enjoying Jason Mantzoukas's new band.

    For real though…this is great.

  84. Andrew Allen

    This song feels new, but it also feels like I've known it my whole life

    Sprocket Girl

    I only just read this comment, but you basically summed up exactly how I feel about this song :). Soooo good!

    Jenn Vix

    Great way of describing it!


    I mean it is practically a cover song of New Order from the 80s, so it makes sense you’d feel that way since they were really famous. Not saying it’s not good, but it’s extremely heavily influenced in every way by that era.

    Tracy Radsvick

    I know :::cry:::

  85. John Toro

    “I was a dreamer,
    Watch me leave...”

    Love this song and the guitar work during the above refrain reminds me of the incredible guitar work by the Cocteau Twins. That amazing ethereal “twang”. Awesome. This is what GOOD music sounds like.

  86. James Mars

    the way to keep writing great songs....stay lost

  87. James Mars

    amazing band...

  88. MrHoha69

    She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life...

  89. StalinMourinho G M B

    Peter Hook is very proud of this sound ;) "KEN" is the best release of 2017 for me.

  90. Escafandrista Musical

    Featured at

  91. Miguel Garcia

    No donnt woerrrrfyy

  92. Miguel Garcia

    I can heip you . mack that

  93. Jhon Estrade


  94. Bloodklot

    New Order/Joy Division influence. fucking love it.

    Freuderick Frankenstein

    Influence? It's a blatant rip off.


    rip off? of which song? Believe it or not, everyone is influenced and inspired by someone else...