Destroyer - In Dreams Lyrics

I cloak my dreams in the stuff of deceit
With the one who lies next to me again,
Characteristically blind.
Then surprise, surprise!
The woman's got eyes.
Found that her head is not where she hides.
Simply put, I am
Copping shelter tonight.
So I'll let you speak for me,
Sweet Woman of Occasions.
She is of the east,
So I went west
To come to what i've got coming.
Change heartbreak to heartlessness.
Let the one who lies next to me
Lie next to me.
And let the one who lies next to me
Lie next to me.
And let the one who lies next to me again
Lie next to me.
And let the one who lies next to me, again,
Lie next to me in light

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Destroyer In Dreams Comments
  1. ArielGuitars

    Well done👌

  2. Painkiller488 X

    Whoever get their picks, will be possessed by the riffage demons


    Is the computer in this studio a mac or pc or both?

  4. dkyelak

    It is surprising Jeff never gets picked up for a major band. Maybe they are afraid of him? He is such a humble guy too.

  5. TheGameSlave2

    This is fucking gross and I love it.

  6. metalrotten

    3:01 okay jeff loomis is the fastest guitarrist i have ever seen hands down

  7. igunzOsick

    i like the part where it goes bah bah bah bah bah bah bah


    I also like that one part where he is playing really fast.


    @dkyelak true

  8. jason marler

    Thank god for musicians who push into the threshold. If it weren't for guys like this, the music world would never progress. This will indeed create the next generation of monster players!


    The dream to destroy is that dream that creates dystopia. Tooth and nail it will come to pass.

  10. Mark Galbraith

    How much better do you feel now??? Me ??? Awwwwwww

  11. Spetznaz Ninja

    Check out my vocal cover of this song on my channel 😏

  12. Saad MAFiA

    i can do the solo correct one of out 4 times, I'm amazed how accurate he is, i must log in more hours

  13. ibzmav

    Sounds like Give In To Me by Michael Jackson




  16. Arthur Pinheiro

    @Pedro você é escroto por me fazer ver isso

  17. Atlantika

    At 05:00 my head exploded...

  18. Brian B

    I still come back to listen to this fairly frequently. Such a cool song!

  19. Peyton Saunders

    1:35 is the heaviest riff of all time

  20. metal head

    Let's just get over the fact that Loomis is on another level and be inspired, inspired to play on a different level, to improve and move on. If you can say you are better than you were yesterday, then you can sweep you're way to tomorrow. And then tomorrow turns into yesterday.

  21. Jonathan Gauss

    That harmony that begins at 2:12

  22. Music Lover

    The section starting at 1:57 is one of my favorite riffs in all of metal.

  23. MrMethadrine

    Jeff always cuts his nails too much...


    Looks like he changes his own oil and grows his own vegetables too.

  24. James McClellan

    Fatality should be the name of their band! Because these two are just ripping your heart out with every riff.

  25. FAYA 1209


    lo que mas me gustó fue la voz del vocalista

  27. Music Lover

    If life were a role playing game, I wonder how much XP you would get if you learned to play this song.

  28. Wings Unfurl

    That last one always gets me..

  29. cero815

    I like how the song starts but I get bored by the wall of sound from 1:40.

    Mr. Loomis, could you try to re-record politics of ecstasy and dreaming neon black guitar tracks without that awful muddy sound?
    No will convince me that these albums sounded good guitar sound wise.


    Gotta give the fingers a break so they just crunch broken cords sometimes lol!

  30. Shatterlight

    First 1:25 beautiful melodic!

  31. Brett Abey

    Just found out about this band. subbed immediately

  32. It can't rain all the time

    Your studio and playing are quite amazing. Subscribed!

  33. Plainglasswindows

    About 3:00 and 5:00. Jeff Loomis posters should be in every aspiring guitarist's house. This isn't even necessarily my genre, but his guitar playing is Paganini on violin in the throws of demonic possession. So beautiful and scarily intimidating. He is a god.

  34. WhoAreThesePeople

    I want this as my theme music. Non stop in public. Or atleast comes on loud when I hear modern pop music.

  35. mister kthulu

    This is so powerfull .amazing

  36. megaspider3

    Never gets old this album incredible...^^

  37. Federico Romero Bringas.

    Que buena rola! Gracias! Felicidades!

  38. Lord Drip

    Holy shit !!! I wanna quit.......this just took away my ambition to even breath I'll sell my soul to play like merrow I can't even wrap my head around what just happened.
    I would

  39. Renato Arthur Araujo De Jesus

    Tantos anos e o timbre é único!!

  40. ThermaL1102

    damn who is that other guy , he plays like a freakin machine ...

  41. Vulgar Playing

    some say that loomis is not human, watching this, I believe them

  42. Immanuel Hunte

    Is That Reaper in the computer?

  43. Tommy Charles

    holy shit I didn't know Jeff Loomis is in this band!

  44. Jesus Blaster

    Fucking hell i had problems playing Frantic Disembowlment by CC, what the fuck am i going to do with this ? 😭

  45. Toni Twiggs

    So impossibly good

  46. mitokondirimustafa

    Hi guys this is my home.

  47. Yazeed Oudah

    jeff is a badass!!!
    keiths rythem is just out of this world!!!
    webster is insane!!!!
    and rudinger isamazing as fuckkkkkk!!!
    what a great band !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Ewok Koni

    so rad!

  49. LGHTNNG / 고라니Go! / Sumerian

    This should be uploaded on porn sites.

  50. Windir 1184

    2 fucking aliens play guitar.

  51. Ryan St. Pierre

    fuck me sideways and call me sally

  52. Matheus Kelson

    One of my favorite things about Conquering Dystopia (apart from the fact that it is fucking awesome) is that it is instrumental. Gutural vocals in heavier metal subgenres bore me to death, it all sounds pretty much the same.

  53. Painkiller488 X

    loved this track 🤘

  54. Monolith Preacher

    Fuck yeah, The Faceless! Talk about nostalgia!

  55. Eduardo Flores Dias Wormittag

    TIGHT AF !

  56. Tom Klarks

    Beautiful, Listen to this on a regular basis in the office at work.

  57. James Bates

    How do you do that clean tone at the end?

  58. Gilbert Canales

    this should still be on tour

  59. gringochucha

    that lick tho

  60. hexomega77

    Where is Owen Wilson for his waow contribution?

  61. jay shredds

    Loomis and Morrow are mind numbing!

  62. Andrés Sánchez Castro

    The most brutal thing I've heard in a long time. Goosebumps

  63. Janine Esposito




  65. Ordaz Guitar

    Holy shit! This is awesome! lml

  66. Alexander Ballou

    ill have to construct something bigger for them destroy

  67. BassasaurusRex

    When the rhythm part is more technical than most bands leads, you're probably listening to Loomis/Merrow shredding faces

  68. john redcorn

    Jeff us easily in the top 10 of best guitar players in the world right now. Dude is on a whole nother level. He needs more recognition

  69. Robert Weiner


  70. mano a mano

    I must be a real guitar geek, but when I see the close-up shot from the head-mounted go-pro camera on the six-string, I get excited. That binding just looks so tasty.


    Guitar Geek> Comic Book Geek.

  71. Chris Peterson

    That riff at 3:00

    How can you even get to where you are at that kind of place where you can make a way to have the same thing as when you do that?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is I do cocaine.

  72. Paul Daniel Wilkie

    That look at 3:38 is so freaking metal

  73. Joseph Muniz

    How can something be so awesome and so disheartening at the same time?

  74. Deviliumrei

    Wtf did I just saw? Unbelivable

  75. Valentin THIEBAUT

    This song is incredibily sick and addictive.

  76. SoadAddict91

    God, I wish I was Keith's fucking neighbor. My life would be complete hearing that nasty riffage all the time.

  77. B_R_I_A_N

    Keith Merrow's rhythm tone is absolutely crushing!.. so tightly played, perfect platform for Loomis' amazing shred \m/

  78. Glyn Humphreys

    Only just noticed keith is playing a 6... Anybody know why?

  79. Gordan Grubisic


  80. Bagus Galih

    ayo cak,tunjukan skil melodi atau lead gitarmu,ojo mok gor rytem thok ae.😂😂

  81. Hoesni Hoesni

    i dont normally listen and fancy instrumental songs...but this is HUGE!!!!

  82. Beer Me

    It's like jeff is watching baseball in his head and is like guess i'll play some guitar lol....

  83. Edward FG


  84. Osvaldo Tatarinsky

    The ammount of talent involved is ridiculous, dont get me wrong. But, I have to say, it has little musical feeling: it's almost like a combination of scale exercises and some riffs thrown together.

  85. Ilyes Daâa

    this is completely out of this world

  86. DipVF


  87. mrgitarman

    I picture a huge concert with 17,000 in attendance, and they are all standing at attention. each and every one is violently bobbing his head;    Down - Up - Down - Up - Down.  And the next morning in pain, all their necks are stiff and can't turn their heads!

  88. Şahin ÇENE

    Smells like old behemoth songs 😅

  89. JayB B

    no kidding, i almost had a mental breakdown trying to learn that solo.

  90. mozeby

    Brain melting

  91. Brett Alkire

    If only there was sheet music for this in the description, this would be my favorite video to date.

  92. Michael

    What strings are you using on your 6 string Keith?
    Does any one know ? looks thicker than 10-52s but then again ... maybe not ?


    My guess is he's tuned like a 7 string so, A-E-A-D-G-B so it could be a 58 to 14 (like if you were to buy a 7 string pack and ditch the high e string and use the rest) I could be super wrong too but ye just a geuss


    @BambiSaurusRex pretty sure he uses 9-62 on his 7s so it would make sense but if it was anything about 12 on high e idk if that would be of much use. Hence why the question. I use 10-52s for B standard but it's already wobbly as hell. So I can't figure out how he gets sucha good tight sound on his 6


    It is Keith so it's probably just magic ay


    @BambiSaurusRex he is a Goddamn wizard so it must

  93. Gabriel cunha

    What is the tuning of the 6-string guitar? please!

  94. Joe Sapienza

    These two together are the best combo since fucking chocolate and peanutbutter . So fucking satisfying ! :)

  95. khryss

    wow its the best song ever wow u guys are genius very good

  96. Metal Head

    Death symphony