Destroyer - Cover From The Sun Lyrics

Nancy takes a bow
Sheila takes Manhattan
Lunatics in satin
I think I know what you did last summer
You run for cover from the sun

So what's new, the girl thinks you are a blonde Che Guevara
Asleep in cars, theatre under stars
Shakespeare in the park, you've come undone

It was the year of the tour of the skin, not her own
My life's completely blown
I spent it on a feeling!

So sleep in cars
Theatre under stars
Read Shakespeare in the bars
I think I know what you did last summer
You run for cover from the sun

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Destroyer Cover From The Sun Comments
  1. Escafandrista Musical

    featured at

  2. José Luís Oliveira

    Lembra Lloyd Cole. 😅

    Ian James

    Exactly what I thought...although that's a recommdation.

  3. Miss Teen Wordpower

    I absolutely love this song and this album. Wish someone would upload "In the Morning" and "Saw you at the Hospital", those are the other two highlights IMO

  4. Misheline CatXD

    mega cool one! come to Peru!

  5. Daniel Bromfield

    why does this destroyer song sound like bowling for soup

  6. j0nnynoname

    This could've fit on Whiteout Conditions

    Adriano Vaz

    j0nnynoname that makes sense but I can see why he wanted to sit out this TNP record

  7. xnox

    Seeing him in December, yay

  8. David R.T.

    25/10 in Madrid. can't wait

  9. Andy Williams

    Dan does The Pixies.

  10. Aaron Belakhoua

    Now I know this next album is gonna be amazing

  11. Riaan Smit

    Friday can’t come soon enough!! This new album is amazing!