Despised Icon - The Sunset Will Never Charm Us Lyrics

This desire is so annoying, like a red hot rock in my palm
My nerves hurt and my legs convulse
Walking on broken glass
The soporific serenity permanently reflected in your charming face gives you jurisdiction
A soiled soul infects the spine during a segment of time
Particles of truthfulness suppurate from this almost perfect being
The eye of satisfaction disappears to give place to arrogance and discontent
I wait for a crucial gateway between trickery and facts
Someday the sun will vanish and give place to an appalling night
With cutting words I shall perforate this Kevlar curtain and leave you bare without protection
Beneath this strong and fierce eloquence, I will face what truly is your frail archetype
Guns and knives can hurt physically or even cause your demise
While speech and illustrations can mentally hurt and guide to suicide
The eye of satisfaction disappears to give place to arrogance and discontent
The Mozart effect reveals a newborn confidence
The reptilian brain is now the one involved, the one that will conquer them all

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Despised Icon The Sunset Will Never Charm Us Comments
  1. BraindrillCP ༄

    1:25 haha Alex

  2. Ryan Fry

    have a feeling there's sposed to be bodies at the beginning...

  3. Alexander Cube

    I love e

  4. umphrey mcgeee

    @2:25 them lows n highs are fuckin brutal

  5. Alex Pujol Besga

    Authentic and pure deathcore.

  6. Misheard Lyrics

    I got to meet them when I saw them live yesterday

  7. Saxon Hale

    13 years ago, this song and video brought me into Deathcore. I'll never forget it.

  8. Thomas Zerbst

    Such raw vocals. Too bad the volume is ass. Lmfao.

  9. Deathless Corpse


  10. Jodoin Maxime

    Unlike all the douchbags a non hater comment! Daamn alex was young on this video!

  11. The Real Dreamer

    The drummer wearing necrophagist shirt.

  12. Karnage Fails



    For those who want to watch this video in high quality, please click this URL:

  14. mi san thrøpe

    Best song of DI with crap sound ? REUPLOAD PLEASE !

  15. Chris Miller

    Gotta be one of the best bands to come around, Imo at least, these guys need to keep getting bigger

  16. DraculaXHunter101


  17. Derek Spradling

    Shittastic quality!

  18. Jimmy Grissim

    God my gagma is extreme because of this music video.

  19. Jayson Henry

    why post a video with half sound?

    mi san thrøpe

    ?? Yeah, and after 12 years no reupload / thats weak !

  20. Willy Lipps

    this is SLAM bitch. for all of you rookie ass fools

    Rahul Kumar

    Willy Lipps This isn't slam death..this is technical deathcore.

  21. Sacredgeometry

    7-string in 2006? Woah, guy.


    Oh, sorry if I fucking offended you bro.


    ooo edgy mate, I'm triggered.

    terminator_ clone

    @Lucas Jenkins at least I tried

    Chris Miller

    Emmure was doing it back in 2003 as well, one mind was a sick song with a pretty cool opening solo

    fuzzy pickles

    yall never heard of korn?

  22. gilbert the red


  23. Dropkickpennyday95

    Apparently they're releasing a new album this summer!!! They're saying they're going back to the slammy stuff as well as the technical side of things! I'm excited

    Cold North

    +Dropkickpennyday95 Boner alert.

  24. deadspaceman111

    For those who say listen to real death metal not this
    Notice that theses guys influences were deathgrind not just death metal lol
    Learn to put the pieces together
    These guys aren't just death core
    Grindcore as well

    Norxo Castro

    The old deathcore have a lot with similities with deathgrind, is deathcore cuz the metalcore breakdowns, and some mettalic hardcore and mathcore riffs

    Total Fucking Darkness

    the good example is The Red Chord and Animosity


    +Metal Videos Glass Casket too , if you dont know them check em' out , they have clean vocals but they really kick ass

    Seb Loignon

    No mathcore in that dude!!!

  25. Noah Stottlemyer

    can someone explain to me what happens in the video please

    Matthew Lohman

    He put the gun in the bag that he gave to the boss to either scare him or make it seem like he had a gun.

  26. tjorvendc

    great band, great song and great album, but is it just me or is the audio for this video way too low?


    +tjorvendc actually super-low


    +ilsegugio yeah, really unfortunate

    Animal Alpha

    your right songs fucked

    Matthew Lohman

    yea super quiet

  27. matt falkowski

    Sub genres are for (fill in the blank --------) !  Metal is metal is metal!  \m/

  28. Riff Master T

    One of the few bands in the Deathcore genre I like...


    +Tim Richardson Cuz they had something a little different going on. Weren't just vapidly parroting everything that was popular in 2005. They had their own style and their own groove even if you could attribute a lot of their qualities to 'deathcore'

    Jodoin Maxime

    Good for you...i guess but why are you writing this...i mean who the fuck care...i dont even know you....damn people these days...internet make them stupid or what?

    Shinobi Naku

    Jodoin Maxime why are you even commenting then? Fucking idiot

  29. I was in the chess club


  30. Mace

    Hmm toaster resolution

    Albert Suchan

    In fact 480p for 2006 is really really good.

  31. Andrew W.

    240P.....we meet again........ -_-


    Watch this video in high quality, please click this URL:

  32. Loki

    This band sucks beyond words.... Nothing but pretentious deathcore garbage.... Quite possibly the worst genre of metal

    Alexis Betz

    Not likely black metal sux

    Nino Falletta

    I couldn't agree more. I like bands like Korn,Metallica,Slipknot,Devildriver,Shadows Fall and Tool. This kind of Metal and Black Metal suck big time.

    Alexis Betz

    I like deathcore but black metal is for suicidal emo pussies

    Shane Q

    +Nino Falletta hahahahahahahahahahaha

    terminator_ clone

    Alexis Betz black metal is fine the only band I like from the scene is cradle of filth

  33. PerceptionVsReality

    Damn this is agressive, i like it.

  34. Matthew Kay

    Man I fucking miss these guys.

  35. Blaster 3K

    The last riff was roots sepultura kids!

  36. Peter & Dan (LedHead)

    2:00 such a badass pig squeal!

  37. lukemci1

    i havent heard this song in so long, such a dope track

  38. Brandon

    I'm kind of gad they broke up. Their last album wasn't that great and music goes on. Despised icon has a good reputation and I'd like to just leave it at that.

    X x__Dr_Acula__x X

    Their last two albums are some of my favorite metal of all time and of any genre. Now what came out AFTER they reformed is what ruined their streak imo. Far too predictable.

  39. Furry Gaming

    only by some people but to true fands it never gets boring R.I.P Despised Icon

  40. TylerNOS386277

    Would you have preferred them to keep playing, which would have resulted in them either changing their sound over the years & being hated for "selling out", or staying true to their sound by playing the same sound in every album & eventually growing boring and stale?? Face it, either way bands always get hated in the end if they stick around too long. Their choice has forever sealed their fan base without creating a hate group of Anti-fans because they cashed in their chips while on top.

  41. Joni Iskandar

    2:00, epic... even frog sing along

  42. Fvzero Hate

    this will always be the best song for me :)

  43. dan boucher

    there needs to be more bands like this get rid of that pussy metal

  44. Louis Marson

    R.I.P Despised Icon hope you come back someday.

  45. rico suave

    why they not around anymore, i dont understand it makes no sense

  46. janis cepons

    i wanted at least one more album

  47. Ashley Williams


  48. Ashley Williams

    Remind me of Burning Skies.Burning Skies rule.

  49. ryan natas

    im so happy i was at the last show they had in america.

  50. aaronq

    can't argue with that

  51. aaronq

    to me they are the definition of deathcore

  52. bijendra singh

    Grind we miss you..!!

  53. Jose Becerril

    Best of the best.... R.I.P. I can say this on behalf of everyone WE MISS YOU! ='( baby come back! (8)

  54. aarongtr180

    Deathcore should have stayed like this. Less metalcore influence and more hardcore/grindcore influence.

  55. izak mendoza

    despised icon in my opinion is the best deathcore band

  56. xXxfxXx91

    How can you compare cannibal corpse with despised icon?

  57. Leaklips

    Despised Icon were the only good band outta this deathcore/grind style that emo kids liked and that made me sad.. I liked it when emo kids liked that bullshit with the vocals that sound like a crying little boy. Emo kids had to like this, thus spoiling it for us metal heads.

  58. Julian

    Am I a Despised Tool if I only like Cannibal?

  59. Julian

    Who cares what's brutal and not brutal? I listen to this because i find it good, and i also find death metal good, as well as thrash, melodeath, metalcore and som hard rock and punk. Anyone got a problem?

  60. Jordan IsMetal

    This band fucking sucks. Why is everyone saying they're brutal and awesome? Devourment is brutal, this isn't.

  61. Echidna

    i guess so. I've never heard it anywhere else.

  62. Chris Evered

    Back when flat peaks weren't in fashion

  63. OnlyBadSalmon

    did they only do the 300 clip live?

  64. MarijuanaNation420

    oooold song but still soooo sick !!!

  65. Nico Yrdnas

    The pig squeals from this band are épic

  66. Nico Yrdnas

    The pig squeals from this band are épic .

  67. geetphuck

    This was the last good album they put out.

  68. Grindy McBlast

    how about 2:25 ... "they slaugher bitchin hookers.."

  69. Yakazas the Butcher

    1:09 , THE FUTURE IS KING KONG !!!!!!

  70. Herp Derpaglu

    what is up with the human race........

  71. radirfej

    @TheFuneralMist meg anyád picsája inkább

  72. WeAreIndecentDemise

    Dooooh Despised Icon

  73. Jerome Bursch

    The reptilian brain is now the one involved, the one that will conquer them all. Sick ending.

  74. MoonlightDevil27

    You guys need to seriously fix the quality of this video, the audio is really low and the video is only on 240p and not in a good way.

  75. William Hamill

    People who argue about other bands on a page for something else.. Grow up, holy shit!


    deathcore is simply brutal. to my mind even more brutal than any other kind of metal or core ;-) hellyeah from germanien

  77. PowerToker420

    @TheFuneralMist you are a fucking disgrace stfu u dumb kid

  78. PowerToker420

    @TheFuneralMist wtf did u just say?????? shut up ya fuckin stupid kid .........u should be blindfolded with youre hands tied behind youre back and then shot in the back of the head and then kicked into a pit where metalheads can piss on youre carcass............ its not even the same genre..... youre a fucking clown

  79. Darth Vindican

    This desire is so annoying, like a red hot rock in my palm!

  80. strangesmile


    never said anything about chelsea grin being better than despised icon.chelsea grin is better than suicide silence.but chelsea grin better than despised icon.not really

    despised icon is in a league of their own

  81. Bester Lax

    @jeffhardywii ! despised icon fucks chelsea grin !! despised icon ... the godfather of deathcore !!

  82. Kei Drummer

    I miss this fucking band so much :(

  83. strangesmile


    chelsea grin is better

  84. d472kone

    @robzombiefann Suicide Silence shits on Shitty ass Chelsea Grin and Bring me the dick.

  85. bills swills

    @ScandinavianEmokid the beauty of opinions is that they aren't facts.. facts are facts, however, and not what we're talking about. if that guy should be beaten to death for his opinion, which as "not a fact" it can stand baseless, then every one of the 6 billion or so of us should be beaten to death for opinions, seeing as how every human alive has them. think these things through before "ignorant commentating," lest ye sound foolish to an equal or greater degree then the turd in question

  86. Είρων Δηκτικός

    @TheFuneralMist Well it was Erian who did the more 'hardcore' vocals and Marois did the more brutal ones and the pig squeals. That was their logic I guess. But George Fisher fucking destroys everything. I think he's the best death metal singer. Fucking brutal. If I compare Barnes with Fisher, I don't like Barnes either. I like both CC and DI, but I don't think they're comparable or that DI is better. But anyway.

  87. Είρων Δηκτικός

    @TheFuneralMist That's what you'd say if they were. Maybe the drums are better (although CC's drums fit their music), but other than that, not in a million years. CC's riffs are unmatched. As for vocals, we're talking about mighty George Fisher here.

  88. dreamtheaterz28

    @TheFuneralMist musically yes. But there would be no Icon without CC. Period.

  89. Brandon

    @TheFuneralMist Name my new band Despised Cannibal

  90. A Thom

    Hahahah. R.I.P D.I.!!! They are soo young in this. Still kicks fuckin ass

  91. MSXLbeeotch

    @666IEatBabies Well maybe if you wrote it in a discernible fashion, I'd understand what you're trying to say. In any case, this band is kick ass. Also, you don't NEED a decent camera to make videos... all my vids are made with a $35 webcam.

  92. 666IEatBabies

    @lookslikeharry2 I would love to make a video, as soon as i get a decent camera. I spose they arent that bad, but something a little more traditional would sound good.. Also, not sure if you can read, but i said NOT get Oli Sykes, meaning i dont like him. I was trying to point out the fact that i didnt want some faggot singing for them.

  93. MSXLbeeotch

    @666IEatBabies Let's see you have the range that Steve Marois has, get back to me when you make a video. Also, Oli Sykes? Get the fuck out of here.

  94. 666IEatBabies

    @lookslikeharry2 Could do alot better that this, i dont mena they should have oli fucking skes in the band, i mean like guys who actually have good detah growls.

  95. MSXLbeeotch

    @666IEatBabies Yes, gtfo

  96. 666IEatBabies

    Am i the only one that thinks the singers ruin this band? I love the music but fuck, the singers are terrible.

  97. Teun V

    Am I a Cannibal if I like both Despised and Tool?

  98. slipknot789able

    as long as the music is really heavy and it kicks ass is all that matters to me as far as labeling a band grincore deathcore metalcore applecore it doesnt matter to me