Despised Icon - Sleepless Lyrics

Another morning when I feel more rotten than alive.
The reflection in the mirror across the room shows
that I'm just another useless being,
head down in a tobacco haze with a bottle of broken dreams in my hand.
I wonder if I was just gone, would anyone miss me?

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Despised Icon Sleepless Comments
  1. Παναγιωτης Καρλιωτης

    so many great bands from Montreal...Despised Icon, Cryptopsy, Augury, The Agonist, Kataklysm, Quo Montreal the metal capital of Canada or what????

  2. shiroudevil

    Pure Doom/Deathcore!! -_- lml

  3. Markvenice90

    deathcore, with post rock influences

  4. Captain Tyr

    This is a dirty disgusting song... and i fucking love it so much!

  5. Chocolate Tampon

    if i was just gone would anyone miss me?

  6. Alexis Fuentes Villavicencio

    ufffffffffffff me hace sentido en este momento.

  7. Nicole Ungaro

    Kinda reminds me of underoath :D

  8. Lenn Decimated

    When I was in high school, this song was the epitome explaining all my depression.

  9. Arthur Daniyelyan

    The minute this songs starts... I get chills in my body. This track is also depressing as fuck....

  10. TaL AtAr

    I was kidding

  11. DethkoreStL2012

    I wish and hope and even fuckin pray these guys get back together and tour and I dont even care if they dont put out a new album just do a sick North American tour so I can see these guys tear it up one more time \m/

    Bubba P

    you got your wish bro!

  12. TaL AtAr

    No, its Gothic/Thrashcore Metal.

    1nf3rnal D3str0y3r

    Fuck off

  13. nadamaspuroskate

    nice, nice, nice

  14. Daniel

    This is deathcore -_-

  15. Pirater666l

    Keep Calm and listen to the fucking song

  16. Shafi Alam

    Steve Marois' high pitches are fantastic!! So underrated!!

  17. youngin

    I want this song to play at my funeral.

  18. Michael Campos

    A great intro ruined by bullshit vocals.

  19. vitor silighini

    Doom Metal + Deathcore = This Fucking Music ;D

  20. Robert Sjostrom

    God damn, such a beautiful song...

    "Another morning when I feel more rotten than alive. The reflection in the mirror across the room shows that I'm just another useless being, head down in a tobacco haze with a bottle of broken dreams in my hand. I wonder if I was just gone, would anyone miss me?"

  21. petegrind

    @qivxxp how slow?? check out mornful congregation.

  22. Tormented

    Saddest song ever

    I remember I would hear this in the middle of the night and update my Facebook at like 3 a.m., writing "I wonder if I was just gone, would anyone miss me?" nobody ever commented lol.

  23. Bambuzzsprosse

    @blodigfisk: Admit it, your're stoned = ) (Like me ^^)

    Awesome sing *_*

  24. C N

    I fucking love this song.. Can really feel the melody and right now.. I feel exactly the way it sounds.. Thumbs up for an amazing song

  25. james hackler

    this acctually has a little bit of black metal influence in it. esspecially around 1:50

  26. gg990

    story of my life

  27. sankmark

    Lol this isn't deathcore. Some kid with to much faith in wikipedia. This is doom with core influences.

  28. lerx1980

    start crying....

  29. 1ithiumoverdose

    @dat209emokilla deathmetal + grindcore = deathgrind. examples = Benighted, Aborted, General Surgery etc.

  30. Dylan Prime

    This is why i love DI. They are lyrical geniuses. I wish there was more music like this these days.

    Παναγιωτης Καρλιωτης

    totally agree man

  31. MemeAlchemist

    @bluedude426 hahahahha! for real...he must be bored as fuck

  32. MSXLbeeotch

    I had this album on my mp3 player for a long ass time, except the last song. For some reason that one never synced. Then one day (it was a pretty rough day) I went to play this song on my PC. Me and a very special person in my life had a huge disagreement. I thought she'd never speak to me again. I needed some Despised Icon. This song played and I'd never heard it before. I looked up the lyrics and fucking cried. This song is awesome.

  33. Nekristus

    happy to talk with an open minded person like you...
    the 90% of people in youtube are trolls, spamers.....

  34. Nekristus

    It talks about the misery and meaningless thing that life has turned into...
    it talks about the view man has for the corrupted shitty society of today...
    and how man becomes slave to the habit...
    thats actually deathcore my friend...

  35. OblivionDrummer

    This is not a song, but a MASTERPIECE!!!

  36. SaturnineXTS

    Guys. This song is good, but please shut up with that "stop bitching about genres" stuff. I don't like pig squeals nor breakdowns and that's what makes deathcore, so I don't like deathcore. These things keep me from enjoying songs, alright? It's a genre thing. Bands who don't pig squeal nor exaggerate with breakdowns are more often than not not deathcore. Everyone can like what they want, but to me hardcore and metal are like water and oil.

  37. SaturnineXTS

    I'll never understand deathcore. There's something about this genre that just feels like a needle to the side for me. But damn, this song is good. Disturbingly good.

  38. Tarace fdp

    I adore all the songs in the album, but this is my favorite

  39. Nekristus

    Fuck genres....
    This is an awesome song containing all the philosophy of deathcore music in few words...
    It is an awesome but depressing song...
    Genre bitches please shut the fuck up and enjoy this masterpiece....

  40. DaMaGeDonE15

    @t911101 Despised Icon destroys BTM any day of the week kid

  41. SpineSplitter6

    they are still deathcore, they just prove that the genre doesn't have to suck

  42. DaMaGeDonE15

    15,000th viewer :D

  43. Curtis Ficklin

    @jvt10 Pouring Reign

  44. Tormented

    You just can't really make a sadder song than this. Crazy how depressing their last ever recorded song is.

  45. Tormented

    @TheFury77 It is, but he means it like, it's better to say death metal and metalcore rather than "deathcore" because he doesn't like the word or what it represents and how people dislike the genre name.

  46. TheFury77

    hey there is just one dislike on 14637 views this is cool

  47. TheFury77

    @intaler isnt deathcore a mix from deathmetal and metalcore

  48. Matthew Faydo

    sleepless? more like Snorrr

  49. Gonzo_Fetus

    @jvt10 Greyson - All Shall Perish

  50. jarle trones

    can someone tell me about any song that is the same type of song as this one??? exept meridian by augst burns red?

  51. Austin Mohninger

    EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! It doesnt fucking matter what genre it is as long as u like the music be fucking happy! RIP Despised Icon \m/ (- -) \m/ Long live metal

  52. dat209emokilla

    @bluedude426 lol fer real huh! all their songs r so crazy its almost impossible to play!

  53. dat209emokilla

    @LeBeastee deathcore is deathmetal and grindcore u moron! not metal core! metal core is the mix of metal and hardcore which is bands like throwdown and all that bullshit! dont ever put despised icon in the category with metal core! i'll fuck u up forn that one!!! im pretty drunk so dont mind my violentness. i just love despised icon! they got me thru some tuff timessddf.

  54. dat209emokilla

    i am sooo fucking glad to hear that other people besides me love this song! im kinda drunk rite now and this song is just speaking to dude fer real! i love despised icon!

  55. Stephanie Haarmann

    i love it 'cause it's so different than other songs by despised icon. o:
    it's just pretty awesome *_*

  56. Nekristus

    stop fucking over this song.
    if you dont like it just shut the fuck up and go away.
    it tottaly has the lyrics ov a deathcore song
    but the music changed to fit the whole theme.

  57. Eugine Neutrogen

    In my opinion - it's the best song of theirs. But why there's no lives, tabs, or many other shit with this song... I just can't understand...

  58. Joseph Semmes

    wow, nice to consciously hear the bass.

  59. JimmyBagODonuts

    such an amazing song...


    wow, this is a really powerful a different way than the other insane songs on this album.

  61. TacoPenguin4347

    @intaler but isnt that what deathcore is? hardcore/metalcore mixed with death metal, well at least it's supposed to be but most deathcore bands today dont really seem like it, they're more metalcore as in newer bands that look scene. Despised Icon seem like the true deathcore band with actual hardcore and death metal influences

  62. Broughton-Disaster

    Where and when is the RockFest ??? (pour les gars de Qc)

  63. bluedude426

    A Despised Icon song I can play on drums! :D

  64. krebsfreakshow

    it's fucking EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Tormented

    They are a deathcore band but I don't care; I'm not the person to fight about genres.

    I love this song, beautiful opening riffs and then leads on to show the chaos and fear of a modern man's daily life. What a way to end the last song on their last album.

  66. line321

    lol everyones fighting over what genre this band is.. Who gives a fuck? They play some fucking good music.

  67. mothafucka5

    best song ever!

  68. Timmothie Ortega

    @LurKingFast nooo, they ARE breaking up, sir. they're doing their last tours soon

  69. laurensDG

    i hate it, cant imagine how this could be one's favorite song. if you love DI, this would grind your gears :D


    You’re crazy if you don’t consider this to be a pinnacle Despised Icon track. This is Steve Marois’ masterpiece.

  70. Paul Denniston

    @t911101 those were all just weak ass insults lol.. You did Nothing to prove me wrong lol... If anything your stupidity is just helping my point.

  71. Marcus Tabet

    this is a fairly abstract page to come on here and bad mouth a band..none of their songs sound like this anyways.."t911101" smoke a joint or something, chill the fuck out

  72. Paul Denniston

    @t911101 Dude you honestly have no idea what you are talking about. You sound retarded. you are just a troll looking for a fight lol. Just because the label has them listed with all those kool adjectives, does not make them death metal.... Yea, they are heavy and fast, but not real death metal.

  73. Paul Denniston

    @t911101 BENEATH THE MASSACRE is hardly death metal

  74. Eugine Neutrogen

    There is no tabs for this song on the internet o_O
    Can somebody post it? :P

  75. Eugine Neutrogen

    what the hell, why am i can't find tabs or covers for this song? :(

  76. √47Squared

    couldnt have said it better myself

  77. CroatianNSensationN

    I've never heard them do such a slow song, nice diversity on this CD

  78. codi2325

    the lyrics to this song are powerful in my opinion. kidna sad but i like it anyway.


    criss de bon stock les boys ...
    Québec deathcore
    despised icon marqueras lhistoire dans la scene deathcore du québec !

  80. 14Jibbs14

    i just started playing the guitar..i don't think i'm capable enough of learning it by ear.
    i could get close if i try though. tabs would make it so much easier.

  81. 14Jibbs14

    can someone pleaseee cover this? i can't find the tabs anywhere :(

  82. PHPancho

    de bronca nada mas le meti un voto menos por ruso tragasable

  83. Yannis Evgeniou

    its so melodic

    i love it

    DI 4 evr can't wait for the next album;)

  84. Sunbro Steven

    i love sad shit in deathcore amazing song

  85. Troy Proctor

    Yeah it's kinda odd when bands do this softie stuff in albums.
    But oh well it is pretty sick.