Despised Icon - MVP Lyrics

Welcome to my team.
The game is on.
Play by the rules or you're gone.
I'm aiming for gold.

I'll pursue my goal and see how our night will finally unfold.
Stay cold or you'll get caught in this deceiving old game.
Extinguish that flame.

The road drew my muse away from me.
I gave up on us to live free.

Cursed with the appetite of a shark.
I'm looking out for the catch of the day.
All it takes is a clever remark and a smile to lure my prey.
Looks can betray.

I must fill the void.
Your bedroom, I enjoyed.
Please don't take this wrong.
For you, I wrote this song.
So long.

Oh yeah!
The game is on.
Play by the rules or you're gone.
Make way for this years MVP.

Oh, baby don't you know this party's picking up.
You be a classy looking hoe.
Girl, I promise that I'll be gentle and take it slow.
Put this thick member in your mouth and start to blow.

I'm the smouldering underdog you all dread,
plaguing your dreams with visions of the dead.
A violent pervert;
psycho-narcissistic scum of loathsome nature.

One more shot then let me aim for your weak spot.
One last key, now lets hit the parking lot.
You don't know my name, you don't know my game.
Ecstasy won't ever be the same.

It's hunting season.
An unsuspecting victim is in my sight.
Despite our slight conversation,
tonight we'll dance and end it in romance.

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Despised Icon MVP Comments
  1. Luke Dale

    Trolling bars with this on touch tunes. 👍🏻

  2. LoomisPC

    I think I'm in love. First time hearing this song.

  3. A Sz

    Fill at 1:36 is iconic

  4. Ursoc

    10 years old today and still slaps as hard as the day it dropped

  5. Da_PorkChop Xpress

    I felt my sperm forming a circle pit in my testicles during the intro

  6. Wilson Cardoso

    1:04 sick drumming

  7. Lewis ito

    I always think this is the heaviest song I've ever heard

  8. moon baby

    Listening to this on set and being that one loser silently playing air drums and head banging on the set of a movie right now in a dress..oh well this shit still goes in

  9. Ruben Martinez

    Facebook brought me here to check if this actually gets deathcore peeps turnt. Not disappointed

    Ovidiu Mihailescu

    hahahah saw the same post and had to come back for a nostalgic trip of my teenage songs lol

    Ruben Martinez

    @Ovidiu Mihailescu oh yeah man lol literally typed in deathcore song mvp

    Ovidiu Mihailescu

    not gonna lie tho, these still are bangers to this day. I guess one never outgrows their deathcore phase lol

  10. Floral Music Group


  11. Ibrahīm al-Ameriki

    My friend's a slam kinda guy, but he *loved* this song.

    A good counterpart these guys is Beneath the Massacre.

    Gabe Kennedy

    Ion Dissonance as well. All from Montreal!

    James Bohigian


  12. outherefilms

    They should've made this into a video, I'd of preferred this to Days

  13. Zueus Hellhim

    Quem ta aqui graças ao Jean Patton?

  14. christopher crane

    At 2:10 it just completely disintegrates into a minimalist caricature of itself leaving only the undead bones to carry the song till its end


    2k19 niggas

  16. Salat Niko

    Oh shit

  17. David Carrubba

    Still heavy

  18. Michael P.

    I remember back in mid 2000's, had to before 2007, maybe even 2006 who knows, but the whole band was in town staying with a dude we knew for the night and I gave them all free Chipotle and then they came to our town's tattoo shop hung out and they hooked us up with hoodies and shit. Cool dudes and they were killer live, too.

  19. bbqbeers

    so brutal

  20. Chris Adams

    Anglemaker blaze
    Anglemaker a bridge between us

    Check them out !

  21. Djenk

    This fucking song man idk how it still gets better every listen lol

  22. Memento Mori

    You know we're in business when half the song is a nasty breakdown

  23. Definitely a George Soros funded bot

    Dude this has to be one of the fastest and hardest songs to play on drums

    David Corriveau

    Lol listen to infant annihilator

    James Bohigian

    @David Corriveau I'd say this isn't too far off from IA.

    Chronic Culcha

    @David Corriveau IA's drumming was programmed.

    A Sz

    Chronic Culcha obviously for studio shit a lot of drum work is quantified by the producer. Aaron Kitcher is still an extremely clean and fast drummer. Definitely on the same caliber as Alex. I don’t think one is better than the other.

  24. Kamerzysta Poziomki 13

    fuck yeaa

  25. bigwillblahblahbla

    Live these dude are amazing. You prolly like my chemical romance and shit if your hating on them.

  26. JogInTheFog

    Such a catchy melody, always found this a real toe-tapper.

  27. Jasper-Holland

    Underrated song

  28. 2TrailerParkGirls

    If you listen to this at 0.5x speed it's just a normal metal song.

  29. BrazenBullXXX

    Can't airdrum it as a DC drummer.

  30. Daniela Prince


  31. Yg Kurlzz

    That drummer hitting them poly rhythms 🔥🔥 not even the drummer from IA got shit on this guy

  32. Carnal Carnage

    Came here cause I'm fuckin hardcored.

  33. Chad Stokes

    that drummers feet after this song are probably calloused and smoking

  34. YungScarecrow

    Takes me back to high school! Breakdown is still groovy af

  35. TamaGeed

    prossies aye

  36. Jonathan L'Espérance


  37. Amanda Simon

    i love this band i wish they would come to nova scotia

  38. Dominic Wood

    Straight brutal

  39. Tim Taylor

    when I heard this band when I was 17 I started moshing hardcore on the bus an spewing jizz.

  40. Masquerade of Angles

    What vine are y'all talking About? I WANNA see

  41. Jay_ Hawk

    2:44 best part of the song.

  42. Riley Chew

    Who else is here because they found this cd behind their dresser?

  43. BigFisher Won

    saddens me to see people cant recognize true deathcore og"s

  44. PHVNTUM dubs


  45. PHVNTUM dubs


  46. Matt Hocken

    Welcome to my team :)

  47. Dylan Elsner

    This album has been good since the day I bought the fucker like 7 years ago... haha

  48. meggie callaghan

    this warms my heart

  49. Kief Demon

    One of my dearest friend showed me this song and this was one of his favorite bands ever. I only listen to this song now when I visit his grave and blast the fuck out of it for him.

  50. Jordan K

    these boys go so hard

  51. Doe Zee

    Holy shit that drummer is INSANE

  52. Albert Valdez

    Crushes everything in 2017.

  53. olduselesschannel foreverdead

    What's fucking vine?

  54. olduselesschannel foreverdead

    Jesus that was heavy and unexpected loved it

  55. David Fancher

    Talk shit about it but Alex Grind plays with his sticks backwards for more that implies something about skill.. been listening to this shit since the day it came out..

    First to Infinity

    David Fancher and he uses magnum sticks which are used for matching. He’s one of the most technical and fast drummers ever

  56. Christian Todd

    I'm here cause of Jared dines


    Christian Todd mee too hahahaha

  57. PHVNTUM dubs

    .........the fckin' PANTERA of DEATHCORE !!!!

  58. LaVonta’ Lee

    That's my jam!!! 🤘😀🤘💯

  59. It'sOk ListenToMetal

    the beginning sounds like:

  60. James Nester

    I'm taking a shit to this right now

  61. First to Infinity

    If you speed the ending part to 2x, it makes it so much more fun!

    First to Infinity

    2:00 - speed up to 2X now!!!

    Dan Copsen

    lmao this is too good!

  62. Jordan Wright

    saw them live on April first and they closed their set with this song, did not disappoint

  63. Filip Daněk

    Good choice indeed Emma

  64. playwithme30

    I just saw despised icon in Reno on the first. I only went for them. The other bands were a plus but I was about to go all ed and offer up an arm and a leg to see them. They were amazing. I'm sorry to anyone who hasn't seen them. Long live despised!

  65. Kevin Schmimble

    these guys just fucking tore Seattle to shreds last Thursday! Bless you beautiful bastards I will not ever forget

  66. Cole Lutz

    Ifunny brought me here

  67. WhiteEagle FN a.k.a Jon Lockhart

    is that a drum machine because I highly doubt that a human is doing that lol

    Jbiv2 Flying Anarchy

    Jonathan Lockhart double bass pedals

  68. Ivars Jumītis

    Nice singing. :)

  69. Dylan Jewell

    Saw them live in a bar during they played this. So badass

  70. Danny Bedwell

    I wish more breakdowns were drawn out like this!

  71. tristananvilcaster

    Love it!

  72. Marius Ritterrath

    is this dethmetal or dethcore? Or maybe something else?

    Marksman 5147

    umm idk how this isnt blatantly obviously deathcore being these guys kinda made deathcore lmao, super Sterotypical hardcore influence more so than really any modern band

  73. DeaFX

    Their best album by far

  74. DVN00985

    love that the ad before was for fabric softener.

    Sairaj R. Kamath

    Hehe, I got one for mint chewing gum.

  75. DraculaXHunter101

    Welcome fucking back.
    The godfathers of deathcore


    dope sepultura picture classic album

  76. After The Electrike

    fucking hell that bass drum o_o I found this through a rock band network video where the player could not play it to save their life

  77. Damian6Robin

    They are back!! He'll yeah

  78. shameless snow

    I didn't even know there was a vine with this song in it Intel I started reading the comments lol

  79. Frank Williams

    despised icon MVP

  80. Horizon31

    anybody come here after hearing beast? so stoked that these guy are back.

  81. Jake harts


    Drévan Ward


    Gabe Kennedy


  82. arif rahman

    damn, i love this song

  83. Sebastianbaraj5

    This song is old and still hits hard.

    PHVNTUM dubs

    *breakdown* ....chug chug....chug *breakdown*.

    William Laliberté

    dude my sister is from 2009 she's 9 not 80.

    Emmanuel Cruz

    I'm hard right now

    Christopher Mundahl

    Its the BPM

    Anhelito Diez

    Heard this live, fucking brutal

  84. bigblock460

    Holy fuck this is nasty(inagoodway)

  85. Rtcurry Curry

    Love it

  86. bazhc

    Seeing them today live!

  87. Orthodox Apologetic

    if you found this due to the vine you're poser

    Em Dee

    @Zach Vegoe you haven't even hit puberty yet. Little faggot.

    Rick Seville

    I mean yea probably means you're a poser. Despised Icon was pretty popular as far as deathcore goes so if you're into that you should know who they are. It's not new.


    ok boomer

    Cole Train

    Been listening to desoised icon ever since consumed by your poison

    Juan J.

    You sound obese.

  88. Luis Pantoja

    Vine brought me here haha xD

  89. Atomikenrtia

    That breakdown at 2:10 though...

    Digital Nemesis

    I know :/ that's the ONLY bad thing about them but they're legit af!


    +Digital Nemesis What you objectively don't like about their breakdowns? Why are they bad?

    David Garvin

    +Cutt Cut idk bout this guy but a lot of metal elitists think if there are breakdowns then it is not real metal. If there was no breakdowns in this song it would prolly b classified as death metal. Details details

    David Garvin

    +Cutt Cut I like breakdowns if it doesn't take up the whole song


    @David Garvin HAHAHAHAHAHA breakdowns make it not real metal? Thats the dumbest shit ive ever fucking heard HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  90. KHfan4ever23



    Those are from forever ago but thank you so much!

    Metalhead Kangaroo

    Why did you stop dude?


    Got sick of it, honestly. I'll eventually come back and do something else.

    Metalhead Kangaroo

    Okay cool. How was 70000 tons of metal?

    Jessica Danzie

    thank you for posting!

  91. Dallen Miller

    vine brought me here, i fuckin love this song


    Dallen Miller what vine

  92. fancy wawate

    came here, because of a vine,was not disappoint

    thrown off

    haha that's how I found this song and i don't regret it

    Tyler Boyd

    awesome! What fucking vine??? i must see this
    Also check my shitty drum cover cunts

    Kelly Sprong


    Entu .z

    Hey Guys, just wanted to Thank You for guarding the True Metal Scene While I Was Away. I am 15 years old and probably one of the Most TRUE Metalheads You Ever Fucking Met. Life is all about being grim and true, so let's face it we don't need any new or happy people in our community; we like our scene DEAD BECAAUSE DEATH IS DARK AND DARK IS SO COOL!!!!!! These other childish kids will NEVER understand the TRUE DARK METAL community >:D

  93. wexenhex

    Wow. so mush possible talent to waste. there's like 2 decent riffs in this whole song. the vocals are shit. the drums sound triggered and lifeless.


    +Chase Griffin
    that's very true man, but calling this a whole new level of brutality is straight ignorance

    Chase Griffin

    +wexenhex I don't think anyone did, although if you were into the scene back then you'd realize that this was advanced for the time.


    "Into the scene" lol yeah I was in a technical death metal band at the time. This isn't advanced.

    X x__Dr_Acula__x X

    Lol nah homie. The production here is better than any of the new shit actually the production here is some of my favorite of any other bands ever. Even professional articles list despised icon as having far superior songwriting and production. You think this is shit go listen to new thy art.

    X x__Dr_Acula__x X

    I actually heard of this band from my trigger hating elitest friends as well this drummer is just good as fuck

  94. Sarah Mathena

    Fucking sick! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  95. FernTheYoutuber

    Are the drums done on a computer?


    @unholymunk Pretty brutal.


    no but the drum tone is fucking terrible


    @wexenhex I like it.


    +FernTheYoutuber he uses 2x double pedal

    First to Infinity

    Look up Alex grind. It’s him