Despised Icon - Made Of Glass Lyrics

It merely took a year for your pledge to disappear.
Farewell friend, our ties no longer mend.
This tale has come to an end.
It wasn't meant to last.
You came and left so fast.
Your promises are part of the past.
You said we'd speak again, but that moment never came.
Silence is a close cousin of shame.
A man of glass carries the flame.
May the desert bring you comfort.
Enjoy your precious game of cowboys and Indians.
I hope it's what you envisioned.
Black eyes and secret trips slowly revealed your true nature.
I should have known better.
A new dawn has come.
The good times we had turned to bitter souvenirs.
The rest of us will persevere.
It wasn't meant to last.
You came and left so fast.
Your promises are part of the past.
Carry on.
We've grown stronger with your sudden departure.
More determined than ever, we'll carry on.
We've grown stronger with your sudden departure.
Dedicated, we carry on.

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Despised Icon Made Of Glass Comments
  1. Adam B.

    I prefer the beatdown @ :53-1:29

  2. Joshua Dickerson

    2:26 That beatdown. Makes me wanna kill people.

  3. Dylan Imperi

    obey the brave sucks though

  4. PreyFor Mo

    I like this Band. :) AWESOME!!!

  5. Palikos

    0:53-1:50... after this everyone is dead.

  6. Brian Bumstead

    I got this album kick ass

  7. domino__effect// ya

    Yeah obey the brave has one vocalist from despised icon and a guitarist and members from blind witness

  8. stavros Xenias

    upload all their albums

  9. Rooty McShooty

    Same here :/

  10. stavros Xenias

    u can listen to obey the brave :D the vocalist of this band is on obey the brave but they play hardcore not deathcore

  11. TheMetalHeadiest

    Look up a drum cover of this song if you want to see what's going on on the drums.

  12. TheMetalHeadiest

    Are you fucking kidding me!? Fuck out of here, song is sick and drumming is amazing.

  13. Enzo Penotti

    Upload more track of despised. Faaaakkkk O_O

  14. dabos6

    Atleast I hope you like Cryptopsy or Morbid Angel, Gojira mby ? :D

  15. sergei robinson

    honestly coming from a very experienced metal head this song is complete garbage it sounds like the drummer just started hitting random ass cymbals and just tryed to go as fast as he could on the toms

    X x__Dr_Acula__x X

    Lol so am I and you're delusional

    1nf3rnal D3str0y3r

    Six years later but i gotta say:FUCK OFF DUDE,NOBODY CARES WHAT U THINK

  16. wirdcash95

    Wow 663 vídeos o-o

  17. Ross Champion

    havent heard this in couple of years. Ahh great memories. And it's better than I remember

  18. PrimalFuckingHate

    this guys are no longer active, we are all in grieving.

  19. Bryan Ford

    This is from their 2009 album.

  20. ljevaine

    they come back?

  21. Stephanie P

    great! I like it

  22. metalvocalistwanted


  23. Pedal Cult


  24. kharon899

    how original!