Despised Icon - Eulogy Lyrics

The embittered smell emanating from your lifeless form is as bitter as the reeking lies I've heard and trusted.
From now on, the only bed you'll be able to roll on will be within mother earth's guts.
As I'm lying down with closed eyes,
I think of what you made me commit.
My fingertips caress your feminine curve for one last memorable moment.
This is a eulogy for my sweetheart.
Nothing will break us apart.
The mark around your neck is so seducing.
This is a eulogy for my sweetheart.
Nothing will break us apart.
The mark around your neck is so seducing.
Your disfigured face is marked by its agonizing grin.
As I hung up the phone to report my sin,
I shed one last tear for our memories,
kissed your pale lips and took my gun.

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Despised Icon Eulogy Comments
  1. Gutozaquifresco Zaquifresco

    I like this \m/

  2. Gutozaquifresco Zaquifresco

    I like this \m/

  3. Felipe K.

    thank you David Diepold

  4. Ordo ab Chao


  5. Martin Porter

    I love how their drummer plays like George Kollias High on Speed

    TOMMY sass jr.

    George like invented the swagger  martin ya a lot will follow that lead if not all elite players bro it takes the whole stroke/using leg/calf musle as much at allllllllll to hit head esp if set pedal up right like many got backwards lol like marco hes sick but we opened for him when he does hyper/push pull on snare is brutal but not very hard hits and he is sick bro check him out if havent

  6. Ari

    Maso ; maso !

  7. Serious Thought

    Haha looks like he doesn't know about alex grind

  8. Serious Thought

    Man this song has a breakdown till this day that make all other deathcore bands irrelevant..just fucking insane.I remember when I brought this cd ..this shit TOTALLY caught me off guard

  9. Joshua Davis

    Haha wasn't really complaining! Just the second I saw Despised Icon on my front page got uploaded I thought it might be something new! Got excited for a moment then realized it was from 2009. Got me pretty bummed for a bit haha.

  10. Nagrenol

    Think you might be taking that as a serious comment :P

  11. Century Media Records

    How is this trolling? We're making old songs and songs not released in music videos available for YouTube streaming. Free music with complaints. Hmm.

  12. Thrasher1984

    I think they just want to sell off the remaining copies of the album now.

  13. Mathias Ebner

    ... ok and why do they post that, i thought it would be a "never released track"

  14. Tor Blixt

    Ehhhh. I'm just hoping for a reunion since Century media suddenly just posts songs by an inactive band. Your reply makes no sense?!

  15. deadcorpsedead

    epic band

  16. Mutated Antibiosis

    Not a drum muchine but a real drummer :)

  17. Joshua Davis

    I almost thought this would be a new track as if they would get back together! Why must you troll me CM? :c

  18. Tor Blixt


  19. metalvocalistwanted


  20. eraser175

    So many despised icon at once 0_o