Despised Icon - Day Of Mourning Lyrics

A startling phone call led to a night of little sleep,
Counting blessings instead of sheep.
We gathered the next morning.
Renewing a bond weakened by years of separation and though our worlds had slowly drifted apart.
The early memories we shared still remained timeless in our hearts.
There was a time when we closely followed each others footsteps, dreaming of endless summers and becoming drummers.
Those days are gone.
We mourn the loss of a childhood friend rapped in a mans fading intellect.
So long, let these tears wash away the blood on your hands.
So long, you're forgiven for easing her pain.
I can still picture the apartment where it took place.
We used to play hours downstairs, beating drums and hitting snares.
Embrace those times to endure.
That day felt like your funeral.
Until we meet again, you will never be forgotten.

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Despised Icon Day Of Mourning Comments
  1. Mitch Rogers

    Back in 2010 they played a crazy fucking show at The Muse in Nashville with Winds of Plague and The World We Knew

  2. Santa Clause

    It's crazy how many chicks are now getting neck tats. Chick with the black hair in the car was way ahead of her time lol what a pioneer.

  3. X NeverTryToCorner

    Mute the sound and you'll get a typical hip hop music video

  4. ty Wins

    Wow this is terrible

  5. R B.

    Ahh highschool years

  6. BCool

    Deathcore sux

  7. MethAnt

    that dark haired female. wowzers

  8. The Dank Farmer

    Seeing them Friday, so pumped

  9. Mike Singh

    I'm going to go check them out and holy divers in Sacramento California I dig this heavy as s***

  10. Martin Benavides

    Didn't know Wisin & Yandel had a metal project as well...

  11. Daniel Alcaraz

    10 years since thiss

  12. Robert Bencze

    I only hit like for the Deez Nutz shirt

  13. Skydrawn

    carpe diem mafuckers, this is DN

  14. Oxim1nus

    Esta cancion te vuela la peluca hermano, hace que Joy Jordison parezca blancanieves mamandosela a los siete enanitos!!

  15. Stephen Heim

    About to see these guys again on September 30th 2019 in Salt Lake City. It's been 11 years since I last seen them in Richmond Virginia

  16. Hellga Vampenstein

    2:05 That chick was sad because he didn't share :P

  17. danders jernsern

    this band sucks

  18. languissant

    1:40 бля пиздец вашу мать да блядь

  19. Ric Wande

    daily slap

  20. Josh Velez

    Still goat deathcore will never be as lit they can copy all they want these guys are kings for the style

  21. Nick Napolitano


  22. Michael

    I’m drinking jack and moshing in my room

  23. jack d. ripper

    geile mucke...aber was soll dieses hiphop-artige rumgepose ???

  24. Matheus Menezes

    vim pelo lucão

  25. PatoNomade

    Sonim blenen sinim clevers

  26. Diogo Silva

    alguém mais pelo lucão?

    R B.

    Vim pela epoca de ensino medio mesmo kk

  27. Pedro Campanha

    Quem chegou aqui pelo Insta do gostoso do Lucas, comi o cu de quem tá lendo t t r r o o l l e e i

  28. Titiu uzumake

    Quem veio pelo Lucas inutilismo

    Adriel Eurich Sohn

    Eu vim pq vi o Cover do Betto Cardoso, mas faz tempo kkk

    Lauson Schmeing

    Vão embora.

    vitor silighini

    qual o vídeo? Eu conheço essa música desde 2011 não sabia que algum Br divulgava ela por aí

    R B.

    Caralho, serio? Qual video dele?

    Valter Fornasier

    Não nutelinha
    Tô aqui desde quando lançou esse single.

  29. Howard_the_Duck

    One of the vocalists stole Doug from Nickelodoen's sweater. This still goes hard though.

  30. CTCAC2000

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, bbbbboooooooooooooooyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  31. The Melnibonean

    They were,will and always will be the greatest of the Deathcore bands. \m/ Fuck Panda Metal \m/


    Toujours aussi bon même en 2019 ! Deathcore Québécois !!!!!!!

  33. boothps

    her: what are you going to give me tonight?
    he: 0:39

  34. kelvin Guevara

    Daddy Yankee?

  35. Ranzaba Tv

    Wisin & yandel

  36. Wolf Spritzer

    wow that was beautiful.

  37. Andrew Marvosh

    I only clicked into this video because of the cleavage in the video thumbnail. Cleavage good, music seems to be good. I'll have to give the band a listen.

  38. Damion Fisher

    Good song shit video



  40. naps

    the reason i left metal behind are people like in these comments lol. metalheads are the most closed minded idiots

  41. TriEdgedPrism

    Funny how most comment label them as rapper wannabe when they actually are one of the founders of the deathcore scene lol, if not the first.

  42. PsionicMonk

    Despised Icon are beasts! Saw them years ago on Easter, in a little bowling alley in Moorhead, Minnesota. There were less than 20 people but they went fucking hard. At the end of the night I stayed around and hung out with these guys guys for an hour or more. Super chill, awesome dudes.

  43. Toni Vilhenna

    Beautiful models

  44. Pogo's Ego

    Love depised icon but man this video is cheesy.

  45. METALBLADE 245440

    Am I watching Attila or limp Bizkit

  46. METALBLADE 245440

    Am I watching b.e.t

  47. Michael Higgins

    I won’t waste my time reading all the BS Negative Comments. TURN IT UP AND BANG YOUR MOTHERFUCKING HEAD!!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  48. Ray Poward

    who is that gothic chick in the car?

  49. jarmyvicious

    This sounds like the band Day of Mourning

  50. Flavio Martignoni

    I regret the times of masterpiece as "in the name of suffering" Eyehategod. This kind of metal culture is pure disgusting plastic...

  51. alexiskillmobile

    this song is so good

  52. Николай Беликов

    Need more vocalists and pathos.This is shit for motherfuckers.
    I respect only the first their album.

  53. SpokaneJohn

    Not metal

  54. Cody Pine


  55. Stephen Sunday

    1:30 That girl on the left looks like Jen Ledger from Skillet.

  56. Karnage Fails

    Been listening to these guys for years but never knew what they looked like until now. Caught me off guard a little lol
    This shit is fucking hardbody.

  57. Hideously Conceived

    I remember hating this when I first watched but now I cant get enough of this album

  58. Old Goat the Antichrist

    The breakdown is still brutal \m/

  59. Francisco diaz

    1:52 lol

  60. Thomas jennewein

    you can tell how corrupt the music industry really is when you can't hear the music and have to judge based on hand gestures or clothing. LISTEN TO THE MUSIC YOU FUCKING SIMPLETONS.

  61. KRHOSZ

    No jodan, es como ver a reguetoneros haciendo metal

  62. Chad Stokes

    Deez nuts.... HAHHAHA yesssss

  63. yayadub pastillas

    College days! rocking my head on the way to school!

  64. Something Idunno

    Watch this video muted, most of the parts look like a part of a rap song music video

  65. Jeremy Nothing

    There are a lot of pretty girls in this video. i don't know anything about music.


    They look like puertorrican rapers... Liked the song anyway...

  67. Ненависть

    они тут еще худые)

  68. Buried YoUx

    Here for the hot ass girls in thumbnail

  69. voldado1

    one direction fans dislike this video 😂

  70. Gutozaquifresco Zaquifresco

    die witho hope

  71. Cory H

    they seem like nice boys

  72. Jonathan Wyatt

    Sounds like the lead singer from currents

  73. William Bostic

    Who is that guy at 2:59

  74. Chris Campbell

    when did Fred Durst go metal?
    Too many mouths to feed in this band


    Chris Campbell are you dumb or what ? Im sorry if you don't know a shit of ny hardcore punk/straight edge dressing .
    Piss off maggot

  75. Here On Mars

    this kinda reminds me of "Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals," when he's like "NOW I'MMA TALK TO A CHICKEN."

  76. SamcroSon

    Never heard these guys before yesterday. Good stuff!

  77. Andrés Serrano

    ¿En qué momento los wachiturros se hicieron metaleros?

  78. Chris Jr

    Turn it the fuck up!

  79. Cody Pine

    Max fucking levelled and that guitar swing

  80. Jeffrey McClung

    Wonder what's in the drummers Wheaties

  81. Jolly Roger

    Heard Dillon Ruters replacing current vox.. That or 2 vox😎like Despised Icon..soooooo pumped fam

  82. kevin guzman

    Who gives a fuck about how they dress?! Why do you "metalheads" have to be so fucking arrogant?! I personally support it because they AREN'T dressed like metalheads. That's the evolution of music. Stop hating on musicians making the music they wanna play and portray it anyway they want too. It's always the metalheads that can't play an instrument well or at all that hate the most anyways.

  83. Phil K

    All shall perish started in 2002 as well as despised

  84. Robert G

    the guitar rift in the beginning sound like the one from Final Breath- empty eyes

  85. Герман Юрченко

    2:14 - да это же Потап

  86. Vegan Corie

    I'm black and I'm a Bracker

  87. Julio Hefner

    is that chris motionless

  88. Alexandre Cote

    Taktika qui essaie de trouver une nouvelle clientele.

  89. Six feet Under

    what is this wigger death metal?


    It's slamming deathcore

  90. Ethan Gurevich

    Amazing song cool video

  91. saul gomez

    metal mierda...

    Horacio Arambula

    saul gomez qe ases escuchandolo entonses pendejo

  92. Adrian

    2:45 Wolverine is drinking whiskey

  93. Thegoodfella

    They got down that drummer too 👏🏽

  94. Roy Glenn

    why do they need 2 vocalist? I know one does squeals but besides that they sound exactly the same. maybe to prevent sibling rivalry?

  95. Albert Suchan

    Dunno why, but around 2009-2012 in deathcore and slam was this wigerrish image actually kinda popular. Bands like DI, Kraanium, Waking the cadaver, Epicardiectiomy, Annotations of an autopsy all did it. Drummer of Epicardiectomy even still wears grillz lol. And although this image was a bit funny, I dont see the point of hating band based on its image.

  96. Mister SS

    Stoked to see a DEEZ NUTS shirt in the mix, their style makes more sense having seen that shirt. I can dig it. J.J Your the man