Descendents - Victim Of Me Lyrics

I just quit this joke of a life plan
It won’t get me nowhere, no
I’m a fear driven service robot
A spectacle of a man with no options

No further will I travel
Along this fool’s errand
No longer be
A victim of me

Complain about everything in my life
And blame everybody I know
I make every decision laced in panic
Regrettable, but I know it’s amendable

No further will I travel
Along this fool’s errand
No longer be
A victim of me

I don’t have to run from me
Just turn away
And be satisfied
And I’m not going to fight with me
Just turn away
And stop wandering aimlessly

Yeah I’m not going to choose to be
A victim of me
I’m not going to let myself be
A victim of me

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Descendents Victim Of Me Comments
  1. Piero Graziani

    Assà u denn....mamma me!

  2. Piero Graziani

    Quanti cessi col cellulare in mano a riprendere l'ombra di se stessi....

  3. Piero Graziani

    Ma vedere gente con i cellulari è decisamente degradante. Vergognatevi....

  4. Piero Graziani

    Impressionante il giro di basso. La seconda ondata punk californiana....

  5. Pat Swayze

    Look how lame that crowd careful dont bump anyone watching whats happening live through a tiny scene

  6. DizzyD850

    is it me or is this the opening riff from "Statue of Liberty"

  7. Les Vegetables

    What with the drummers right hand? Why does he have it up so high?

  8. Rob Dorman

    It's 30+ years that this band has been writing songs that struck a chord with me. This is the latest one. Heartfelt thanks guys.

  9. alfunzo floyd

    Guys girl man and women I am going to inform you that you do not have to jump around and screen to have fun xD good music is good music some people dance and jump around and some people just like to chill out and feel the base I know that's so shocking to all of you but it's ture

  10. neitsabes zenad

    i hope see them live, before i die...

  11. EL PASTY GUERO hfa

    this band fucking rules. And the crowd in this video fucking sucks. What in Christ's name is going on with those fucking losers?? they should all be shot LOL

  12. Aaron Hurst

    Still awesome! Can't wait to see these guys in London in June :-)

  13. Patrick Watt

    Not to mention the older crowed in the video also. Love it

  14. joeyrogerson83

    Damn, I mean this is live sound? Cause gawd damn they are tight. Seriously, this should put so many bands to shame, get practicing slackers.

  15. Enoc Raul Villavicencio Huamani


  16. Brendan M

    Prolly gonna get killed for saying this but Sounds a bit like some rise against. Both good bands and I know descendents came long before they did. But... Maybe they both influence each other?

  17. Sean Marcotte

    You dumbfucks have no idea what you are talking about. This video was shot at Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragee's 50th Surprise Birthday Party. The Descendents chose to play there for their friend. The crowd is a group of friends.

    Talk less shit. Go to more shows.

  18. allison

    I would lose my shit if I was there

  19. JIMMY


  20. Matt Kelly

    Sick bass!

    Bomby 151

    Matt Kelly hell yeah

  21. absonegative

    <3 bassline

  22. Aditya R

    they're really dont grow up! yess!!

  23. jonnyronnyguy

    My extreme Kudos to this band, they still have so much energy in their later years, they have always written music that i can relate to and helps motivate me to have the same energy and to enjoy what I have.

  24. Dan Lebofsky

    ...and the crowd goes mild.

  25. Jerome Ryan

    nice bass

  26. PowertipBrushhead

    Fun bass line

  27. Glen Parey

    great tune:) i always loved the descendents and blink182 and tiltwheel evertything they put out leatherface -mush samiam-soar jawbreaker- unfun and most of the happy2bhardcore stuff music does not get any better than these bands if you can find better please let me know so i can order the cd's or vinyl thank you :)

  28. Kalle Sandås

    They sound fresher than ever! great song and that bass is just amazing.

  29. Dog Mayor

    This new album is amazing. Fucking legends.

  30. Michael Guratza

    1:26 FUCK YOU FOR TEXTING AT A DESCENDENTS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Štěpán Rožek

    The new album is just so fresh and full of energy. I cannot help myself, but I'm probably addicted to Milo's voice.

  32. Виктор Стародуб

    also blogged in Ukraine

  33. brandon75173

    That song is fucking tough as hell.

  34. PunkRockJane

    this song is soooo gooood ! descendents are the best :)

  35. kurt

    these old lads still killin' it for sure. and also 2016 is a good year for punk rock fan

  36. killjointjeffrey _


  37. Sir Joelsuf

    Only a week until the new record, cannot WAIT! And a new NOFX in October too! Hopefully Bad Religion will come out with a new record and complete the trifecta this year...

  38. Jonatas Robles

    Vem logo dezembro!

  39. Mount Average

    The sound is great as always (I love Bill's production style), but the song is very meh-ish.

  40. Виктор Стародуб

    also blogged in Ukraine

  41. Angelo Zarbo

    That bass. <3

  42. high vibes

    qué felicidad me dio escuchar una canción nueva :D

  43. RipDoo

    chupenme el pico todos

  44. daniel florio

    Is the black and white to disguise their age? Lol

  45. alex duenas

    awesome!!!!!, the boys are back!!!

  46. leonard sun

    good song, weak crowd

  47. EFF IT

    No seriously, I know it has been said already but this crowd should really be ashamed of themselves. It is no one's fault but the crowd. They are the ones that look like morons.

  48. Leandro

    Dead american and european crowds at Descendents shows. Meanwhile in south america we are killing each other to buy tickets to see these mother fuckers!

  49. klaus duve

    03/12/16 vai ser o melhor dia da história

  50. punksguts

    I know its Karl Alvarez on bass, but his bass sound really sounds like Tony Lombardo on this track, good stuff!

  51. Andre Flash


    Lukas Lopis

    Andre Flash aqui e br

  52. João Paulo Carvalho Felippe França

    Ainda não acredito que vou ver no Brasil!

    klaus duve

    é nóis man vai ser o melhor role da história #PMA

  53. 8gerrard8

    shitty pop punk


    the only cute thing here is you trying to say this is punk rock. i dont give a shit about scenes or anything like that, i care about sound and descendents only sounded punk rock in their very early days. this song is garbage

    Jadow Arcadia

    @8gerrard8 not Punk enough for gerrard = Garbage song... clearly instead of using percentages or stars to rate a song or album we should be measuring in gerrards.


    @Jadow Arcadia
    its my opinion, you dont need to agree with it nor respond to it

    Jadow Arcadia

    You're right everyone is entitled to their own opinion but maybe if you didnt go about it in such a shitty way, people wouldnt have reacted to you so negatively.

    Sir Joelsuf

    Well they kind of invented the pop punk genre, so what did you expect? lol

    They have always sounded like this.

  54. EL _Wilder88

    Had no idea theyre still writing and releasing new music. They are still awesome and way better then most of the mainstream crap thats out there.

  55. Meamation

    They sound nearly exactly the same as they did during Everything Sucks or Milo Goes To College

    The thing is the sound quality went from Line 6 Spider to Revv Generator
    tis is great

  56. José Ignacio Díaz L.

    what a fucking dead and boring crowd!! next time you plan on making a video, do it here in chile, southamerica. hope to see you by the end of the year, youll get a fucking crazy crowd in here!!

  57. Rafael Ribeiro Mori

    Go to Brasil! Now!

  58. Rombus EvilBones

    I can't stop listening to this

  59. TaoistTiger

    lol old ass punx dont have the cardio to pit it up anymore huh?!


    no we don't. lol

  60. jamie b

    this. is. ridiculous. amounts. of. awesome. cannot love this enough!

  61. Shorty

    Fuck yeah about time Epitaph put out some good music

  62. RWxx

    that was awesome. can't wait for the LP. love these guys <3

  63. Nigsby hayden

    spoiler alert the crowd really was dead this was at a dustup vigil

  64. Dan Ward

    fuckers get off your damn phones! front row at a Descendents show is way more interesting than Facebook

    jamie b

    truth. i'd be losing my shit bopping around like a school girl, way too damn into the show!

  65. Sebastiaan Van Heesvelde

    0:38 Kudos for the guy in the white shirt, he keeps the energy flowing on his own!

  66. Samuel blinne


  67. Luis Gerardo Guzmán Contreras

    this crowd piss me off, i mean, you have The fucking Descendents in front of you, with a brand new song, you ought to jump, and kick off everything in front of you at least.

  68. Varg Katernes

    Does this song rule, or what!?

  69. Kendall Sorcery

    love descendents

  70. Nilson Hernandez

    ¡Nunca decepcionan, ya quiero escuchar su nuevo disco!

  71. Pedro

    Looks like this album will be great!

  72. Aaron G. Randall

    Fucking love the Decendents!!

    Mike Dunne


  73. pablo fernandez carreño

    la zorrraaaaaaa csm!!!!! vengan a chile!!!
    a toa raja la canción. Grande Descendents!!!!!

  74. Nicolás NZ

    What a dead crowd

    Dog Mayor

    Yea alot of punk shows are like this now sadly. People still start up a pit occasionally but definitely not like they used to.

    Mike Opshinsky

    song probably wasn't out at the time. nobody gets that hype for a song they don't know generally


    Jack D in Milwaukee the blink concert was insane


    It's Pop Punk... plus this performance was for the music video not a whole wide concert...


    Dude, I was at this show. The floor was pretty fucking packed and it was super hard to move around. This was at The Standing Room in Hermosa Beach. It was their first hometown show in almost 20 years. Also, keep in mind, this was the birthday party for Fletcher from Pennywise.

  75. Mean Dean

    Leaning against the stage and texting... Wtf. What in the actual fuck? This kills me. This crowd was a huge filthy shit diaper scum pond. What a bunch of lame fucks. Man, that's hard to even watch

    Matthew Thompson

    It really is hard to watch. Gotdamb. Don't they realize the amount of legendariness feet in front of them?

    Obeso Gracioso

    If that were me in the crowd... i'd be going fucking bananas


    the crowd went apeshit at punk rock bowling when they played this

    The Evil Bassist

    Yeah it really does kill me to see that shit.. but I guess that's just part of getting old.

    Brendan M

    mean dean nailed it man. Fuckin kids these days haha

  76. RestAssuredZine

    Congrats to the guy and girl at the 39 seconds and 59 seconds mark. You made it into a Descendents video looking at your phone, you douchebags. Spend more time enjoying the band rather than stressing about wether or not everyone else knows what you are doing.

    Anthony Quatrone

    As the guy at 39 seconds, I'll say this, I don't own a phone, it's a camera and I'm checking to see if the picture I took, which you can see earlier in the video came out, so suck it. Also for complaining about the crowd being "old folks" or "not going off"...It was a very small room, really tight but you can watch the video from the same night of the song DESCENDENTS. This was a brand new song and people were actually paying attention, forgive us.

    FODERATOR : Mussel rag

    +Anthony Quatrone where was the show?

    Anthony Quatrone

    The show was at a bar/restaurant called The Standing Room in Hermosa Beach, it was Fletcher from Pennywise's birthday. I wouldn't call it VIP or industry as others here have indicated but it was invite only. I was lucky, got an email the day before and sure as hell was going to drive up from San Diego for this. I took the time on this song to snap a few pics, I didn't know the lyrics so I wasn't going to sing along like on the rest of the songs.

  77. Xavier

    They're STILL making music?! *HELL YES*

  78. RueTV

    Awesome song. Crowd seemed dead... I heard this one time an I love it. They hell was wrong with them?

  79. slothpeasant


  80. KarD SP

    Quiero ser como ellos cuando envejezca!!

  81. Sorroh

    ""Victim Of Me" by Descendents from the album 'Hypercaffium Spazzinate,' available July 29th" :D

  82. Monique T.

    So glad their sound hasn't changed. Even the guitar tones sound the same

    joshua adams

    it has definitely evolved, but is still unmistakable

    A Wild Doggo

    The instruments sound the same, but Milo's voice aged about 12 years.

  83. Ezekiel Gehr

    fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Creepy Rebel

    Happy to hear from these guys again!

  85. Gaby Poles

    fodaa s2

  86. Jackson The Epic


  87. Calvin Rongers

    damn, milo sounds like he's really straining his vocal chords here.
    i remember when they did that initial reunion and his voice gave out during a few shows.
    hope he'll be okay this time around

    Nick Aguilar

    people get old, gotta give him credit for still having melody left in his voice. i personally like how it strains a little

  88. saturdaynightkaraokeblah


  89. Chris O'Connor

    yes! cool shirt too!

  90. six7teen

    #six7teen Loves this!

  91. Alice Vilches

    why is the crowd so bored?

    Chris O'Connor

    Uh it was going offffffffff!

  92. IWALVG

    These legends are in their Fifties and they sound better and tighter than most of today's "musicians".

    CAN NOT WAIT for the new album.


    +Emmanuel Delgadillo Yeah... and...? I dig them, too.

    Heavy Nuts

    I'm sorry, but the original comment contained the words 'sound better and tighter'... how does Metallica get into the conversation?

    Romozaki 182

    Heavy Nuts he's just young and trying to show off


    Emmanuel, you're right. Metallica are amazing song writers, but mediocre performers, except the lead guitarist and most of their bassists.


    @EmmanuelX big difference is Metallica sold out, these guys stuck to their roots

  93. Clark Kent

    Why are the two in the front row on their phones? Oh wait it's 2016 that's why. Also can the crowd be any more bored to be there?


    @James Marlon Yes, for sure! *feeding into your delusion*

    Anthony Quatrone

    Not a phone, it's a camera and I'm checking to see if the picture I took came out blurry. Crowd was far from bored, first chance to hear a new Descendents' song in 12 years, crowd was enraptured.

    Jack Daniel

    While I get what you say, a live punk gig is not an art exhibition. Rockand punk artists hate when people toy with their phones. From every local band you might know up to James Hetfield himself. So if someone still does that, apparently he or she is there not to fully appreciate the music and participate in the gig 100%, but treats the show like some kind of a curiosity. There's even technology being developed (and some already in use during major events) that prevents people from using the phones (or just cameras) at the venues (like special casings or apps). Your point isn't really valid when those who sell you the tickets don't want you to use the phone :) It's only a matter of time. The problem is real. This case is minor, but if I was in Metallica's place I'd sure feel like an almost extinct spiece in ZOO with half the audience waving their smarphones.


    I literally clicked a random part of the song and found the girl on her phone. 0:50

    Punk Films

    +Gong Fuck phones, live descendents.

  94. Reel Negative

    Exactly why I didn't go to this show!! It was a "VIP ONLY" show translation OLD MAN PARTY. Just a bunch of old industry dorks who are too stuck in the past to move around for the band. If you're on a guest list and you're not there to work you need to be in the pit contributing to the energy.


    what are you talking about?? THIS IS AN OLD MAN BAND!! Descendents BUILT the past! And the FUTURE!

    Reel Negative

    +WhyTheHorseface Trust me I know that. They are my favorite band which is why I was pissed about the crowd. Did you not read the VIP ONLY part ?? People who have been going to shows forever and think it's okay to just stand back and cross your arms. Should have said "COOL GUYS" instead of old I guess.

    Rob Cook

    You mean Fletcher's surprise bday party aka vip only....These guys are legends have some respect

    Reel Negative

    +Rob Cook I have this band on my body forever next to the words "THANK YOU" I didn't once say anything about the band because they were the only ones in the room crushing it. My only comment was about the old VIPs who think it's cool to just sit in the back with their arms crossed nursing their beer. Show some fucking respect old dudes and stop sucking the energy out of the room.

    Reel Negative

    I do have to give it to Fletcher for always bringing the chaos wherever he goes, especially in the pit.

  95. Jason Ortega

    what the fuck is up with the crowd!? I'd be going crazy at a descendents gig!

    Frequency Within

    Right?!? Some people just don't know how to act at a show anymore.

    Sean Corrigan

    that girl up front on her phone looked super enthused to be there hahahaa


    old people