Descendents - Thinkin' Lyrics

Behind the smoke and lies and misdirection   
Lives a filthy joke not fit for virgin ears
Open hearts are prone to vivisection
And broken faith is epidemic here
So lock and load your guns, it's murder season
And once again the tyrants have their way
Dirty, and impervious to reason
Each trigger finger grows itchier every day
And along the way
It's strip mall hell and burger stands from jail to private jail
Worship those who prosper, heaven help you if you fail
Sobriety brings no relief, and drinking does no good
I think I've just been thinking just a little more than I should
I'll take the mandatory Prozac 
For something I have, something I lack
The latest fabricated disease
Still the pills preserve my mental welfare
So I'll still be insane, but won't care
Narcozombie smiling while…
Divided still we stand, and will demand the right to choose
Designer slavery chains and cheap TV
While every decent thing is torn up screaming by the roots
To feed the beasts, and all that they believe

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