Descendents - Pavlov's Cat Lyrics

Ring the bell but I'm not gonna listen
I'm no rat, don't want your cheese
I won't behave or be conditioned
Screw that, I'm Pavlov's cat

Every tired temptation put in front of me
Is just a new distraction to ignore
I don't want what you want me to
Won't run the maze no more

Ring the bell but I'm not gonna listen
I'm no rat, don't want your cheese
I won't behave or be conditioned
Screw that, I'm Pavlov's cat

You have a vested interest in obedience
You take pleasure in the power and control
It's easy to undo you
The magic word is "no"

Ring your bell (You get no compliance)
Can you tell (Existence is defiance)
Might as well (Condemn me to science)
Probe, shave, sterilize, euthanize me...

Ring the bell but I'm not gonna listen
I'm no rat, don't want your cheese
I won't behave or be conditioned
Screw that, I'm Pavlov's cat
Pavlov's cat

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Descendents Pavlov's Cat Comments
  1. condor67

    Bill blast beating =]

  2. Steve Kelly

    Is this new?? FUUUCKYESS

  3. Francesco Quaiotto

    Blast beats fuck yeah!! \m/

  4. Alfian Banjaransari

    blast beats from nowhere

  5. James Lamont

    Back with Dag Nasty's My Dog's A Cat..

    "Even the upcoming Record Store Day release Who We Are (a protest song so limp and bathed in nationalist mythology it makes M-16 and ‘Merican seem like weighty political tomes) is enjoyable in the live setting.

    It’s possible I’m both a shit fanboy and shit critic, or that the two roles tripped over each others’ ankles, but in that CL interview Milo promised Pep Talk, and I don’t recollect hearing it. But Bill Stevenson, the big beaming beautiful bear that he is, announces an encore where we get the modern friend-to-friend equivalent of Smile..."


  6. Ashton Grey

    Seems like descendents and bad religion are making a little comeback

    Gregory Chri

    they never left

    Ashton Grey

    Gregory Chri who said they did I meant as in thier coming back with new albums

  7. Dace Liepins

    Whoa! Great!

  8. edskt


  9. Buddy Guy

    I enjoyed that.

  10. Robin Lefebvre

    Sounds like an old Pennywise song. 12 year-old me would have liked it.

    Starting to think I'm too cynical for this wave of punk.

    Aldo Gabriel .Oaxaca Varela

    Buddy Guy I guess the quality has decreased, I still enjoy punk music but fewer songs

    Buddy Guy

    oaxis1000 depends on the band I'd say. For example, I've been listening strung out since twisted came out and I love them as much now as ever. But yeah, many of my old favorites have lost their charm. Some bands still have the passion, but others are just phoning it in because they know the die hards will eat up anything.

    Andrew Davis

    Robin Lefebvre soundss too cliche doesn't it?

    Dan Marshall

    "Starting to think I'm too cynical for this wave of punk."

    The Descendents wave started like 40 years ago.

    Lukas H

    Dan Marshall that's what I was thinking but I just figured he knew that.. I think..

    I hope..

  11. YOFRYMAN !

    The music I like but the vocals I hate and I think the lyrics aren't very good. Probably sound alright live, they're gettin old so at least I hope they sound good live

    Gregory Chri

    stfu Trumpy

  12. KnownAsCLH

    Eww... What is this emotional political edgyness?


    That's post-punk for ya, I kinda like the descendants but all of the fans of theirs that I know are asshats. They can still write cool riffs but they're songs are always mediocre overall these days. Listen to Milo Goes To College, they say it works for poser repellant

    Sam Fisher

    KnownAsCLH ewwwww... what is this generic, moronic comment?

    Daniel Romero

    Lol you just defined the punk genre


    Daniel Romero no
    .. punk has never been emotional except for 1 emotion. Anti estabablishmentarianism. Also... Not supposed to be singing about how love will save us all... That's hippy shit .

    Punk is more like... Take down the government and be anti establishment. Think for yourself and don't believe the lies.

  13. samghost13

    First Band to like in a long long time on this Channel

    Is Epitaph Dead i thought? Now we're talking again!


    samghost13 half of there bands suck now tho :(

  14. Tom Hyberger

    New music!!

  15. torchtoendalltorches

    Fuck yes, won't be the cheese for nobody's fucking rat! Milo don't want no cheese! 😉

  16. Monique T.


  17. Jasmine Fournier

    Very nice

  18. Gonzalo Reategi

    the best group

  19. Jackson The Epic

    Fuck yes

  20. I Am Scratcher

    Love it you guys will always be one of my favs

  21. noonracer

    Yes yes yes!!!

  22. wafflecomatoast

    Catchy 👌🏽👌🏽

  23. xrandomasianx


    The song is really good