Descendents - Opt In Lyrics

Revolution is only for the young
A bunch of 50 year olds can't change the world

But that's not true and we got
Unfinished business
Show our kids to think for themselves

Politics is only for the shrewd
The fry cook at Denny's can't change the world

But that's not true and we got
Unfinished business
And a ton of good will to leave behind

How we treat each other
How we treat ourselves
And the world

Humanity, ill intended from the start
We'd better just hide behind the TV

But that's not true and we got
Unfinished business
A precedent of virtue to be established

I'm not just gonna slink down in this rocking chair and fall asleep

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Descendents Opt In Comments
  1. Jason McDonald

    This is the shit I need to live. Awesome

    Love you mars

  2. James Lamont

    "Over the course of an hour plus of delayed afterglow performing, most of your top 30 chainsaw cuts -- a list you should have -- are present here. The bald and white-bearded gents (the latter in Karl Alvarez’s case) pull out I Don’t Want To Grow Up and My Dad Sucks for the sons and daughters present. Tracks from 2016’s Hypercaffium Spazzinate such as On Paper and Shameless Halo are now officially part of the canon, which is to say we’ve had time to learn and sit with them and they largely meet the standard. I could go on, but you know the songs, and if you don’t know them, get to knowing them. Milo and Stephen: “So you’re gonna tune for a song about living in a cave?” “This song is important to me!” The time it takes for them to make this exchange is all the time that is taken tuning."


  3. edskt

    Thank You!

  4. KnownAsCLH

    -_- treat each other good. Very inspiring. But what do you actually do for the world... Uhh we go around playing music... As 4 year olds get taken from parents and worse.


    and what do you do?


    TheCrawdad84 I suffer for those who take things for granted.


    Honest Answer. Can't Blame you for that. Cheers!

  5. person who says things and stuff

    things and stuff!

  6. Nate Hanscom

    Sounds cool!

  7. I Am Scratcher

    I love it

  8. xrandomasianx

    Guess who found another band to obsess over...

    Danny Dircio

    [Insert Emo Meme Here], not you.

    Daniel Romero

    Did you not know of Descendents til now?


    Daniel Romero I’m a fetus