Descendents - No Fat Burger Lyrics

Can’t have no more juicy burgers
Can’t have no more greasy fries
Doctor took my lipid profile
He told me I’m barely alive

No more fat
No more fat
No more chicken pot pies, no more chorizo
I can’t have that

Got this problem from my father
Grandpa died at 45
Heart attack and a triple bypass
Future’s looking very bright

No more fat
No more fat
No more apple fritters, no more ice cream
I can’t have that
No more fat
No more fat
I like food, but all the food that tastes good…
I can’t have that

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Descendents No Fat Burger Comments
  1. koozboy

    now it sounds like a guttermouth song

  2. Joaquín Lezcano

    The dislikes are from Fat Mike and NOFX Xd

  3. Hand Solo


  4. Valery Boykov

    Those drums, wow!

  5. Triple _ ST

    Can't have no more juicy burgers
    Can't have no more greasy fries
    Doctor took my lipid profile
    He told me I'm barely alive
    No more fat
    No more fat
    No more chicken pot pies, no more chorizo
    I can't have that
    Got this problem from my father
    Grampa died at 45
    Heart attack and a triple bypass
    Future's looking very bright
    No more fat
    No more fat
    No more apple fritters, no more ice cream
    I can't have that
    No more fat
    No more fat
    I like food, but all the food that tastes good...
    I can't have that.

  6. Doug Holtz

    Swear I'm gonna leave her.

  7. Emre5 JDM

    I like food
    Food tastes good

  8. Knuckle Buster


  9. Sawbones Quad

    Oh my lord how have I not seen the video for this yet? Haha, classic descendents animated Milo.

  10. Bob Miklosey

    next album: Milo Goes Vegan!!!!

    The Vegan Uprise

    hell ye

  11. Will Waterhouse

    Freakin AWESOME video!!

  12. Bea Viana

    a questão é: como não amar essa banda?!

  13. Devin Buerger

    Really love the wall with Bill, Stephen, and Karl, along with Allroy, Mr. Bass, Bonus Cup, and Black flag

  14. PunkRockGuitarTabs

    Hey! I have a guitar tab of this super awesome song on my website if anyone is interested! It's a really fun song to play, and I have a lot of other Descendents songs tabbed out as well....gotta love the Descendents!! Check it out:

  15. mojorisen74

    Getting old sucks!

  16. Idiotic Tirades

    No fat beaver

  17. juziu66

    Best song on the album!

  18. lugf11

    This is the spirit, fucking awesome.

  19. Adit Nofx

    No more fat wreck chords :(

  20. SoberKennedy

    This is the best music video I have ever seen.

  21. We Remotely Low

    I wish they'd do more cartoons.

  22. titoVIII

    DIET RULES !!!

  23. Marc Fellerman

    I literally just found out there was a new album yesterday - and just came across this today via Reddit. One word - Awesome. I love this so much.

  24. Jose Angel M M

    No More Fat Wreck Chords!

  25. Patricia Richard

    polar effet

    Patricia Richard


  26. Andrés :/

    Just ate a burger with fries 🍟 after this video lol...

  27. chickenbeforeegg

    I just developed IBS a few months ago so this speaks to me on so many levels. Fuck, this band is great.

  28. Shawn Brase

    wtf is this shit


    Shawn Brase music

  29. The Orupturetan

    Now who here wants a full on Descendents animated series?

    Mutated Geek

    The Orupturetan that would be the best thing ever

  30. Rhys Peters

    good stuff! reminded me of guttermouth.

  31. InhumanBeings

    hahaha awesome

  32. Massimo Amato

    Descendents always kicking ass

  33. Michael Noseworthy

    Great Video, to a Great Song, by a Great Band!
    Descendents Continue To Kick Ass!!!!!

  34. Youngbond 00

    Fucking great!

  35. Michael Anderson


  36. Sid De Leon

    The sequel to "I like food"

    Michael Noseworthy

    Of course! Not many people get it

    Punkrock EP and singles collection

    And no fb

  37. Joel Daimao


  38. Felipe Nunes

    someone told me that this video was made by a brazilian fan. does anyone know if is true?

    Vitor Cervi

    It was me...

    Felipe Nunes

    Foda, meu bom ! Felizão por você !

    Vitor Cervi

    Valeu ;•)


    In the description it says Directed by Vitor Cervi

  39. Dennis Baumann

    Hahaha... great video!!!

  40. Noah Kunz

    I never realized that line on his head was his mouth, always thought the dots were the mouth lol.

  41. Peter Parker


  42. ruben torres

    well they got a song called "I like food", can't really say this was unexpected

  43. Alienrookie

    Reminds me of Weird Al Yankovic - Everything You Know Is Wrong

  44. El Negrito

    short and sweet

  45. Miles Green

    People who don't know who the Descendents are won't even understand what's happening here

    and by the way, if you think they suck, you might want to do some research about them!!

    Sepia MtAnoia

    Miles Green I wasn't familiar with them until I listen to AILD's cover of Coffee Mug years ago and I decide to check them out. Surprisingly, Descedents are great. 👍🏼


    The people disliking them are most likely the same kids who were posting comments like "Who are these old dudes playing pop-punk?" on the new Face To Face videos. It makes me cringe, but at least they are exploring this kind of music. A lot of kids are listening to rap and hip-hop only and really missing out :(

    Konstantinos Zazas

    Stfu fat beaver

    Chris Carr

    @Miles Green Led Zeppelin inspired a lot of people but they suck in my opinion. Descendents however do not although it took me a while to come round to Everything Sucks as it doesn't hold a candle to All, Milo Goes to College or All but is overall better than Enjoy which has some of their best songs.

    Xen Zer

    i never thought they sucker but where do i start the research?

  46. Gabriel Klock

    long live Descendents, kings from Pop punk to hardcore!

  47. Aycan Öğüt

    best diss for the fat wreck so far

    We Remotely Low

    ...It's a reference to their song "I Like Food". Which was on the Fat EP or whatever.

    Michael Noseworthy

    Exactly! Someone who knows what they are talking about. Hard to come by these days.
    Descendents released "Cool To Be You" on Fat Wreck Chords because they saw how enthusiastic Fat Mike was over wanting to sign them. Fat Mike is a huge Descendents fan, and I'm sure the Descendents would never say anything bad about them. The "Fat" is referring the the "Fat" EP the Descendents released in 1981. It is a throwback to the song "I like Food" on that EP. Nothing to do with Fat Wreck Chords.

    Aycan Öğüt

    thanks for all the comments, but it was just a bad joke guys!?!!



    Aycan Öğüt

    yeah boiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!

  48. AFxke

    Wow, this commercial of 7up is incredible.

    lucke nines

    ErsergioFTW this is not a commercial


    Sarcasm little fucker.

    lucke nines

    ErsergioFTW ok sorry

  49. Stephen Addeo

    Awesome! Greenday (and a lot of bands) need to take a lesson from these guys about staying relevant to the fan base. Now that we're all getting older you can't hide from the truth of life.

    Michael Noseworthy

    Very True

  50. Samuel blinne


  51. grindcoremaniac

    I'm so sorry for you Milo. burgers are so delicious

    Red Laughner

    As is fat beaver, but to each his own.

  52. Derek M

    but my coffee mug

  53. toto gonzales

    i need a fukin greasy hamburger. i need an early death

    Camouflage Squid

    toto gonzales You're Mr. Burns, it's too late for that.

  54. Ricardo Leão


    lucke nines

    Ricardo Leão achei um brasileiro aqui eu pensei q eu era diferentão

    Vitor Cervi

    Foi um brasileiro que fez o clipe ;•)

    lucke nines

    Vitor Cervi nossa q legal o clipe ficou muito bom parabens eu acabei de ver q foi vc

    Camouflage Squid

    Ricardo Leão sweet! Great job! Kept replaying and replaying

  55. AmicoVirgi

    The kid's grown up, and now is dead 'cause of FAT

  56. Planet Lynx

    thanks for the notification epitaph

  57. Alf Lemon

    Holy shit.
    I wasn't expecting this, amazing video.

  58. Waq Hamma

    Similar to the classic style of hardcore, maybe some people dont understand

    Marco Sepulveda

    The Reptilian Descendents still here

    We Remotely Low

    Well yeah. Haven't you heard "I Like Food" by Descendents?

  59. Lauren X

    What the hell?


    Lauren MCRarmy it's called Punk Rock

  60. Purple Pudding

    well this answers the question if that line was his mouth or jaw line 😂😂😂

    We Remotely Low

    I always thought it was pretty well known to be his mouth.x3

    Purple Pudding

    +We Remotely Low lol I had no idea tbh


    Purple Pudding to me, that line is a jaw line. Milo has no mouth 😂😂😂

    Punkrock EP and singles collection

    I always thought it was his mouth

  61. dummy thicc

    Why are they signed


    Derek M Old as shit? They're in their 50's. You make them sound like they are approaching 100.

    Derek M

    +oldschoolpunkguy1 that's because I feel like I'm approaching 100 , I'm actually proud they were my first band merch. n I still have it.. wonder if op Ivy will ever make anything again

    Sean Crawford

    @Derek M Where did this comment about Op Ivy come from? and no they probably won't

    Derek M

    +Sean Crawford it'd be nice to see some more of the stuff come back out that I used to get in my printed epitaph catalogue come back out

    Sean Crawford

    Derek M represses of Energy are on Hellcat; what are you tasking about?

  62. Lydia C

    There's only three words for this. What... the... hell.....


    This is the Descendants! Best fucking Pop Punk Band ever! Next to Green day...

    Lydia C

    SYNDRIC I'm loving the guitar its his voice lol

    Camouflage Squid

    Lydia C he's fucking 55 😂😂

    The Logman Can

    Lydia C it's still only 53 seconds long tho

    Chris Carr

    You used too many words. You should be put in jail.


    Wth is this?

  64. Raphi Loi

    lol this is gonna be good

    Sean Crawford

    Raphi Loi the album already came out