Descendents - Feel This Lyrics

Busted heart, my brain is beat, yeah
Don’t want a doctor
Need zero anesthetic to make me numb
Escape is easy and everybody’s offering

I wanna feel this
Gotta have to bear witness
Gonna take pain straight the way I found it
I gotta feel this
So I can kick this sickness
The only way to get my mind around it

Busted brain, my heart is beat, yeah
Don’t want a bottle
Or well-intended smiles and lies
Escape is easy and everybody’s offering

I wanna feel this
Gotta have to bear witness
Gonna take pain straight the way I found it
I gotta feel this
So I can kick this sickness
Wanna take pain straight the way I found it
Can’t get around it
Can’t heal without it

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Descendents Feel This Comments
  1. mark kevorkian

    God all of them are still brilliant. Milo's vocal are amazing and bills drumming as usual doesnt sound human.

  2. Sergio Rosa

    Punk is not dead.

  3. Piszczel

    Descendents is a band that started so fricking good (Milo goes to College, Fat EP, even i don't wanna grow up) but its Complete (imo) shit, pop punk sucks

  4. mxmang

    To be able to toss on some fry' and sing that clean, talent.


    solo amore

  6. daoust26

    Milo is the man, I hope to see a new album

  7. martech360

    God damn they rip!

  8. spectorflexor

    ROCK EN!!! ROLL!!

  9. kamalsalhudin 87

    man, love this band!

  10. BS59

    Descendents: Feel This
    Blink-182: Feeling This

  11. Nikita Pillay

    Damn,these guy put away most of the younger guys

    Caleb Harris

    Nikita Pillay these guys have been around for a very long time

  12. Lukas Lopis

    quem aqui e br?

  13. YouthEnergy

    Bust a nut with my own two hands, yeah
    Don't want a doctor
    Need zero stimulation to make me hard
    Erection's easy and everybody's horrified

    I want you to feel this
    You're gonna have to bear witness
    Gonna make me cum the way you touch it
    You gotta feel this
    So you can taste my sickness
    Gonna make me cum the way you eat it

  14. Daniel Solano

    I only like milo goes to college everything else is too pop punk-ish

  15. Nacho-Demon TV

    dope. dudes still rocking stages

  16. Hermon van Ly

    Blink182 who? 😂

  17. Imam Ariyanto


    Bridget Clarke

    Legit is

  18. Isaac Lefevre

    Best band!

  19. PosterBoy

    I wonder what that song "pop" I'd on the setlist, between van and talking.. probably pep talk?

  20. Cameron Kok

    It doesn't make sense that over 30 years into their career, Descendents are better than they have ever been and put out their best album. Logic is stupid anyway. So good.


    Milo goes to College is da best man

    Chris Carr

    @Piszczel best equal with All and I Don't Want to Grow Up

  21. Rizal, Muhammad

    Godfather of poppunk

  22. Julio Chirinos

    wow, sweet!

  23. Rhyse

    If someone would've told me that The Descendents make a comeback in 2016, I wouldn't believe it. But goddamn, they haven't lost their spark. Best pop punk band that ever lived.


    Rhyse - 100% best

  24. Cécile Thevenin

    this is so good

  25. Muhammad Vewagra

    Nu saena

  26. Vulgar Samurai

    Listen to The Garden instead of this.

  27. Arthur Tayt-Sohn

    The coolest old guys around, holy fuck.

  28. Give me meh ruffles

    Man I wish the vandals still mad music

  29. ReCreative

    old fuckers

  30. George Reagan

    shit. just balls out bad ass.

  31. Noah Saxe

    Is that my dad?

    David Moreno

    Your dad is cool AF

    Daniel Kwietniak

    Noah Saxe you're not that lucky


    Probably, there like 55 years old

    Kunty McKunthles

    You’re dads not a cool guy anymore, as if he ever was before.

  32. Balling Like Choji

    if youtube was around 30 years ago, this video would have a million views by now haha.

    WhyDoIHave ToUseMyRealName?

    Balling Like Choji This song was made in 2016.

  33. Said Ojeda


  34. Matthew Carle

    they fucking killed in Boston a few weeks ago ... waited 30 years for the show!!! Listen to Karl just rip it up ...

  35. Do ZERO


  36. Brunno Márcio

    Descendents are still a solid band, even after 38 years. FUCK IT!!
    Thanks for being the pop punk founders.

  37. Wesker1982

    <3 bill

  38. nlongdrummer

    these guys are still around?

    Geoff Swanson

    NL Drummer Just released an album in July. Album is actually pretty great.

    Paranoid Band

    More than you

    Chris Carr

    @Paranoid Band haha

  39. Mohor Narzary

    Like my comment if you 'feel this'.

  40. Dave Hamilton


  41. Dylan Nield

    Getting old there buddy haha!

    Balling Like Choji

    Dylan Nield aren't we all 😂

    Dylan Nield

    @Balling Like Choji true

    George Reagan

    Dylan Nield so old they have forgotten stuff you don't even know yet, but it's the best they have ever sounded. true athletes.

    Dylan Nield

    @George Reagan​ I'm no spring chicken my self. But the last time I saw these guys they, and I where quite younger.

    Chris Carr

    @Dylan Nield I had 25 years between seeing All and The Descendents, who I finally got to see this year.