Derulo, Jason - Painkiller Lyrics

[Jason Derulo & Meghan Trainor:]
[Jason Derulo:] M Train!
[Meghan Trainor:] Jason Derulo!
[Jason Derulo:] True.

[Jason Derulo:]
I thought my heart might break cause slowly this kills
Not everyone needs space (oh no)

[Meghan Trainor:]
You what the doctor gave, I swallowed your pill
I never loved this way (oh no)

[Pre-Chorus - Jason Derulo & Meghan Trainor:]
You pick me up and get me higher (higher)
You fill my cup with desire

[Chorus - Jason Derulo & Meghan Trainor:]
Baby I'm back now feeling, how I used to feel
You got me back now, stick around, this is for reals
You put it dow-dow-dow-down, my painkiller
You put it dow-dow-dow-down, my painkiller
Baby I'm back now feeling, how I used to feel
You got me back now, stick around, this is for reals
You put it down
You put it down

[Meghan Trainor:]
I had to turn the page to get here to you
Love how you numb my pain (oh yeah)

[Jason Derulo:]
But all the nurses say me, where is the juice?
What makes you go insane (oh yeah)



You put it down

[Jason Derulo:]
Check this out, I'm 'bout to kiss it, make it better,
Kiss and make it better babe

[Meghan Trainor:]
Kiss and make it better
Kiss and make it better babe

[Jason Derulo:]
I'm a kiss it, make it better,
Kiss and make it better babe

[Meghan Trainor:]
Oh, kiss and make it better, kiss and make it better babe

You the best [repeat]

[Meghan Trainor:]
I know
Baby I'm bad


You put it down, my painkiller
You put it down, my painkiller

[Meghan Trainor:]
Woohoo, Freestyle and shit, uh

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Derulo, Jason Painkiller Comments
  1. Laura Bridges

    4 years later, and this song is still a bop

  2. Danitza Encinas Vega

    Aun me encanta como el primer día😍 #Megatronz♥

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    2019-2020 anyone? Just me?

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    Why is this not a hit

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    Thiss. Iss. The Painkiller!

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    Judas Priest see this and suicide all band members

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    Jason Derulo 'True'

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    I just realized something. The second song of this album is my name. *HOLY-*

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    I love this.

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    This is my most favorite song ever

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    Loco escuche esta cancion hace poco pero me enamorooo 😍😍

    Angel Toons

    como yooo

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    Wow your voices are unreal together❤️🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

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    Oooh My God !!!! I love the song so much 😍😍

  20. Kaylin’s_and_Avas_ rad_ Vlogs

    Honestly this song was so underrated! I’m listing to it 4 years later and it’s honestly the best thing ever!

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    Fuck this song

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    2019 any one??? 🙆😍

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    Faster than a bullet

    Princess Scarlet

    Terrifying scream

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    Jason derulo songs is the best out there just like other artists out on the music

  25. Chicken Nuggets

    ive looked at the cover of this song many times and i just realized wtf is on Jasons head its a fucking bush XD

  26. Armando Blancq

    There is only one TRUE Painkiller, this IS NOT the one

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    Jason Derulo Ft Meghan Trainer - PainKiller Album

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    I'm truly enjoying this track.

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    just poor from moving so i can't buy

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    just remember that I like it most!

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    seriously like this is EVERY NURSES NATioNAL ANTHEM

  56. Emily Claire

    from a 27 year old nurse in madison wisconsin, moving to st. paul minnesota soon!!!!

  57. Emily Claire

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! your voice is soooooo damn good in this jrulo and the lyrics are amazing!!!!!!

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    MEGAN TRAINOR wrights this

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    about 1000 of these views are me!

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