Derulo, Jason - Love Like That Lyrics

Okay, okay it's my birthday, everyone left
Role play, we could stop the role play, everyone left
I'm making love to his girl, but he's still my nigga
No we can't control ourselves when we on that liquor

Can't let the homie in this house cause I'm in love with his girl
What are we doing?

[Hook - Jason Derülo (K. Michelle):]
We ain't supposed to love like that
(We ain't supposed to love like that)
Why do I feel good doing something so bad?
(We ain't supposed to love like that)
We ain't supposed to love like that

[K. Michelle:]
Okay, it just hit 3:30, he ain't home yet
Okay, I might do some things that I'm gon' regret
He don't treat me right, but he';s still my nigga, some how
We can't control ourselves cause we on that liquor, right now

[K. Michelle:]
Can't let my man in his house cause I'm in love with his boy
What are we doing?


[Jason Derülo (K. Michelle):]
(No no, I just can't)
Nah, don't stop
(No, I don't wanna stop)
Yeah just like that
(Just go)

[Jason Derülo (K. Michelle):]
This ain't no shit that can be planned
Some people never find love, maybe we can
(Maybe we can, but I feel so guilty
But living this life without you just might kill me)
Get it how you want it, I be on it, ain't no days off
Kiss it, grab it, turn it, baby, I'ma keep my Jays on
My Jays, my Jays, my Jays, no way
(We ain't supposed to love like that, no way, no way, no way)
Why do I feel so good, doing something so bad?

We ain't supposed to love like that
But we ain't supposed to love like that
We ain't supposed to love like that
We ain't supposed to love like that

Nah we ain't supposed to fuck like that
We ain't supposed to touch like that
Damn it's too much, too much, might crack
Pressure burst pipes, baby I'ma burst back
I'ma burst back baby, I'ma burst back
We ain't supposed to love like that

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Derulo, Jason Love Like That Comments
  1. Lauren Hennicke

    Jason Derulo is so dame hot and so sexy

  2. Pablo M

    Algún 🇪🇸


    Lol.. this hit just sweet

  4. Team Breezy

    Chris brown type

  5. Julia Vargas

    Lawd!!!!! Not da homie! Breaking da code.iz a no no.smh. but lyrically n as artists collaboration dam talk about light a match. U guyz burn da mfking place down!!!!

  6. IG: MrAhkAnt

    K didn’t have to slay this track like that.... I like playing this when my side nigga around

  7. IG: MrAhkAnt

    This my shit...

  8. Taki Taki GO

    Jason Derulo Ft K Michelle - Love alike That Album

  9. Tania Johnson

    You you you okay okay is my birthday

  10. Barbie VIRAL

    I Lovveeeeeee K MICHELLE

  11. Jasmine Jones

    Love  You.

  12. Jasmine Jones

    You don.t love me how I love you.

  13. Jasmine Jones

    I will write later. Love you.

  14. Leshell Thomas

    Yes !!!!! My jam 4 life

  15. Valentino Scoccia Grande

    who else loves the beginning of this song?

  16. yotube Lo mas gracioso

    Esta chida la cansion 👏👏👏👍👏👍👌👌😢😀

  17. Devon Teller

    one of my favorite songs from Jason....2017 in Australia stiil jamin this song lol

  18. chung alexa

    Love this song

  19. Kai J

    Did anybody notice that "you know" by meek mill and this song has the same beat.

    De'Kari Joyce

    Kai J yea

  20. NewHop Entertainment

    very nice

  21. Jade Hardin

    meek brought me here

  22. rachke16

    Finally some R&B from this nigga, haven't listen to the man since his first album. great songs, great story, tbh i just feel like K was lacking soul here.

  23. Loic Reviews

    Who used these drums first tho?
    "Exchange", "Déja Vu", "You Know" or "Love Lile That".

  24. Prince Jaren


  25. Nikolai Blagov

    Meek Mill brought me here!!!

  26. King Bolo

    meek did this track up. Lucci


    Just heard that Meek song yesterday, and I was like hold up...i know this beat lol

    Crystal Martin

    thats good

  27. typisch Ali

    *2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway*

  28. BartTux

    I love this! Do you know where can I find instrumental version?

  29. RKGSD

    Why isn't there an instrumental version???

  30. Gem Scott

    k michelle can sing jus.she destroys his muzic video naked my oppion

  31. Tomas Garcia

    me gusta esta canción :'v

  32. MaddenGirl1224

    Doesn't anyone wonder where he got the inspiration for this song. It really makes me wonder. But anyways +samatha Love You're right it does.

  33. JAY Irizarry

    He has good songs 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽☝🏽️😉

  34. corndog corndog

    her name is K Michelle

  35. Marcus G

    I like there duet I need more


    speed to 1.25 is so dope ;)


    JONATHAN DOUBLET how do you do that?


    computer only, you can set the speed at the bottom right of the video (parameter)

  37. Daniel Onyekwere

    boo to jason derulo but hey to k michelle

  38. xXJustSamXx

    rnb suits him better then that pop stuff

  39. King Kami

    He and Trey Songz have similar vocal stylings. You noticed that when he switched from pop to urban. And a side note: K Michelle stole the show.

  40. Dejanelle Adams

    just heard this song but it's amazing

  41. Karl derallesweis

    i'm i love with jason he is sooooooo awsome *_* love him

  42. Thomas3210


  43. Xime BG

    Me gusta mucho esta canción #jasón derulo

  44. Shala B

    finally none of that gay pop music hate that shit! this is a hot ass song!

  45. farah charles

    love this song

  46. Ian Kyriakos

    Not a massive fan of Jason Derulo, but this is a great song!

  47. Leo McLeo

    <) )╯ you know what to do
    / \
    <( (> with that big fat butt
    / \
    (•_•) (•_•)
    <) (> Wiggle <) (> wiggle wiggle
    / \ / \

  48. Orit Cohen

    You are the best 😍😘

  49. Sheenz O

    I'm in love with this song, just hate what it's about.

    Brady Stephenson

    what's it about? I'm dumb😂

    jessica nicole

    +Brady Stephenson Jason and K Michelle are cheating on Jason's good friend who is also K Michelle's boyfriend.

    Silav Whatever

    omg ya😳

  50. Jah_tht_nigga

    I really love this album

  51. Adonay Valera

    Like like like 😉🎤

  52. Daisyta Castillo

    Great song... Is really sexy!!!

  53. Naoufal Editor

    could anybody of you make the 1h version please? kthx

  54. Asem Y

    1:41 "can't lick my man in his ass" !!!



    Kennedy Holmes

    it says u can't look my man in his eyes

    Natalie Forever


  55. Amelia Petitte

    Jason can u please subscribe me!! I love ur music!!

  56. Rose Casimir

    😍😘 love it

  57. Lanie Ryan

    Have my Jason Derulo playlist on shuffle mode, and its all just so freaking amazing. Ugh, I love you so much

  58. Bayan Heby Bayan


  59. Sugar Comb

    It's about time he sing some R&B instead of that pop shit

    Jeremy Collins

    look who on the song, K.Michelle

  60. Denise Hélène Guessyiana

    we aint suspossed love like that
    why it feels so good doing something sooo bad......

  61. b3afy

    Jason let his black out by saying "nigga" in this song.

  62. Cuteness Overload

    I like this one 😜

  63. Alicia Love

    omg this is one of my favorite songs from the album K michelle and Jason Derulo sound amazing together .I love the story telleing falling  in love with your friends partner it happens in real life too lol

  64. James Kelly

    Yess🙌🙌🙌 K. Michelle never fails to deliver!

  65. Divina Thomas

    I'm waiting on a video ..please and Thank u

  66. Loren Baker

    This sounds like a Trey Songz song.

    ___. Benno.b .___

    Trey songz sounds like Jason too.

  67. Papaya Queen

    He REALLY needs to do a collaboration with The Weeknd!!!

    corndog corndog

    +Mackay Ssempa her name is K Michelle and she's not unknown she's had 2 billboard albums and she has reality show on vh1 and she can sing her ads off

    Kitala K

    @corndog corndog I wasn't talking about her stupid 😂😂😂 Read the comments 😂😂😂 Foolish

    Kylie M

    Yes !!!!

    moi ami

    Papaya Queen yh lol we wont be able to see a difference in the voice tho

  68. the st channel

    Share Gif:

  69. chene williams

    K. Michelle sounds amazing on this track...her voice complement Jason's voice very well.

  70. Jennifer Herrera

    Favorite song outta the whole album <3 .<3

  71. Rubenpita Valeza

    100% good.

  72. XDranzer000

    Am I the only person who thought of The Weeknd at the beginning when I lilsten to the vocals ?

  73. mekaylah johnson

    This is my favorite song my bae killed it on this one with Jason love you k.Michelle best song ever made by two great amazing people.

  74. Pizamo Gaming

    Jason should do a collab with Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake

  75. Bobby Em

    Sounds like rihanna's, better have my money.  Great song thou

  76. Nashae Monroe

    Love this❤️



  78. Nicy Richards

    love it

  79. Byron Myers

    they kill it that

  80. BreezyandKellzFan

    Dey killed dat 💩. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍

  81. Jonas Herndon

    can i buy this album in stores?! like on cd, i dont have apple, i have android phone. I reaaly hope you can.

    Jane Dee ToFreedom

    @THYP H20  You can buy it on Amazon too or Google Play.  It's in stores too.  You don't even need an iphone to buy it. Just download the iTunes software on you desktop computer or laptop, create an iTunes account, search and buy music.  You can transfer your purchased iTunes music files from your computer to your phone too.  Sorry, I don't mean to get too techie.

  82. Briggs Breed

    i thought this was trey songz

  83. Ghaniza W

    I have to say that this is my favourite song on the album, I love a bit of storytelling

  84. Jay Jay

    First time listening. only here for k michelle. K ALL DAY

  85. Ryan Braiden

    Yasss K.Michelle U rocked it boo!

    Jaylin Jones

    @Ryan Braiden YASSSSSS

    Ryan Braiden

    merking420 hey

  86. ftma 99

    It's my favorite song to the jason derulo whit wiggle

  87. Jane Dee ToFreedom

    OhMyGod, Jason must be psychic, as he often sings about my life. He just knows my life. From Ridin Solo to Cheyenne and many other songs.  Gosh, Jason must be psychic or something or he's just intuned.

  88. Britt Rocabella

    This song has an Eric Bellinger feel to it...I dig it!

  89. SIL7VO

    Trigga beat


    Treys a producer .........

  90. D. Foxx

    I swear R&B songs these days all sound like Trey or Chris Brown songs.

    D. Foxx

    @world documentary lol ok

    Trippy Topic

    +world documentary kill yourselves you dumb fuck Chris is legendary

    D. Foxx

    @ceonte perryman lol

    Paige Marie

    +ceonte perryman yea hes a "legend" okay.... But he also has domestic violence charges because he beat Rihanna.... Legends dont beat women for NO REASON.


    80's/90's R&B is better all day.

  91. Wally Tibbal

    This song needs a video ASAP!!! #LOVETHISSONG


    2 years ago