Dermot Kennedy - Young & Free Lyrics

Where do we go from here? Something came in with the night
Snow came in heavy, my boys and me wandering blind, yeah
Well it's temporary, darling, now that bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan heard all our lines
Meant what I said, I want all of this, all of the time

Ooh when I'm gone
At the dune with the dawn
Well that's all I could want

We were young
We were free, come on now, let it go
We were young
We were free
I was living in the cold, I'm coming home
Perfect line to open with
Her heart was never meant for this
Ooo we're never over it
We were young
We were free
Yeah, yeah

All that she said to me stays with me, never to die
Held me brand new in the silence that went through the pines
Like I said already darling, I don't want you looking back at all the ghosts left behind
Know you'll stay near me so road remains hopeful this time

We were young
We were free, come on now, let it go
We were young
We were free
I was living in the cold, I'm coming home
Perfect line to open with
Her heart was never meant for this
Ooo we're never over it
We were young
We were free
Yeah, yeah

Keep it another for a night, keep it another for a night
All I'll ever know, baby we were bound to burn
Keep it another for a night, keep it another for a night
All I'll ever know, baby we were bound to burn
Baby, we were bound to burn

We were young
We were free, come on now, let it go
We were young
We were free
I was living in the cold, I'm coming home
Perfect line to open with
Her heart was never meant for this
Ooo we're never over it
We were young
We were free
Yeah, yeah

Oh, when I'm gone
At the dune with the dawn
Well that's all I could want

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Dermot Kennedy Young & Free Comments
  1. Tania Leigh

    Love your sound! Love love love everything

  2. Vimal Jain

    If I was free for days and then money became my life I would be disappointed with all of you

  3. D3ath2one

    He paints such a beautiful picture!!❤❤

  4. darius

    this is real music ,the way he sing his voice ... is art

  5. emmy mwesigwa

    This guys music is the bomb i cant even find a fair song or fake all r dope

  6. Crystalann Carter

    Love his voice & so far I've loved every song of his that I have heard. He will be a superstar.

  7. Juan Daniel Hernandez Gomez

    Como Bad Bunny puedes tener más me gustas que este amigo

  8. Sven Ketzer

    Einfach nur eine Geile Stimme

  9. Message Stick Walk

    I’ll see you in Sydney April 2020 Yass 🥰

  10. Cielo Benites

    Sean Lew anybody?

  11. English Rose

    Beautiful song 🐰🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🦊

  12. English Rose


  13. Wingnut1989

    If you're not irish and you love dermot, try listening to walking on cars and picture this, irish music has exploded in the last couple of years.

  14. Robert Uhlig

    er ist besser als ed sheeran

  15. Heather Leigh

    I get it now.
    If I were to ever attend a show, I’d be the jerk in the crowd sobbing. I never understood how that was even possible until I heard his voice.

  16. Daithe O

    why did you burn a csi you prick

  17. Stacey Nolan

    every song just gets better.

  18. Nicola Walsh

    Perfection ❤️

  19. Cam Smith

    Straight up Goosebumps from this song !!

  20. John Myers

    he dose j arthur dont he

  21. Maria Gomez

    Awww thanks Kaycee Rice for bringing me here 💜

  22. Deana Prine

    Ok Bono you must know of DERMOTT when will u collaborate together what an excellent idea!

  23. Ace Spa

    His honestly my favourite singer. Every song is gold.

  24. Giovanna Dias Boni

    Beautiful, love it
    Congratulations, you deserve it

  25. Joselyn Victor

    Can I just say.....Woah! I'm blown away by DK's music! his voice and the beat...everything. Never wanted to hear anything more in my life

  26. Devont'e Palmer

    Why there's so much badmind people? You listen to the song an you Nuh like it just got ahead n pass it you don't have to hit the dislike botten

  27. Drima1405

    I want him to become really famous but on the other hand don't want that he starts singing commercial music like most of famous singers do and they all sound similar

  28. mrnicktoyou

    It's weird hearing a masculine voice from a male singer these days. Welcome back.

  29. karen phillips

    Hon da dermot 😍😍😍😍love you n ur music see u on da 23rd in da 3 arena baby 😉😘😘😘😘😘

  30. agnieszka eco

    man you sing from your heart with your soul!

  31. shane blanchard

    love ya always patricia maheux

  32. Meredith McCall

    if a Dermot Kennedy, Dean Lewis, and Lewis Capaldi collaberation came out, a mf would never get over depression.

  33. UwU

    When you have more views then the entire population of your country 🤭

  34. Mpho Mashea

    Your music is so powerful. Every tune I listen to, truly hits deep. Am listening all the way in South Africa

  35. DigitalDragon36

    This isn't even the kind of music I usually listen to, but every single one of your songs up here on YouTube has slain me. Beautiful stuff.

  36. Michela Davite

    Most amazing voice ever!!!

  37. Leo Aries

    Baby we were bound to burn! We were young we were free, come on now let it go

  38. PorkDumplin !

    I’m at a loss for words- the chorus started and my jaw completely dropped. Speechless. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

  39. Jacob Keller

    He's the best

  40. Reese Bennett

    This is my favorite song right now.

  41. minnie the pony

    And he is gorges looking whith his butifol gleming eys and he is just incrediball looking . I may be young but i know what i like and i love and adore him . He mens so much to me . And i also love the jonas brothers and think ther cute but i have and will always love and cear for dermot kennedy to me he is like a frend and i know he is a frend you would nether for get because you make frends and lose them but he is one you mack keep and protect , garde and love . I can be told i am a stupid kid whith dum childish crush but that is not what this is i love him foril and i would love the jonas brothers but 2 of them are like brothers to me and joe jonas is a nover one lick dermot i do love them both and cant live whith out them but i know they are not childish crushes they are people i do rerly cear for .joe and dermot both are gorges and have butiful glowin eys . Ther music will always mean somting to me all of them but i am in love .i was born may 2007 and are 12 yers ould bu i have Fallon in love but joe i will never reach to love because he is mard to the gorges sophe terner but i still will always want to met and get to know joe but i still have a chance of falling in love with dermot kennedy and i hope i will till then i just can imagon . i cear , love him and always will because my nan would have sed chase youre drem howe ever hard it is to reach you will rise or you will crash and bern . But if you crash and bern change the vuow you are loking in and retry and you will one day sucsed.

  42. minnie the pony

    He is basicly singing poetry in a beautiful way and he has a ecstrodenery voice i listend to his musick 4 days in a row whithout stoping.

  43. minnie the pony

    He should collab with the jonas brothers thay both right the same music it can be fun and up and slow and pecfull but ever way thay both right music that helps pepole him and the jonas brothers music hels me and mens a lot to me .

  44. minnie the pony

    I serpose a year every one in the world can hear his music. Because every one relats to hes music because he songs have mening to them you have to listen to know what its about but his musick helps people it helps me and it will fore lods more people.

  45. Jimmy Jones

    I can almost feel his passion

  46. kermit

    ya'll should check out Kaycee Rice! she choreographed and danced to this song and that's why i fell in love with the song! she's amazing, i promise! 😭

  47. DearSagan LoveMamaxoxo

    Dermot Kennedy is my mood

  48. Luca Valentine

    I love how his song can invoke such strong emotion that’s the mark of a true artist

  49. Patrycja Hall


  50. Jake Anderson


  51. Tamar Payne

    The more I hear of Dermot Kennedy the more I like his songs!

  52. Gleekasaurs

    Blown away!!!    love his voice and this song!

  53. SystemExclusive

    Im in love with every part of this song but specially the last bridge. I cant hear what he is saying properly though.... In the lyrics i read: 'Keeping another Fortnight' But is this realy right? Im not sure. If some1 is please confirm

    Caleb Noland

    SystemExclusive “ keep it another fortnight. Keep it another fortnight. All I’ll ever know. Baby we were bound to burn”


    @Caleb Noland thanks! Didn't expect Fortnight to be a real excisting word next to the popular video game... I can imagine it means something like he's staying alone at home for another night? Away from his girl?

    Caleb Noland

    @SystemExclusive A fortnight is equivalent to two weeks.

  54. Great dane

    favorite song so far deff. getting better 💯👈🤙

  55. Curtis Tonge

    How is this not on the album 🔥🖤🤘

  56. Jorge Zuniga

    I listened one of his songs on my flight to Mexico. Reminds me of Sam Smith but a little more powerful.

  57. warren Stephens

    thats why i cant mix rap with this kinda music i need meaningful music in my life or life becomes a Blur for me i need good tunes and this is my kinda style music s;very Cherry"

  58. Cool Dude

    I first heard this song on the radio about a hear ago. Back then he only had 2 albums out. Ever since I heard this on the radio. I have listened and felt this man's story. He is and will probably be the only singer that you can FEEL with your heart. Dermont, you are special. And I know that I'm speaking for many people when I say you are the GREATEST singer of all time.

  59. 1984


  60. Lali Ab

    im in love with his voice

  61. stefanie dahlberg

    cant stop listening to this. such an amazing artist!

  62. Melanie Schmidt

    Unglaublich, wie ehrlich und voller Gefühl es klingt, wenn er singt. Zieht mich schon auch ein wenig runter..

  63. Susan Reay

    He’s made it x

  64. Liene B

    why is this not on the album?

  65. River Moon

    It's like being a teenager all over again ...... Oh, to be held in his arms!

  66. The Ranga Pirate

    721 dislikes..... 721 Bimmer drivers.

    Or Gretta has 721 Utube accounts.

  67. Bill Findlay

    Dk could seriously release the first memorable Christmas song in years. No cheesecake

  68. Lameck Mogere

    Kenyans here????

  69. kavii smillysmith

    I m loving this outnumbered so much

  70. Dion Sellars

    James Arthur Collaboration would be bloody fantastic 😩😩😩

  71. stephine1986


  72. Jordan Seager

    I just love this man!! His voice is something else. So much emotion, I get lost in his songs

  73. Anna Nowak

    Tough irishman.

  74. Duane Oakley

    Your sound is amazing. Happy to have discovered your music.

  75. Elizabeth W

    How have I just found the now ? I- THIS IS JUST WOW

  76. Carla Fears

    Not sure why I cry when I listen to this song. The lyrics are beautiful and so much meaning. His voice is powerful and passionate. Shame I had to run across his music during a random play on spotify.

  77. Wolf

    !!! c'est la vie.....

  78. Dana

    I cant tell how much i love this song ❤️❤️❤️

  79. Irfani Cool

    Love from indonesia i will share your song my friend so meaning to us 😍😍😍 ty

  80. Lisa Evans

    Love this song

  81. Fawn Toy

    Omg his voice is just ridiculously beautiful

  82. Rene Torry

    They played his song Moments Passed . Beautiful. Had to look him up.

  83. Heidi Monardo

    I Love Musik von Dermot Kennedy,seine Stimme ist rau wie das Irische Land und so gefühlvoll wie die Poesie Liebender.Einfach wunderschön. Ich wünsche dir weiterhin viel Erfolg mit deiner Musik.Love you Musik.♥♥♥

  84. Dozer Poker

    Young and free yes. But wear your seatbelt! We can't lose you buddy lol

  85. Selina Mello

    Officially obsessed. So good!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  86. Lee Coleman

    This blokes voice is absolutely incredible

  87. M L

    I am astonished that this song only has close to 4 million views. This song beats 95% of all the musicians out there. Unreal. This man is amazing. A gem.

  88. Marko Adino

    i love how he sings with convictions and feelings from the heart

  89. jaeden minessaleem

    We were young and free

  90. mayte bustamante ortiz

    A Dermot Kennedy, James Arthur and Lewis Capaldi collaboration would be the death of us

    Machael Allen

    Absolutely. Amen. What a way to go. My three favorites!

    Machael Allen

    @Tim Halsey Totally Agreed# James Blunt❤!


    Add a bit of Paulo Nutini and Jp Cooper in that mix and that will blow your back out!

    Created by Nemanja

    Matt Maeson

    CZ gaming

    + dean Lewis

  91. Royal Subjects

    Man I hate music like this but all of your songs are so good cuz the emotion in your voice and how you belt them notes out just makes it so good.

  92. Ron Sherrard

    There are few true poets in popular music anymore...he is one of the best in a long time. Reminds me of early Springsteen.

  93. Sayed Owais Shah

    Thankyu for giving us ur amazing insight of ur beautiful mind DK ... ❤️

  94. rwblackwell

    THIS should be on every playlist on every streaming service everywhere in the universe!! Inspiring and unique! Gonna go buy ALL of his music!

  95. Jella Black