Dermot Kennedy - Dancing Under Red Skies Lyrics

Sitting out in warm winds, flecks of sun painted on the sea
You smiled and looked down when I told you "It ain't bad to be me"
Give me moonlight, and a smile from you that I can barely believe

Baby those plans are grand but you don't mean the same
When they ask you who you're living for and you'll drop my name
And then, I found a new courage that kills cowards I've been holding in
And it took us back to times, when real men were real men

Let me tell you, no one ever got my soul right like she could, yeah
Amongst artists in heartlessness, dealing in darknesses
I know, I know
One time nobody ever got my soul right like she could, yeah
Now I'm close to what I'm needing

Now I'm close to what I'm needing

One by one we made it up over that hill
One by one they picked us off, laughing still
Let me know, let me know when I've got room to run
Let me know, let me know when that fool is cleaning his gun and I'll-

Let me tell you, no one ever got my soul right like she could, yeah
Amongst artists in heartlessness, dealing in darknesses
I know I know
One time nobody ever got my soul right like she could, yeah
Now I'm close to what I'm needing

And I hold on to your heart
And I keep on coming round, falling down, this part
And I'll only grow lonely, my darling, when the silence starts

Let me tell you, no one ever got my soul right like she could
In my heart, play my part, in this deal with the darknesses
I know I know
One time, nobody ever got my soul right like she could, yeah
Now I'm close to what I'm needing
Now I'm close to what I'm needing

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Dermot Kennedy Dancing Under Red Skies Comments
  1. Kayleigh Tye

    Forever my fave song of yours. You’re my world dermot!



  3. Emily Pearce

    Fave song from the whole album!

  4. Bernie Stewart

    Love this song. Beautiful textured voice, can’t wait for everyone else to catch up

  5. Meg Chelednik

    "Yeah eee.. ". I'm addicted. This album is pure..... Poetry lives in this man's soul 💗

  6. TheBriguy33

    Great artist and found him hearing a snippet of a song in a countdown today.Kinda reminds me of a cross between James Blunt/Hozier.This is the kind of music that needs to be trending instead of the other pop/rap stuff.

  7. Paris Redd

    Is it bad that I hit the like button before even listening to his songs? They're all just so.... Perfect.

  8. Daniel

    His best song, I wager. :)

  9. Conor McA

    It's not bad 2 be me... if my name was Damian Kennedy

  10. Sal Gutierrez

    “She’ll drop my name.”

  11. Jake Smith

    Dermot Kennedy your music is getting better keep doing it well done I enjoy listening to your music it just makes me think about life when I listen to your music

  12. Karen Levi

    I love your voice❤️I listen to your songs over and over

  13. Lownsm!

    I feel this today fuck

  14. Erika Haas

    4 years ago, when i first quit using heroin i was sitting on my brother in laws couch at Thanksgiving dinner and he sat down, put Dermot Kennedy on and told me he really thought I'd enjoy it. His music has got me through some good and bad times since. His whole sound is unique- and that dirty voice gives me chills!!!! I'd do anything to see him in Greenville, SC! I love you, Dermot💜💜💜💜


    From Spartanburg! Would die to see him that close to home!

  15. Jennifer Hershock

    How do you do it? I mean, come on! Hands down, the best artist I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. You are such a beautiful gift to this world. Thank you for being who you are and for sharing all you have, with all of us. You are saving lives and connecting us all. I cannot wait to experience you live at The Fillmore, Detroit in March.

  16. Chelsie Beesley

    I love u! See you in Seattle ☔❤

  17. Dark Knight

    Men made beer god made Dermot Kennedy

    Erika Haas

    Dark Knight yess

  18. Jaime A

    unbelievable talent. congratulations, DK

  19. Jeff WElls

    Something about this one I really like!

  20. Lars Touwslager

    So much love for this song ❤

  21. Jan Klawitter

    Größtes Brett 2019!!!!

    Lucia Reiter


  22. Heidi Monardo

    Hallo Dermot,ein wunderbares Debüt Album,dafür liebe ich dich,deine Stimme ist so rau wie die Irische See und so schön wie das Irische Land...Vielen Dank dafür,wünsche dir weiterhin viel Erfolg mit deiner Musik...Love you Dermot♥♡♥

    Anja Wüstemann

    Heidi Monardo Schön ausgedrückt 😊. Viele Grüße aus Nordhessen 🤗

    Heidi Monardo

    @Anja Wüstemann Danke schön ,schöne Grüße aus Engelskirchen♥♥

  23. r stoneshadow

    There's always one song off every album I find that goes underrated. This one's a gem 👌


    @r stoneshadow i agree its a beautiful song and the whole album is perfect

    r stoneshadow

    A true masterpiece 💕🎶

    Erika Haas

    This isn't a new song though, so your point is valid. He's been playing it at shows a good while. If you search YouTube you can find a couple live shots. My brother and sister in law went to see him in Atlanta a while back and he has a recording of this song.


    @Erika Haas the album is just released... You cant claim that this song is the one song of the album that goes underrated. Its such a personal thing. One likes this song the other likes another. Its defenitly to early to say this song is underrated in general opinion. But hey! This is starting to sound negative. I think the point of the original comment was letting others know how beautiful this song is in his or her opinion... And i think we all agree?? Its a true gem! Like the whole album is for me! My favorites for now are Couldnt tell and Lost. But this can change tomorrow 😄

    r stoneshadow

    @Erika Haas He used to play this song with his old band years ago before he went solo. Here's a link.

  24. Cooper Crowley

    I have listened to this a thousand times of he only versions that were available on YouTube before this. Sooo happy to finally have this one.

  25. Nina Marie

    So beautiful x

  26. Dim SDK

    Best song off the album. Masterpiece. This album is pure gold. Great piece of art

  27. AVRDXB

    Love how hes such an Alpha man, "took us back to times when real men were real men". Now they all fairies. Thanks for keeping us alphas alive. x

    Grainne Mhaol


    Tally M

    AVRDXB 😀


    Hello Johnny Bravo


    You're misinterpreting.
    And men who feel the need to label and announce themselves as "alpha", are far from it 😉

  28. Julia Rybicka

    Oh bro, good job

  29. Veixios

    This song is so fucking nice! Thank You Dermot!

  30. Jodie Latham

    You never fail to impress.
    Thank you for all of your hard work with this album.
    Keep doing you💜

  31. Wendy Raymond

    Always so meaningful. .thanku. .love an god bless x

  32. Letting Light Lead

    Sensationally Inspiring 🎆🎆🎁🎁

  33. Julia McElroy

    I’ve been waiting for this since the snippet 3+ years ago!!! I’m so thankful for this album. Truly a piece of art, Dermot. Thank you for sharing it with us 🖤

  34. Courtney Dewitt

    Let me tell ya.... no one ever got my soul right like she could.

    Victoria Xn

    I know, i know. Now im close to what im needing

    Conor McA

    Let me know when that fools cleaning his gun

    Conor McA

    Reminds me of an ex that use to ring my house every day and night when I was a Jack the lad, now I see her about, shes absolutely stunning with her wee kids and I'm making my way to the off license for the cheapest wine or beer.

  35. Marco Flores

    New fav

  36. Sasha H

    I know what this song is. I know what this album is. It is an ode to her. Thank you to her for inspiring such breathtaking music! <3


    "... these songs will hold and hide your name"


    But the song is written by 2 different man 🤔 I hope they didn't cheat on her!


    @SystemExclusive Perhaps you should meditate on that one 😉

  37. João Thonny

    Não da pra escolher uma favorita.. todas as musicas são maravilhosas ♡.♡

  38. Shanon Michigan

    💚Your Voice Makes Me Sad..I Don't Wanna Listen To Any Other Singers..More Of Dermont💚👍💚

  39. Jill A

    Simply perfection🙌🏼😍🔥❤️ Will b seeing n booking my concert tickets for 2/7/2020 so excited👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  40. Ofelia Castaneda-Gutierrez

    So many feels....

  41. Marina Cherevach

    Favorite one 🖤

  42. Milena M.

    My favorite 👏🏻

  43. Orwell Huxley

    One of my favorites . Gimme moonlight and smile from you I can barely believe 🎼🎤🎧