Dermot Kennedy - Boston Lyrics

For the wolves we fought when a child was brave
Days on a Southern strand
Where we'd all pretend to be touring
And I'd wait all night for the smile you'd saved
Or how the wind would howl
Better head back now, it's a warning

We were swimming out so far this time
The sun and your eyes were the only fire
Pretty intimate so far, so I lit a holy fire

So we all gather our ghosts around the island flames
Oh, and the song she throws is not one I know
But it knew me
For an age long lost in time, erased
Days when they called our names
Stories tucked away, you tell it to me

We were swimming out so far this time
The sun and your eyes were the only fire
Pretty intimate so far, so I lit a holy fire

Take me back to places I feel loved in
Maybe failing that, take me to Boston
Strange that I'm not seeing you as often
Wandering 'round in cities I feel lost in
What if all the costs are even

We were swimming out so far this time
(Take me to Boston, Boston)
The sun and your eyes were the only fire
(Take me back to places I feel loved in, loved in)
Pretty intimate so far, so I
(Wandering 'round in cities I feel lost in, lost in)
Eyes of eye-eye, eyes of, a holy fire

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Dermot Kennedy Boston Comments
  1. Barbara Carmody

    I love how immersed he is when he performs. You can feel his emotions in his voice.

  2. Crystal Bunch


  3. Clorox Beach jr

    Am I the only swiftie here?

  4. Isa Middelbosch

    Where is this song about

  5. Maddie Stanhope

    Something about this song makes me feel so many beautiful things 💓

  6. peace serenity

    So powerful beautiful lyrics and vocals !ur music brings love and joy in my heart 🔥🙏😍kp doing what ur doin pure talent

  7. Derado Barnett

    My favorite song .
    Your best dermot keep up good job , I love all of your songs

  8. Galactic Source 44 Burton

    I am so in love , real eyes that see just below a time lies to awaken the soul

  9. Katie •

    ✨this makes my heart flutter. Crazy what music can evoke in the body

  10. Janice Oostveen

    I went to Boston at age 14 on the way to the second biggest Catholic conference in the world- Steubenville Conference!

  11. Janice Oostveen

    I love u, Dermot.

  12. Janice Oostveen

    I love u dermot

  13. Chelsie Beesley

    Come to Seattle!!! I need to see your face ❤

  14. Starr Love


  15. Janice Oostveen

    i love u dermot!

  16. Marlene Ful

    Would love to see him come to Montreal Canada.

  17. Nancy Trw

    Taylor Swift brought me here <3

  18. Daniel Donnelly

    Sun and your eyes were the only fire

  19. Paul Matschull

    There's a bit of David Gray in there also James Bay

  20. Isa Middelbosch


  21. FriendNamedLee

    Sigur Ros sample?

  22. Jeff WElls

    Can’t stop listening to this guy.

  23. Noopy Bear

    Just everything you could need💕

  24. Passionate Pursuer

    Saw him in Boston, love listening on a rainy contemplative day! Thankful a friend told me about this talent!

  25. It`s up to you

    this voice is just amazing
    u literally feel and see what he sings

  26. Night Strider

    this song is amazing

  27. Jackie Teitelbaum

    once that "techno" sound (not sure if that's how to describe it) hits at 2:45 .... i feel like it compliments the song and adds something new :)

  28. Emily Carwood

    This song makes my heart ache
    I feel so loved and so lost

  29. John Harrison

    Fantastic voice and meaningful lyrics. Voice is a cross between Tom Grennan and James Arthur. Truely awesome.

  30. seaweedbrain009

    If Being Human was still airing this would definitely be on it... Perfect song

  31. Brandy C

    Instantly in love with this voice! ❤

  32. David reyes flores


  33. Bobby Fournier

    Myyy goodness, please keep it up. This is amazing. Goosebumps my friend. God bless you, and everything you do.

  34. ziamexplicit x

    I'm here because taylor's playlist, i'm in love with this song now

  35. lorraine french

    Brilliant young man. Love it 😄

  36. shane smart

    Take me back to places I feel loved in
    Thank you for this song