Derek Trucks Band, The - Our Love Lyrics

I know, know what it's like on my own
Things have been wrong but I don't want to be alone again
Sometime, time ain't always on our side
You can let fate pass you by
But if you want me to wait for you

You know
Our love
Is crazy
Crazy is beautiful
And I know
Our love
Is crazy
Nowhere I'd rather be

I won't let our world slip away
If you can be strong for a day
We both know
I've been guilty before
You give
More than you maybe should
While I sit and I hope you could
Take a breath
That's for yourself

We know
Our love
Is crazy
It's what we do it for
I know
Your love
Is crazy
I know where you get it from

Crazy is beautiful [repeat]

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Derek Trucks Band, The Our Love Comments
  1. L L

    take a breath that's for yourself <3

  2. Kimberly Spina

    Love Doyle Bramhall II! Damn excellent guitarist!

  3. Melissa Smith

    My wedding song. The marriage lasted 7 months. Lol.

    Thirdy Ambulo

    Melissa Smith 😂😂😂😂 greatest comment ive read today. 😊😊😊

  4. Steve Gordon

    Doyle Bramhall II

    Steve Gordon

    His dad did such different music

  5. Fred Allen Barton Sr

    My son sent this to me & I enjoyed it......................Thanks F. Allen Jr.

  6. Thomas Dent

    Crazy good slide, lyrics and melody!!


    Hauntingly good slide indeed :D

    Kevin Tyler

    Amazing..this song brings me back to only good vides