Derek Trucks Band, The - Anyday Lyrics

You were talking and I thought I heard you say
"Please leave me alone.
Nothing in this world can make me stay.
I'd rather go back, I'd rather go back home."

But if you believed in me like I believe in you,
We could have a love so true, we would go on endlessly.
And I know anyday, anyday, I will see you smile.
Any way, any way, only for a little while.

Well someday baby, I know you're gonna need me
When this old world has got you down.
I'll be right here, so woman call me
And I'll never ever let you down.


And I know anyday, anyday, I will see you smile.
Any way, any way, only for a little while.

To break the glass and twist the knife into yourself;
You've got to be a fool to understand.
To bring your woman back home after she's left you for another,
You've got to be a, you've got to be a man.


Anyday, anyday, I will see you, I will see you smile.
Any way, any way, only for a little while.
Anyday, anyday, I will see you smile.
Any way, any way, just for a little, just for a little while.

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Derek Trucks Band, The Anyday Comments
  1. Jon Paris

    Mike Mattison

  2. Jon Auty

    Wish I could like this 100 time’s!

  3. Samantha Hudson

    Thank You x

  4. Charles Bernheart

    ou should see this kid live with the Allmans PortsmouthVA in 2016 Birthday party for the old man Trucks is the best since Duane Allman

  5. Jon Auty


  6. Jeffrey Sherman

    You gotta love Bill Murray's expression. He feels it deep in his soul just like I do!

  7. joemack

    Dereks brilliant slide, the vocals, but that bass with them drums, man....take another listen.

    Jeffery Gardner

    joemack no doubt - rhythm section is tighter than a ducks a$$hole. Todd Smallie is a great bass player, been with Mofro for a while now.

  8. Patrick McIntyre

    Takes me back to 1975, my parents basement, beginning to play real music with Clapton's Greatest Hits...

  9. C. S. McLeod

    R.I.P. Yonrico Scott,the drummer.

  10. William Emerson

    2:24 Ya think the drummer loves his job or what?

  11. Sergio Osório


  12. jjgriffmn

    just WOW !!!

  13. Melissa Smith

    My two favorite musicians in the world. So glad they got together and create such great music.

  14. t o

    There's 112 people with something seriously wrong ...I don't get it they're one of the most refreshing bands in a 30 year drought!

  15. Bjorn Yesterday

    I would like to find all of the songs this band played at this concert. The crowd is going off at the beginning of this video I would love to hear what they played

    Kelvin Turner

    This the other one on the video.Susan doing her thing on guitar.Great stuff.

    Bjorn Yesterday

    @Kelvin Turner thank you much!

  16. Keith Kersten

    Simply the best and great video and sound!

  17. Tom Jones

    Sad thumbs down Are you Kidding me... Man these thumbs down people have no Music or Blues Appreciation WHATSOEVER! PROBABLY JUSTINE BEIBER FANS ! LOL...

  18. Tom Jones

    Derek Trucks Great Guitarist,
    If you Notice Eric Clapton Approves and at the Concert Singing Along......

  19. Fireside643

    I now live every day hoping that I wake up and feel the way the drummer does at 2:23. If you don't watch this and feel happy, just dang.

  20. siskokidd

    Huge props to the bass player during the solos. Killing it melodically all over the fret board with that no worries look on his face.

  21. Ben Jackson

    1:36 Bill Murray?

  22. Michael Maison

    Thats the way Derek. You make Uncles Duane, Butch and Eric proud.

  23. Elaine Payne

    I love all the artists, what a spectacular band. Is it possible to fall in love with both Susan and Derek? (for me yes).

  24. Mike Moore


  25. Mike Moore


  26. Eric Prater

    Susan Tedeschi WOW!!!.

  27. Marcus Reeves


  28. A DeBiase

    Eric's face says it all. When someone plays his tunes and he likes it... priceless.

  29. Dorthy Slotwinski

    Eric Clapton & Bill Murray are having a blast!! #RedheadDeadhead

  30. TheNaturalust

    One of Derek's tricks is that he grabs a blast of open notes between phrases when he's soloing. It makes you think the guitar is taking a breath. Love that shit.

  31. Dorthy Slotwinski

    How could 102 ppl put a thumbs down 4 this song?? Morons!!

  32. John Kane

    Saw them in Philly 2 nights ago. Played an absolutely searing version of this tune.

  33. Fireside643

    Saw them play last week - even better live if you can believe it. Ps. 2:23 - my face at seeing them live!

  34. udiseus

    Derek is so talented, so serious, and handsome too...

  35. Peter mcshane

    Eric wishes he had a D

  36. peter bone

    I'm 72 from London and I need this to keep my hopes alive for the next few years

  37. Super Intelligent Ape From The Future

    I haven't seen this performance in 10 years. It's just as impressive now as then.

  38. D Patrick

    After his non-slide solo, at about 4:23 into the video Derek reaches under his un-tucked shirt and up into his front left pocket and switches absolutely seamlessy back to slide without missing a beat. Amazing!

  39. Berk Ç.

    1:35 God damn it Bill Fucking Murray

  40. Myanna Magic


  41. Robert Boles

    Wish everyone was happy as the drummer a d the black man singing

  42. Maria Gulisano

    I saw Susan when she opened in NYC for Jonny Lang and Buddy Guy.  She rocked then and she has gotten better and better like a fine wine.  Love this band.

  43. scott mcgregor

    I have seen some brain dead worthless guitar players comment on this video discussing how playing slide is lazy. I have never heard anyone else ever play this lazy, including Duane Allman. I have never seen anyone else that can switch from slide to pick so effortlessly. Derek Trucks only equal I feel is Sonny Landreth.

  44. Darrell Kingsley

    Yup. The way Susan looks at Derek gives you that warm feeling down in your gut. They are a pair.

  45. blues man

    Bill Murray says it all in his expressions best I've heard yet Thanks for the Great Music.

  46. Luiz Carlos Schumovski

    Q fdputa. Toca muito esse cara. Tendi td oq ele disse c essa fuckin guitar. The bestttttttttttt

  47. bob disch

    Just too awesome

  48. Renee Mulherin

    Damn! This is so kick-ass good!

  49. Eric Matteson

    Love Clapton singing along on the side!

  50. Tseemo


  51. shawnoo weldsparks

    Life Is Good ! .....any day

  52. MrBobbystyles

    2:12 young love :)

  53. Frank Lempka

    Rocking it,yeah!


    Trucks is real gold! He closes his eyes and without any fuss, plays so brilliantly. WoW!

  55. Perez Fecto

    3:15 Damn! that phrasing with the guitar... So fine.

  56. Blaze mordly

    Derek Trucks= fastest slide draw in the that pocket-draw right after his 1st solo.

  57. Donna N.

    not that impressed

  58. A Casa do Rock N Roll Television

    Yeahhh Showwwwwww

  59. Ws Johnston

    The Best around.

  60. Alan Smith

    yep, I keep coming back....if interested, should check out the background....I am a music junkie, is like oxygen to me. has been most of my life...when one grows up following ones Dad and family in the Air Force, the radio was the one thing that kept me somewhat grounded, at times...all else changed but could Always rely on radio...the stories I could tell, but I am sure I am not the only one!


    favorite number from "Layla and other assorted Love songs"

  62. Mark Matzell


  63. Ed Wu

    I cant get enough

  64. Clobber Snoggin

    yeah Derek, i would miss a lick too (4:19) if Clapton was watching me from the wings.......that is why you need to have that slide permanently glued on that finger. You ARE the best slide player in the world, never take it off. ;) Love ya neighbor

  65. Susan R

    This was a stellar performance of this song......

  66. Cam White

    This band plays music that just plain makes my soul happy.

  67. snow_bound1

    Howlin'...the hair on the back of my neck is rising....

  68. Otto Bhan

    This awesome band goes forward to include brass with almost orchestral contributions. Damn Derek, you are truly stellar in your choices of influence and composition. Not the least of which are Susan on lead vocals and her/your backup singers. And! The drummer hast to a 5-armed-3 legged alien from ANDROMEDA. Whew what a gloriously generous groove! Kudos to each and all of you, especially Mr. Trucks. Long may you run.Otto know better

  69. Mike March

    True 'bottleneck' slide guitar! Yea!

  70. Scotty Pimpin

    Bill Murray is fucking JAMMING out in the back

  71. Dale Harris

    2:15 Derek knows he married the right one!!! One minute later she has the same feelings!!!❤

  72. Harold Brown

    Yup, when Clapton listens to someone play guitar and smiles and applauds, come on now. Love everything this duo does - the it factor is love.

  73. Dale Harris

    With or without the slide, Derek is a bad man!!! Amazing cover!!!!

  74. Mônica Alessandra

    Simply extraordinary!! Love it!! Thanks for something so good!!

  75. Mark Matzell

    Just shows how many great songs came out of the Layla album

  76. Thomas Carpenter

    The crazy thing about Derek is that he followed Duane’s style but Johnny Winter was the master and ruled the southern blues mantra

  77. Paul Meinart

    Omg he grabbed his slide. Brilliance. Really?

  78. Joe Smith

    And this tune isn’t played on the radio WHY?

  79. Ronen


  80. Phil Spigner

    Derek Trucks is the only guitar player that I can listen to that uses a slide because it doesn't sound so twangy. he uses it with such flavor.

  81. Ken Neagle

    another great bobby whitlock song

  82. life long

    Dear god....awesome

  83. Alan Smith

    I do believe Clapton enjoyed it more than anyone! He should be very proud...timeless!

  84. waterdog456

    I nominate Bill Murray for luckiest dang guy alive.There for the rest of us.

  85. Dave Guitarnowski

    I seriously can't "like" this fucking vid enough!

  86. Chris Smith

    I notice 31 of the kind of people that like the sounds of tortured kittens and the starving elderly begging for a slice of stale bread. Go home you soulless, scum-drizzling, knob-twirlers, you're not wanted here in Shine Town.

  87. Douglas

    These guys are amazing. Saw them live a number of times, they're the real deal! 11 amazing musicians that seem to have a great bond. Derek's guitar style is so unique and emotional (also saw him play with the Allman Brothers); Susan's vocals touch the heart.

    Vortex Pilot

    Haven't seen them live but totally agree. Best band out there right now.

  88. Kirkola

    we are all better people for having experienced this

  89. Mateus Paz Cabral Duarte

    Those 3 voices...

  90. jon cooper

    he ll b considered under rated..til he s not..
    hes rt there w all the greatest
    band is phenomenal!

  91. Robert Lane

    Great band performance. I listen to this Everyday lol. That drummer is killing his kit and the high hat is begging for mercy!

  92. Jeff Nielsen

    The way Derek picks the strings on solos makes using a pick seem kind of crippled.

  93. Mike G.

    Every time i see these cats i'm blown away!! I HOPE they make it to Montreal for the Jazz fest.
    I'll be all ova dat^^^^ Peace music lovers 8-)

  94. bkbcpa

    Love how at 1:20 Eric Clapton looked on and was enjoying that, as if to say, "Maybe I should play that in my set!".

    Jerry Ornberg

    Really?He does play it in his sets occasionally. A Bobby Whitlock song that Clapton and he used on Derek and The Dominoes Layla Album....Also check out Eric Clapton Live in San Diego (also on you tube) where he and Derek and Doyle master it once again.

  95. Susan DeStratis

    Susan Tedeschi; how does she do that? Wow, "Any Day" & "Rather go blind, by Getta Jones...of course we all know where ," Any Day" came from. Did you see Bill Murray back stage? Of course "El St. Eric" on key boards....s" "Wow! That was totally Wickard!" ( Expression taken from; Pixar Studios, the cartoon..."The Incredible" Sky:)@---}---}---}----

  96. Ron Litz

    Absolutely one of my favorites.

    Jeff Nielsen

    I replayed this dozens of times.

  97. Karla Youngblood

    this is incredible for so many reasons. seeing Susan's excitement and the love flowing from her is just beautiful. I'm so glad these two came together!