Derek Ryan - God's Plan Lyrics

We all set out to find true love
To meet someone special, that they sent from above
To have and to hold, together growing old
To love for the rest of our lives

It's all part of God's plan my love
You are my woman and I am your man
It's all part of God's plan my love
Joining our hearts, 'till death do us part
Living forever, God's plan

I knew when I met you
You would be my wife
I felt like I'd known you
Everyday of my life
Your Blue eyes saw right
To my wandering soul
And guided me all the way home

It's all part of God's plan my love
You are my woman and I am your man
It's all part of God's plan my love
Joining our hearts 'till death do us part
Living forever, God's plan
We weathered the storm in each other's arms
Living forever, God's plan

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Derek Ryan God's Plan Comments
  1. Shell Fagan

    I'm barred from the club lol gods plan xx sorry xx see the godfather xx

  2. marianne rage

    Nydelige sang

  3. letitia mcarthur

    Seen this guy live some voice lovely song

  4. Max Spy

    Now Google is being a baised son of a bitch bcoz this Moron

  5. Hailey Upton

    I remember when me and my boyfriend first met he played me song, cried like a baby. Still do when he plays it ❤️❤️

  6. CrikeyMate

    So beautifully done Derek, you are 1 in 10 million. I have to listen to this beautiful song regularly.
    It is just right for us, we were that way, talking about marriage on the 2nd date. but never a proposal.
    Now, 40+ years later, still as happy & in love as your song. God Bless you.

  7. Dannibee Hill

    Had my orders xx merry Christmas xx love god with all my heart xx

  8. david doherty

    Top man after our own shinier of course

  9. mazco

    nice & romance song,, I like it so much,,, I like country music,,
    (from Indonesia)

  10. olwen arbuthnot

    What a beautiful song. Love to hear it sung buy Daniel O'donnell as well.

  11. Gil Madriaga

    I love your song Derek, Thanks God for your nice voice. Always listen this lovely song daily.

  12. Ruby Burks

    What a great song. Such lots of moments of myself🥰

  13. rhona olman

    Relying to God's plan ❤️

  14. beharford

    Well, I am all but gobsmacked...that would be twice in one day that a cynical old fart of six decades is brought to misty eyes with beautiful music....Mr. Ryan, this song, and your others, are glorious...

  15. Oglaigh

    God has a plan for everyone
    What a lovely song and singer
    A gifted singing family
    Father. Derek. Adrian

  16. Vanessa Martin

    I love this song

  17. nuala O'Reilly

    Great song great voice

  18. Tim Cotter

    Fantastic song and singer.

  19. Jo-ann Louw

    God's plan ❤️❤️

  20. Kate Botengan

    very sentimental message,,,to me as we observe our 50 years of togetherness with my husband,,,thank you Derek.

  21. olwen arbuthnot

    You sing this so well I just love it listen. You and Daniell are the best

  22. m Malone


  23. Cecille Ayeo-eo

    Thank you..l love the song..

  24. JDŇ22 Reynoso

    This is drakes song Gods plan hahaha

  25. TheLupulalb

    May God bless Ireland 💚🍀🍀🍀💚

  26. Ly Huỳnh

    We all set out to find true love,
    To meet someone special, that they sent from above.
    To have and to hold, together growing old,
    To love for the rest of our lives.

    It's all part of God's plan my love,
    You are my woman and I am your man,
    It's all part of God's plan my love,
    Joining our hearts, 'till death do us part.
    Living forever, God's plan.

    I knew when I met you,
    You would be my wife,
    I felt like I'd known you,
    Everyday of my life.
    Your Blue eyes saw right
    to my wandering soul.
    And guided me all the way home.

  27. ABE T

    I love this song i wish i pound my man in God Plan

  28. kelly teggart

    This song my mum loved when she passed away we had it played for her at her funeral its just so hard for me listen to now 😢😢

  29. Phuong Y

    Jo hngom inh hiok deh hjj

  30. Josephine Cheng

    i really love this song , where can i print the lyric of this song. it was different from what i got.

  31. helen emperador

    I love you

    helen emperador

    I love this song.

  32. Raz Scott

    My grandma loved this song my grandma passed away last year I miss her everyday x

  33. Anita Ross


  34. Joe McIntyre

    Very spooky that there is 666 dislikes

  35. CrikeyMate

    Meant to add, 'nearly 50 yrs later. God has surely Blessed us. Thank God!!

  36. CrikeyMate

    This is so much 'our song' too. We are just in that space as he describes to perfection. Keep it up Derek.

  37. Crispin De Guzman


  38. Wanda Kelley

    Beautiful !!

  39. Carrol Watson

    That is such a beautiful song X X X

  40. olwen arbuthnot

    Such a lovely song. One of the best/

  41. Trend256Gaming

    Am I the only one who knows Drake - God’s Plan?

  42. Tirso Habbiling

    i really love this song,,

  43. Majella O Dwyer

    Beautiful song. So touching love the word could use for wedding

  44. Sarah Brown

    Can't believe 900 people found something wrong with this song. Haters

  45. CrikeyMate

    This is as beautiful as ever, he is just the Best. Keep it up Derek,, I love listening to you!

  46. tommy buller

    That Is My Favourite Song Of Derek Ryan God Plan Favourite Song In The World I Should Come To Your Show To Singing Your Songs I Want To See You In Live Show

    tommy buller

    He My Favourite Country Irish Singer By Tommy Buller Form UK

  47. Crispin De Guzman

    It's really touch my gloomy moment,. But, I'm okey now,.

  48. Lhyne _2012

    I love this song a lot, God's plan... it makes me really cry every time i hear this lovely song...

  49. Berit Samuelsson


  50. Peter Smith

    A beautiful touching song...dedicate it to my wife ( Anita )

  51. CrikeyMate

    He is so good in this video, I sure hope he keeps singing. This is such a great song! God Bless you Derek!!

  52. Keyilungdiak Newme

    Dedicated to all Happy Married couples across the world.

  53. Lans Lay

    Absolutely beautiful!!🇱🇷✝️👏👍👍❤️💕💓


    Beautiful xx

  55. Pearl Moutray

    That's beau tifu I love it.beautiful singer.

  56. Annie Pulgao

    Love it.

  57. Berit Samuelsson


  58. Leena Alex

    I lost my love for ever..Gods plan. I like to think that way😢

  59. bhing zedlav

    Handsome singer with a lovely love both!😍

  60. Leena Alex

    Tears. .......flowing😢😢😢😢

  61. m Malone

    What a fool I've been

  62. Naomi Kinser

    So Beautiful

  63. CrikeyMate

    My absolutely favorite song. Love Derek singing!!!

  64. Janet Bedford

    Happy Easter Sunday & etc. year 2,019.

  65. bvk2003

    I am not a believer ! But this must be a Gods gift ! Beautifull 👍👊

  66. Nini Beroin

    Wowwww,, what a singer and what a song rolled into one, i love it,

  67. Peter Bonney

    WERE Together F,or EverxxxxxxxxxxxxCarol @ Peter

  68. susan townsend

    Brilliant first dance song for a wedding

  69. Manfred Sommer

    . . . well done!

  70. Charles Davis

    great  song    I  am   an  instant   fan   of  his  music

  71. Annielyn Bantigue

    Wow a very beautiful song..... Every lyrics touches my heart....

  72. Christo Watkins

    Married for 38 Years, Together for 39...Still love her as much as the first day I first set my eyes on her....

  73. Sylvie Kelley

    Wow this is the first time I Listen to this song it is Apsley beautiful good job may God bless you

  74. Williemary Donoghue

    Oh my god 😍😍😘

  75. Jean Becira


  76. Imli k Imchen

    Is there a karaoke available of this song?

  77. Doc Courtney

    This was our wedding song.
    Love it his song

  78. Batoks Denico

    My brother shared this to me. we love it. If only we rely on Gods plan.

  79. John Meadows

    what a wonderful song, and such a talented young singer.

  80. Hillary Peace

    You gat it all
    And I love it
    Keep rolling

  81. Michael Smith

    Father, forgive me if I'm not a great husband and father. I really am trying so hard to be a good father and husband. Just the emotional abuse hurts so much and don't know how much more I can take. Please be with me and guide me in Jesus name Amen.

  82. John Ross

    Is there anyone in Ireland that cannot sing. New Brunswick Canada

  83. jack evans


  84. Donna Coleman

    Love your songs

  85. Wendelyn Gemma Sacragon

    Oh this was our wedding song...sung by my niece 🙂🙂🙂

  86. Mildred De Sagon

    What a beautiful song

  87. margaret whooley

    This is Derek Ryan not Daniel ODonnell

  88. Wansuk Lyngdoh

    Missing u..

  89. Tim Cotter

    Beautiful song and fantastic singer,

  90. Precious Ximba

    This is one of the songs that will play at my wedding,it blesses my soul

  91. Precious Ximba

    it is still your plan God

  92. Anne White

    Wow this young man has a beautiful voice, thank you for sharing him with us !!!

  93. Dave Dugdale

    I must say it's cracking song and he's a very good singer

  94. Bill Brown

    Yes God has a plan for each and ever one of us

  95. niamh furlong

    Very good thought it’s was brilliant

  96. Noel Conroy

    Beautiful song and fantastic vocals love this song enjoying thanks for sharing thumbs yup :-) :-) :-)

  97. Garnett Dagupon

    this song is so cool im a filipino he has a gifted voice

  98. Lucindre Husselmann

    Its true God has a plan for each one of us in life blessings Derek