Derek Minor - The Trap Lyrics

[The Wright Way:]
It's a cold world, on the south side, when they catch you, with a .45, the trap
And the world don't care about us but they want more for the cameras, the trap
Blow your brains out on Facebook Live, you a hashtag, that's your whole life, the trap
Mama told us, that we need God, but the rent due is the most high, the trap

[Derek Minor:]
Yeah I know a couple dealers (dealers)
And a couple gangbangers (bangers)
Tryna run off with they money (uh, huh)
Guarantee they will steel you with the stainless (uh, huh)
Master used to call us monkeys (yeah)
'Til we started clipping with bananas (yeah)
Throwing seeds at your head
Now your melon fruit salad
Whole body full of rage (rage)
Whole soul full of pain
When hurt people hurt people
You gon' hear the chi' chi' from the gage (pow)
Yeah I'm talking 'bout race (race)
And any topic I can think
And I said to your face (yo face)
Well hallelujah that's grace (yeah)
This record might be the end of me
Yeah, I'm probably gon' have some enemies
Don't shoot the messenger (please)
This what the Lord has been giving me
Someone to re-envision our history, yeah
You got a college degree (yeah)
You made it out of the trap (trap)
You are not a politician (nah)
Why don't you get back to rap?
By the way, they say when you get paid
And you get a lil' fame that everything change
But I can't tell, (yah) I still feel the same (yah)
'Cause every time I'm in the store
The police watching me, watching me, watching me
My 800 credit score, help me get a loan
But my neighbors think I'm selling dope
Oh my, I'm just giving y'all a glimpse into my life
Even if you color blind, your vision still in black or white
You see me

[The Wright Way:]
God bless the trap
God bless the trap, yeah
God bless the trap
God bless the trap, yeah
God bless the trap
God bless the trap, yeah
God bless the trap
God bless the trap, yeah

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