Depeche Mode - World Full Of Nothing Lyrics

Skin on skin
Tears are falling
Tears of joy
Her first boy
His first girl
Makes a change

In a world full of nothing
Though it's not love
It means something

She's lonely
And he says
It's for her only
That he lusts
She doesn't trust him
Nothing is true
But he will do

In a world full of nothing
Though it's not love
It means something

It's easy to slip away
And believe it all

Though it's not love
It means something

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Depeche Mode World Full Of Nothing Comments
  1. Edward ScissorHands Rogers

    YOO that keyboard in the last 30ish seconds is an awesome lil closing part of an already beautiful song! 🎹

  2. Marc Ludford

    This is a strange picture a building of glass

  3. matteo dini

    caro martin gore il prossimo tour la voglio nella scaletta del concerto,la devi fare dal vivo assolutamente

  4. IkeArt Films

    This song is overall a masterpiece... but I don't know what it is, I can't get enough of that synth line right at the end. It is so warm and gives me shivers everytime.

  5. Kort Kramer

    In a world full of nothing, though it's not much, it means something.

  6. eleni Karastamati



    Zajebiste! !

  8. Thomas Gary

    Its easy to slip away... And believe it all...

  9. Willy Dafoe

    Love it.

  10. Joaquin C

    This is other dimension, magic, darkness, perfection.

  11. christopher navariz

    Though it's not love, it means something!

  12. aldona czulak

    His first girl
    Her first boy
    No its not Love
    It means something


  13. Ziggy Zig

    Martin Gore definitely means something

  14. Mariana Forsberg

    I cried myself a river while
    listening to this song as a teenage girl .....that was in last century though .... still a very beautiful song, they dont come up with songs like this one anymore.

  15. Denise Cerulli

    Perfection ❤️

    Rod Pith

    Como tu

  16. abraham hernandez

    Para mi si era amor y significa algo!. donde quiera que estes Diana siempre te llevare en mi corazon.

  17. MeloLand


  18. Яныш

    Супер!помню всегда..

  19. Kristina Nikitovic

    It's 6am, couldn't sleep, this song came across my mind, had to listen to it.

    Taylor Yorke

    Kristina Nikitovic same

    Simona Pop

    beautiful reaction.dM for ever.when you can't sleep,dM can be like a big drug.sleep well then!:)

    Windom Earle

    Sometimes deep in the night I discover myself singing this song on the bathroom mirror

    Ceramica Terapia

    This morning I feel the same

  20. Amanda Laggan

    Martin Gore can hit the nail on the head with such effortless simplicity. I love this song so much. It means something.

    abraham hernandez

    +Amanda Laggan totally agree with you!

  21. Aisog

    God, this song is so beautiful. Martin sings like an angel.

  22. Fido Bedo

    A damned great album.

  23. Dave J. West

    So dark. I love it! One of my favorite Martin songs

  24. Music, Covers and Others

    World is full of toilet smells, it's disgusting!!! 

    Herrvonundzu Goebels

    Urin is the smell of a rose in a garden full of asspipe deoasspirrant¡

    Dreamy Amethyst

    Hey... I am replying to your comment 5 years after you posted it just to remind you that maybe buying a bathroom fragrant refreshener could help in your situation!

  25. cannedkitty

    you're dumb.

  26. Eradicator

    I like the lyrics, the song itself is easy to forget alongside the many more memorable Depeche Mode tracks, although the lyrics set it apart

    Dave J. West

    Eradicatorification I disagree with what you said about the music. This song has very eerie instrumentals. They used to creep me out. In fact, I think this a very memorable song altogether.

  27. Klaudia

    Martin at his almighty insightful best. I love you man. You'll never read this, never know about the impact you had on my life. And no matter how hard I tried I could never meet you to look into your eyes and say thank you. Or just Hi. Or kiss you. Or... well anything at all.

  28. daswusup7

    this song just hypnotises me!

  29. Rachel L. Gore

    Martin Gore is one of the most underrated songwriters out there. This song is amazing and one of my favourite Martin tracks. In all honesty though, I love all Martin's ballads :)

  30. Maggie B

    One of, if not THE, Greatest albums of all time!

  31. adelina naidenova

    Nah, people just want something easily "digested" by their brains or if they listen to something complex their brains will explode xD.

  32. Adrian Sarzała

    Who disliked this track ??
    Kto nie polubił tego utworu ??

    Debil -.-

  33. Χρήστος Γαλώνης

    @scbwrhcp I can't really understand why so few views... Love it! DM have shapped my view of music for sure!!!

  34. Elisabet Kaltsidou


  35. FelonyEvasion

    i like this song

  36. SKOTP69

    Depeche Mode's tenderest, purest, warmest moment.

  37. Joshua Phillips

    only 8000 views wtf what's wrong with people, apparently good music is "easy to slip away"

  38. debora Nogueira

    linda linda

  39. biospark64

    Ah, one of my favorite Martin Gore ballads...