Depeche Mode - Oh Well Lyrics

Oh you've got a way about you
Oh I know so much about you

Life won't be the same without you
Life will surely be the one to tell

Listen to what she's trying to tell you
She could be the one who's going to save you

Oh well
Oh well

Life won't be the same without you
Life will surely be the one to tell

It's nothing to feel ashamed about
Nothing I can complain about

Oh well

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Depeche Mode Oh Well Comments
  1. Rickus Delport


  2. Geometry Dash Mau5Kids

    Es curioso que sus canciones B-Sides de este álbum, son muchos mas potentes que los tracks que salieron oficialmente en el álbum

  3. NomDevet

    Tan pocas vistas.

    Tan buen álbum

  4. Geometry Dash Mau5Kids

    Genial :D

  5. kemon

    i love the vocals

  6. Loves My Way

    I love the David Gahan and Martin Gore songwriting - MORE, PLEASE!! This is kick-ass.

  7. саша шарова

    NO REAL........................

  8. Soulmaster17

    Okay, I have to admit that this is their last awesome album.



  10. Jake

    tbh, this sounds like it could've been a b-side off of Violator

  11. sylvester quast

    wow this fucking rules

  12. Pao Rmz


  13. Mezzo Viola

    best song from sotu

    Mezzo Viola

    wow im dyslexic

  14. Arte y Diseño Estudios Music

    the best fucking song .. estos sonidos se disfrutan como un orgasmo interno del cerebro .. perfect, perfect, perfect ..

  15. Mezzo Viola

    i wonder what the album cover means

    Johann Franco

    moscow metro map

  16. Mezzo Viola

    ok who disliked

  17. Mezzo Viola

    best dm song ever

  18. Mezzo Viola

    dang just d a n g


    @Johann Franco no u

  19. Markoz Mode

    Martin Gore Vs Dave Gahan !

    katherine joaquim

    never. NEVER. they complete each other. while they may have solo careers outside of DM, their voices, chemistry, history, is unparalleled by any other group on the face of the planet.

    Marcos Cruz

    literally Music VS lirycs... :D

    katherine joaquim

    absolutely!!! I agree wholeheartedly!!!! <3

  20. Angeles MC

    Thanks for the song

  21. Guest 308902

    Hi Dave

    Mezzo Viola

    Hi Super Siren