Depeche Mode - Jezebel Lyrics

They call you Jezebel
Whenever we walk in
You're going straight to hell
For wanton acts of sin
They say
And that I'll have to pay
But I need you
Just this way

They call you Jezebel
For what you like to wear
You're morally unwell
They say you'll never care
For me
But what they fail to see
Is that your games
Are the key

Open their eyes to the beauty
Open their hearts to the fun
Open their minds to the idea
That you don't own someone

They call you Jezebel
Whenever men walk by
They say that they can tell
The longing in your eyes
Is real
And how you really feel
But they can't see
Your appeal


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Depeche Mode Jezebel Comments
  1. Beatriz beltrán galván


  2. tverboul snoopy

    Looks like the Moscow Subway map.

  3. Тимофей Тимофеев

    Неординарная личность, его мысли любят, воспринимают, обожают, смог выразить свои мысли в песнях что касается каждого

  4. Guga Schiller

    Mind blowing flawless DM tks so much

  5. Vic Kirkpatrick

    I'm a rocker, and I can't stand electronic music. But... this song put me in a trance and is amazingly good.

  6. TheRathead

    great quality

  7. Scott Beckstead

    Anyone else think the airy, atmospheric, and slightly dark synths are some of their best?

  8. Scott Beckstead

    The best of his recent songs!

  9. David Boura

    Strange how the youtube compression changes it. I'm not used to that much of reverb on his voice, or it's me. One of their best songs imho.

  10. Mandy Livemusik


  11. go to sleep

    my heart melts when i listen to Martin and this song is a proof of it!!

  12. Борис Кук

    it's space..

  13. RicardoDiLago

    Love it! like the sounds on this

  14. July Roze

    Martin L. Gore - you are a FANTASTIC composer!

  15. Flinker Funkler

    best track on album

  16. Freddy Montaño

    I love it !

  17. Eirik Johnson

    From 2:01 on. Very James Bond. Picture naked silhouettes of women doing gymnastic routines during the opening credits.

    Freddy Montaño

    Eirik... the entire song is very J.Bond and i love it very much !!! Greetings from Chile !


    No matter the song you think this.


    well, to me it makes me think of the space

  18. David Lee

    Picture a seedy strip joint.......This is the musical equivalent. What a brilliantly dark mood

  19. Sean M

    sucks. Alan Wilder made the mode the MODE

    Štěpán Tušják

    DM with Alan: 13 years...DM without Alan: 21 years. So (you guardian of the mausoleum) stop whining. Nobody screams something like: "Vince Clarke was the only Depeche...just because everyone knows time goes by. Moreover: where is Alan now? Where is his Recoil?


    where are the successors Enjoy the silence, Walking in my shoes, In your room? Where?


    Oh my God! You all need to continue without crying for past times. Alan is not coming back. Accept that, because they are great now. Different, but still great. So get over it, it's been too long of this nonsense.


    dearestgirl1 Thank you for your comment.

    rastislav potancok

    OBYWATELlp Barrel of a gun.....Useless....In Chains......Wheres the revolution.....and so on

  20. Nocturnaldeath

    La música y la letra están bien, ¿pero esa voz cómo se les ocurre?, no me gustó para nada la voz.

  21. l g

    Always expected great stuff from this band. Was no surprise here either. Like.

  22. Jurgen2017

    one of his best songs lately

  23. Sebastián Ignacio Escudero

    Martin Gore escribió esta canción dedicada a las mujeres que ejercen el oficio más antiguo del mundo.

    carolina ugalde

    de donde sacas el dato? hay alguna fuente! o solo te guías por el título?? saludos

    Sebastián Ignacio Escudero

    +carolina ugalde acaso hace falta responder? la letra lo dice todo.

  24. nyjeen2

    stormfront dot org/forum/t1015855-4/

  25. JonaBay

  26. Diana Jaramillo

    Lovely song

  27. BodhiSvaha

    the best song on the album by far...

    so many goons talk about this or that dj being so great, and some of them are quite good, but they all lack the spark of creativity, of true, pure and open musicality, and only these guys can deliver it. they stand head and shoulders above the rest, because their melodies and moods are a backdrop for their instrumental playing and singing. they are the total, effortless masters. Depeche Mode still has it, and will always be the leader in electronica.

  28. Alejandro Restrepo

    so beautiful

  29. JUCENS

    Martin Gore has a unique style... Him and Dave form a perfect duo...

  30. grimlund

    Totally mind blowing song. I love to sing to this song when I´m drunk.

  31. Stephanie Esml


  32. Stephanie Esml


  33. TheMiracle

    Not better Queen but in the second place!

  34. Marissa Lizares

    i just love the way he sings the best!

  35. SackBoy105

    This song is utter sex, my friends. :)

  36. Dmitry Kakareko

    It's like tea with lemon is good and tea with milk is fine, but tea with lemon and milk is not.

  37. Znakebyte74

    One of their best songs....

  38. Pining for the fjords

    Any song with Gore on vocals is the best song on the album.

  39. Lester Derby

    i was thinking the same thing!

  40. kretenjedan

    it can be a new James Bond theme

  41. MrTheChimera

    Thumbs up if you remember Jezebel from Frankie Laine ;)

  42. pasquale murgolo

    i love depeche mode!!!!!!!!!!

  43. grimlund

    I don´t really know where Gore got his inspiration from really. Maybe he likes Pink Floyd, I don´t know..To me Pink Floyd is "The Wall", thats all. Don´t now any more songs from them.

    Mihai Mike

    Well I suggest listening to a few more tracks from Pink Floyd, then. Try "Brain Damage / Eclipse" from The Dark Side of the Moon, Echoes from Meddle, High Hopes from The Division Bell. And yes, this vaguely does resemble a Floyd vibe.
    I just realised I answered after 5 years haha.

  44. Lunatic4Bizcas

    Led Zeppelin; yes, a bit overrated. The Beatles are probably the most overrated band of all time, but PINK FLOYD being overrated?? ¿Are you kidding me? Of the aforementioned bands you list PINK FLOYD is actually the one that deserves all the recognition they have garnered and then some. I ask you to please rethink your comment. Without Pink Floyd there would have been no Depeche Mode. Truly.

  45. Luis ALmazan

    Totally agree! I mean of course Nachos are better than rainy days!!....Stop comparing things that should not be compared, simply enjoy :)
    Pink Floyd 's music is delicious, Depeche Mode 's music is delightful, in my opinion if they merge into a superband.... Depeche Floyd....THAT! Would be the best band ever! LOL

  46. bella morte

    my name is jezebel.

  47. Filippo Ruffilli


  48. grimlund

    Agree. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and even Beatles are so overrated...Compared to Depeche they can go and f--k them self in their own ass...
    This song is one of my favourites from the new album...

  49. The11espada

    até que sim .-.

  50. niomi powers

    me 2 i luv depeche mode;)

  51. niomi powers

    i freakin luv depece mode it freakin rockz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. 76pepro

    LOVE IT!

  53. newconcnewconc

    They are top, but we are not! Hate us! Germany`s second best, but least known electric popband.

  54. musikbox08

    bossa nova plus martin gore...
    its perfect
    he should make more tracks like this one too
    i think I just found one a my new fave tunes by Depeche Mode
    being a composer myself I am very heavily influenced by Depeche Mode and Danny Elfman
    and those of the like

  55. Bibo z

    Nossa!! Povo brasileiroooo fã do Depeche.. não soa uma 'bossa nova'?

    Michelle S. M.

    Bibo z claro!! Adoro essa música!!

    leandro josé

    Sim eu percebi isso tb

  56. Andreas Liotsakis

    Martin Gore. Artist. Musician. Poet. Singer. A sublime storyteller that taps into our souls...The Universal Soul of desire, longing, catharsis, passion, truth.........and LOVE.

  57. Vania Medeiros Horstman

    The best music of the album.... In my opinion.

  58. J Zan

    I think this is the best song on Sounds of the Universe. It's so beautiful in its mellow and somewhat modest simplicity. I love that about Martins songwriting, even if you strip the songs of all their extravagance and uniqueness that is Depeche Mode, with all their interesting soundscapes, it's still a simple, perfect pop song.

  59. Michael Pack

    @hospitalbedpan1 I totally disagree, this album contains many great songs, so you are wrong for that.

  60. bebeseed97

    This is my favorite DM song

  61. hospitalbedpan1

    I like depeche mode, but this album is HORRIBLE!!!!

    I'm a fan, not a fanboy.

    Let me repeat. This album SUX!!!

  62. Pining for the fjords

    @olga305 Great to see that there are Depeche Mode fans in Poland!
    To świetnie, że też w Polsce jest kibicy Depeche Moda!

  63. Khyle

    Creepy ... actually

  64. tink111495

    @jezzybelly I think that's the prettiest name ever...

  65. Guillermo Bustamante

    Sounds of The Universe best song

  66. TheHoRg

    nice song!!

  67. McLarenMercedes


    I agree, Alan Wilder's producing touch is missing on the albums made after he left.

    The latest albums are still really good compared to a lot of the stuff released today, but I can't compare DM today with DM 1986-1993, when they really were on top of the world.

  68. madtownmadman

    @madtownmadman ...but a lot of those classic sounds were recaptured with the use of that old equipment. The lyrics and song themes, speak volumes of Depeche Mode characteristics. Remember the slogan on the back of the Playing the Angel CD? "Pain and suffering in various tempos". Well, every DM album has that to it. With no exception to Sounds of the Universe. At least I couldn't say so. Perhaps you could elaborate a bit on whats not so Depeche Mode about this album.

  69. madtownmadman

    @tazarcos How so? I see Sounds of the Universe as the epitome of Depeche Mode. I read on the DM website, at about the time the album was released, that Martin would receive packages on a daily basis. In these packages, were recording equipment such as old analog synthesizers. The old type of equipment that they used back in the 80's, to record their music on. Much of this old equipment was used in the making of this album. Sure, it doesn't sound like its from 1986...

  70. Gsilvio

    @electrotech3000 you ask a good question, Jezebel is an anglesized name for Izabel (hebrew) she was represented as an adultrerous, with no morals, and permiscuos, kind of whore-ish, but thing song comes from Frankie Laine! i think in the 50's, same odd cocktail drums, dark, with different lyrics, but same idea!!!

  71. tazarcos

    I don't like this album. For me it's not "Depeche Mode"

  72. Christopher Perez

    @madtownmadman Wow!! that's one amazing comment you've made, but anyways, word!, This song has some crazy feeling in it i haven't felt in any other song.

  73. Hasfast

    @jezzybelly It's a beautiful name. Although its history and background are not so nice. D.R.

  74. Arek

    ja mam na imie izabela i milo lucha sie to

  75. ladymoonage

    A genuine vibrato to his voice, a musician that has nothing to hide.

  76. Joh Joh

    i love martin gore´s voice...a bit elvis in this song ;-)

  77. az0009990

    @jezzybelly You as so stupid

  78. Julio Carlos

    este tema me pone muy feeling por eso DM será siempre una megabanda cantando wilder o gore igual los seguiré

  79. jhonny julián fernández guerrero

    @Dastreus sorry sometimes i typed in full darkness, please be more gentle with me :P

  80. this331

    @molinasantander Why is she forbidden?

  81. Dastreus


    That made no sense whatsoever seriously I don't get how you type, this is just madness, what a long sentence, and what with the wording whhat is up wi'th th'at.

    The final sentence was finely legible.

  82. andres a

    me gusta!

  83. electrotech3000

    @electrotech3000 Jezebel

  84. electrotech3000

    @electrotech3000 Does anybody remember that moment

  85. electrotech3000

    Hey guys. Tell me if I'm wrong. Either you guys are confused or didn't read the bible.
    Can somebody help me with that.

  86. electrotech3000

    I am stil trying to spread the word. People forgot that Martin Gore won against robbie williams and rod steward------- English Composer Award.

  87. Señor Juguetes.

    Reminds me of the woman I love, and she is forbidden.

  88. insertcooluser

    @XxTwistedLullabyxX Somehow "You Fucking Crack-Jezebel!!!" doesnt carry the same impact

  89. jhonny julián fernández guerrero

    I like it very much and it doesn't the one in the SOTU album, with a nigga singin' com'on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway cheers up for D.M.

  90. KiXdomain

    I just love Martin Gore.

  91. TheMonolith75

    This song reminds me of my sister...Croocked Bitch!!.
    My fave off of SOTU!!

  92. TheMonolith75

    @jumbomsd Wow!! You too?? I sceond that:)

  93. Joshua Phillips

    @jezzybelly jezebel is one of the most evil women to ever live, said from the bible

  94. tomajoc

    i love this song

  95. WakWak313

    @jys9544 typical DM effect lol they're music was made of all stages and types of love making ;)

  96. xDhjinnx

    great song inspires me

  97. xDhjinnx

    great song inspires me

  98. Панк Экзистенциальный

    Dave Gahan in the end og the song speek: (jezebeeeeel)

  99. John Sandoz


  100. HeFockingLeftTheBand

    God this is just sublime... instant favourite.