Depeche Mode - Angel Lyrics

The angel of love was upon me
And Lord I felt so small
The legs beneath me weakened
And I began to crawl
Confused and contented
I slithered around
With feelings beyond me
I was lost, I was found

The angel of love was upon me
And Lord I felt so weak
I felt my tongue move in my mouth
And I began to speak
A strange kind of language
I don't understand
A babbling fountain
I couldn't have planned

Oh leave me here forevermore
I've found the peace I've been searching for

The angel of love was upon me
And Lord I felt so high
I swear I could have reached up
Placed my hands upon the sky
A radiant rainbow was following me around
With elevated senses I could see and taste sound

The angel of love was upon me
And Lord I felt so clean
Like a preacher on Sunday
My heart was serene
I waded into the water
I was bathed, I was drowned
Like all sinners before me
I knelt down on the ground

Oh leave me here forevermore
I've found the peace I've been searching for
Oh let me sleep forevermore
I've found the peace I've been searching for

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Depeche Mode Angel Comments
  1. Alessandra antonella almeyda carrion

    a mi me encanta

  2. Daniel Molowny

    I feeeeeeeeeeel you.......

  3. carlos zarate

    3 minutos de ti haciendo yoga con depeche mode de fondo <3 jsjs xd

  4. John-Clay Knight

    Angel was never a single.

  5. Liudmila Brus

    Wow! Pure perfection

  6. galya yusufova

    hey yavrum hey

  7. elizabeth hernandez

    I ❤ D.M

  8. WOAH- Diego;GoGo

    A music video to yoga?

  9. Passionate Angelo Hearty

    Your video is awesome! You are a beautiful woman! I love Depeche Mode! You di da great job!

  10. Elijah Ybarra

    Injustice bitch

  11. Ďoüg Retana

    Uffs ! Beautiful Angel 👌🏼😌😏⚘♥️ .

  12. מיכאל מילר

    Til balisti

  13. hugo pistachia


  14. Leonardo OsorioOlvera

    La canción esta chida.

  15. Arthur Morel


  16. Hatty

    the girl of the video is really beautyful <3

  17. Andres

    0:24 esos musculos en la espalda xdxdxd

  18. Marco Marino

    i want more videos with heeeer

  19. Lukas Schmincke

    Lieselotte and her propeller. :)

  20. GB Intouchable

    j'adore la musique le jeu de injustice crédit

  21. Erica V.

    oh my <3

  22. Ivan Feydz

    Beatiful and perfect video! ;)

  23. Gabo Brunet

    That girl amke"s me cry !

  24. Vanderson Da Silva

    A música é foda mias o vídeosclip deixa muito a desejar

  25. Marco Gahan

    she is the best!!

  26. Arno Caves


  27. Emmanuel De Jesus

    Like si veniste aqui por Injustice y porque te gusto esta canción

    Señor G

    Like, xd.


    Emmanuel De Jesus obvio

    Kev!N Vtm

    Emmanuel De Jesus
    Si jsjs termine el modo batalla y al final no le preste atención a los créditos hasta que sonó esta canción y pfff me encanto, así que la fui a buscar a youtube UwU

    Sean Yanez

    Como lo zupo :0 claro que si man¡ xD

    David García

    Y hay muchas más canciones de este grupon que te van a encantar... personalmente te sugiero In Your Room en ambas versiones

  28. Carlos Martinez

    Thank you Ms. Uttinger. Amazing video. And like people have said, it looks legit to me. Compliments to the director as well.

  29. Diana Di Crescenzo

    Balance and self control over identity; great position and yoga exercises; fitting entwine.

  30. Absolut Music

    Absolut Music.

  31. Alex Loza

    Looks official to me

  32. EpicPivotDX

    Gawd.. Female Deathhawks are so cool looking..

  33. Alejandro Almeida

    I think I am in love!

    katherine joaquim

    I know i'm in love.............<3

  34. Débora Dutra

    Perfeito! Piro nessa musica! hahahahha

    Kurt_SSJ4 Enderman

    Hauahauahu, BR's são fodas!


    deeply spiritual "Depeche mode"  the wild angels

  36. Katka Konecna

    I love this song and video - it is so awesome! ❤ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩

  37. The Apex Predator

    Love this video! So atmospheric and eerie, I love it! That smile at the end sends shivers down my spine! Brilliant video! And you got yourself a new subscriber!

  38. Forge the Rubicon

    Definitely Depeche Mode has been my biggest influences in music of all the time   Forever You - Forge the Rubicon

  39. Viktor Marshall

    The song and the girl and everything was just top great job :)

  40. Keland Sparks

    Absolutely astonishing video and her every movement was just breath taking:) Nice work

  41. Andjela k

    the color of my soul!

    Hawk Force

    Andjela k u and everyone here has a sad life

  42. blakespidey

    It's the (what looks like) tarot card tattoo on her arm. Similar to mine. Damn this girl is gorgeous.

  43. JuanxCruzx

    Best song ever! :)

  44. katherine joaquim

    Absolutely LOVE this video!!!! WOW!!!! Beautiful woman, beautiful song, totally AWESOME!!!! I'd inquire about lessons, but we probably live too far apart. (:-( oh well. Your song will ALWAYS be on my playlist from now til kingdom come!!!! Bless you and thank you so much for uploading this video!!!! It really made my day!!!! (;-D

  45. Blittler

    Just wondering, anyone here because of injustice and this song is so cool :)

  46. Quân Bùi

    3:27 666 ?

  47. TheBestAreTheBest

    Not sure what im watchin but im into it lol

  48. Armani

    That epic crush you have on a girl on the internet..its what I'm going through

    Hawk Force

    Armani I don’t have a fucking crush on unhumble weird ass celebrities

  49. Elisamuel Guzmán Cortés


  50. Robert Beshara


  51. Ivana

    I dunno why, but I keep replaying this video. It somehow draws you in. I love the way camera follows her body, it's very well thought of. I love the high level of contrast and that it is made in black'n'white. It's very powerful and has a Depeche Mode vibe. And the girl looks in peace and at the same time so full of energy. Great video. It made me love the song even more.

  52. Dominic Deluna

    You look like angel from borderlands 2...

  53. blakespidey

    I dunno if its the uploaded in this video or what, but this woman is beautiful.

  54. ms4play77

    Why is it that I'm afraid of a person like that?..Because My heart races and I get nervous?..That can't be the only reason.. :)

  55. Jessica Uttinger

    Endless gratitude for your kind words. Videographer Brett Dennis was an ideal collaborator (and fellow Depeche Mode fan!). Love your interpretations of the movements. Thank you so much for watching!

  56. Jessica Uttinger

    Thank you so much for sharing our video! So happy you enjoyed.

  57. Jessica Uttinger

    My best friend attended the Detroit concert and said they had yogic images on the screen during the night. What a coincidence! And thank you so much for watching!

  58. Kevin G

    just posted this to my FB page (hope that is ok). I love the song but couldn't help raving about Jessica!!

  59. plu5h

    Wow. I've always loved black and white for its dynamic cinematic effect and you just nailed it with your video. Not to mention the song which recently became a favorite of mine. Label me mystified by your work here. Fav parts, 2:57. Right hand gesture and your calm demeanor seems to say, "Bring peace with you or there's the door." LOVE the smoke, shadows and lighting at 3:26. I was chilled by the slow smile and slowing of the music at the end. Keep up the great work. Words can do no justice.

  60. bret daly

    Followed link from to here. Amazing job Jessica and will remember this video tomorrow night at DMs concert here in Detroit.

  61. Varick

    really enjoying the use of lighting and shadows.

  62. Anita W

    I loved this song in the credits of Injustice so much, I just had to look it up and listen to it again.

  63. scott long

    Jessica Uttinger you are very beautiful.

  64. elFacho

    I... Can't... Stop... Watching this video... You made the song sound more... Like.... Wow! :)

  65. scott long

    Jessica you are very very pretty

  66. scott long

    yes she is very very pretty

  67. scott long

    i hear you

  68. scott long

    great song awesome vid

  69. scott long

    Your welcome

  70. Jessica Uttinger

    Endless gratitude for your kind words

  71. Jessica Uttinger

    You have no idea how hard you just made my day! <3

  72. Jessica Uttinger

    Thank you kindly Scott Long

  73. scott long

    good song

  74. scott long

    nice going Jessica Uttinger

  75. Logan Frazier


  76. TheFoofighter69

    full of emotions, very creative. must have

  77. Robert Jackson

    just wanted to say i watched this while listening to the beach boys "god only knows" and i think i had a vision of the cosmos unfolding.

  78. RMAR70

    wow Jessica you are so hypnotizing..I love d.m & this song but you are truly the focal point here..great job...what a killer smile you have

  79. Logan Frazier

    This video is amazing. The smile at the end is enchanting, and I cant help but smile back

  80. Jason

    Absolutely amazing music video with a stunning lady. To be honest, she makes the song even better :)

  81. 08gmez

    Love the song and nice hair cut

  82. HashbrownCentralTv

    sheet I knew this was gonna be creepy as hell. and she was posing as satan in the end

  83. Mhn Five

    Girl you make Yoga look evil as hell.

  84. amovement01

    Crazy positions, good play with the shades on the wall, great visual buddhism visual when dressed in white, crazily gorgeous woman and that smile at the end that is definitely the reason of greenhouse effect. Perfect video. I hope DM will see this because you would deserve to work with them on something official !

  85. William A. Ferguson

    This is great!

  86. Haruka

    Nice! an ashtanga yogi, hi5

  87. Joshua Cunningham

    I come back to watch this video almost every day and always find a new conversation in the comments.

  88. JoGemma

    Can't wait to hear it live in Warsaw, on Thursday!!!

  89. Ghostkid7710

    Awesome video

  90. Jessica Uttinger

    Such a lovely compliment, thank you

  91. Jessica Uttinger

    Woohoo! Thank youuuu!

  92. Jessica Uttinger

    Thank you so much! Sincerely.

  93. Jessica Uttinger

    Sincerely, thank you so much