Denver, John - The Flower That Shattered The Stone Lyrics

The earth is our mother, just turning around with her trees in the forest and roots underground. Our father above us, whose sigh is the wind, paint us a rainbow without any end.

As the river runs freely, the mountain does rise.
Let me touch with my fingers, and see with my eyes.
In the hearts of the children, a pure love still grows.
Like a bright star in heaven that lights our way home, like the flower that shattered the stone.

Sparrows find freedom beholding the sun, in the infinite beauty, we're all joined in one.
I reach out before me and look to the sky, did I hear someone whisper, did something pass by?

As the river runs freely, the mountain does rise.
Let me touch with my fingers, and see with my eyes.
In the hearts of the children, a pure love still grows.
Like a bright star in heaven that lights our way home, like the flower that shattered the stone.
Like a bright star in heaven that lights our way home, like the flower that shattered the stone.

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Denver, John The Flower That Shattered The Stone Comments
  1. Jamie Gill

    This is the Song i played when i Buried my Dad back in 2001, i picked this song because my Dad was like a Flower on the outside Soft & Gentle - but hard as a rock on the Inside, He fought in WW2 against the Japanese up in PNG , May you Rest in Peace Old Man as your always be Loved.

  2. Achal Sinha

    Amazon jungle crying after listening this song...

  3. nancy mauthe

    I dedicate this a person I do not know personally, he went missing 4 years ago and we don't know where he went. Love life, love environment, I feel he was killed has he was near Air Force Base Neelis Hiking. His name was Kenny Veach, please send his spirit love and peace and this song. Has I feel he is a bright star.

  4. Sumit Gupta

    Beautiful melody and music. Suddenly i Look to the sky and hear some one is whispering sounds like you .sumit. india.

  5. TomandBoo

    Loved this the first time I heard it, I wish he hadn' left us so soon, I'm sure he had so much more to give musically and look at the state of the planet, we need a planet warrior more than ever.

  6. Brenda Griner

    He left this world too soon...but God must have needed him more. His work here was complete. God bless him.

  7. Gloria Ertel

    Another day listening to John Denvers beautiful voice and songs.  Love..Love..Love him

  8. Shirley Jennings


  9. Lori Vattes

    This was my first guitar solo when we did recitals.

  10. Andrew Yang

    Hard to find any song writer and singer sing song so beautiful like John Denver. Today song writer and singer wrote one verse and keep repeat over and over again. Music in the 21 century is so boring and have no meaning at all. 70's, 80's is the best at all time to this day. John Denver, Kenny Roger, Lionel Richie, The Bee Gees band, on and on...

  11. Danny Mills

    Sometime I cry because I miss him

    Goose Whisperer

    I do, too.

  12. Daniel Bachmann

    Also ich muss sagen das ist aber ein sehr sehr schönes Lied es gefällt mir sehr gut und ich kann von den Lied sehr traurig weinen 😭 mit ganz freundlichen Lieben Lieben grüßen aus Hermagor in Kärnten Daniel Bachmann

  13. Len Hummel

    Rest in Peace: John Denver, and Glenn Campbell. - *two of the greatest balladeers EVER.*

  14. marie Banks

    It Bethany and I miss my grandad it his favourite song

  15. ferra triana

    Kakak...... Sardi..... Hiks... Mei 2016 djakarta ourloves story

  16. lynn cifka

    i often wonder how he would feel about what has happened since his death the things in the world. i think his song healing time on earth is so spectacular!!! the story behind it gives me chills and the song rates close to this one. if anyone is interested check it out it is an interesting story!

  17. Sophie Scothern

    So beautiful song

  18. Madeleine Buckley

    I don't think I had ever heard this song, but it is beautiful.  I loved his music and I cried when he died.  I still listen to his songs.  Missing you dearly, John.

  19. ndog2005

    Gorgeous ... Sad that the world lost such a Great singer..

  20. PR54GB

    Remembering John today on the 20th anniversary of his untimely death. RIP John.

  21. Hip2BSthe

    I love this song, we were taught it by our music teacher Mrs Chizzarri....great memories

  22. Luiggi Michael Riwu-Kaho

    another very beautiful song from john denver

  23. Sumit Gupta

    sound of heaven

  24. ballinacrossrose

    I associate John Denver with nature and all that's beautiful. I miss him,,

    Goose Whisperer

    I feel the same way and miss him, too.

  25. Joy Guo

    I am singing that in my school choir in Canberra Australia AKA Aranda Primary School.

  26. Juan Hernandez

    is beautyfull music

  27. Joyce Godwin Grubbs

    Epic John Denver.

  28. dodi iskandar

    kakak.....ini ferra mu, this song .....our song.....sardi spd , staf di dirjen gtk kementrian pendididkan dan kebudayaan jakarta... its ours....n ill keep it in my mind...keep u..always forever

  29. NickDc59

    I went to John Denver's concert in Ghent (Belgium) and met him on November 5, 1995, the day my son Denver was baptized. I still have the precious photograph he signed "To Denver - Peace, John Denver".

  30. Adrian Zielonka

    A truly beautiful song as all his songs are.

  31. Hubert Hennecke

    Gänsehaut pur...................

  32. Diana Jimenez

    I see you and feel you in my heart everyday Mama, te Amo, isewa!

  33. Prithvish Banerjee

    who can dislike this? :-O

  34. Claire :D


  35. Claire :D

    Love it

  36. yvette victoria

    its the first time iv heard this song love it

  37. Steve Flickinger

    Pure John Denver.

  38. sugarcane*12

    This is one of the John Denver songs, that I like best. It is so beautiful and peaceful.

  39. Liffy Kat

    His songs make me cry. Full of the evil in the world...but he had so much love.

  40. Claire :D


  41. Gamingman 117

    and mercy and grace

  42. Gamingman 117

    your love grows. thank you jesus for your love

  43. Gamingman 117

    a wonderful song with the love of jesus

  44. Mini Greenberg

    I love John Denver's music etc He was a wonderful person.....

    Keith Micklus

    Yes he was

  45. Debra Esterline

    A beautiful song by my most favorite artist. Just like a flower that can shatter a stone, the same can apply to love that can shatter a hardened and fearful heart.

  46. Mamma Kaye Lee

    This is a beautiful song, and I loved the visual images, but I'm sorry. I didn't get the image. What flower shattered what stone?  Is there a legend? A myth? I know I'm dense tonight. Well, it is late, and I've had a busy weekend, so ... not up to parr on some things. Please don't be nasty, just tell me... what flower and what stone. But LOVED THE SONG.

    Prithvish Banerjee

    "In the hearts of the children, a pure love still grows.
    Like a bright star in heaven that lights our way home, like the flower that shattered the stone."
    He is comparing the power of pure love to the bright lights from heaven that takes us home (home is where the heart love guides us home) and also he compares pure love with a flower (soft) which is so powerful that it can shatter something as strong/hard as stone..!! basically meaning that love is powerful.. :-)

    Mamma Kaye Lee

    @Prithvish Banerjee Thank you. This made perfect sense the way you explained it. 

    Prithvish Banerjee

    @Nidra Blades Dottir you are most welcome!! :-)

    Karen Winona

    To me the flower is Jesus Christ the flower as he hung on the cross the mountains cracked beneath him . John's voice is Amazing and angelic.

    Amy B

    Karen Winona Me too! I interpret it the same way. God bless you!

  47. Bogdan Paul

    John,  this beautiful adaptation could serve to remember the Rose of England, Princess Diana?  It is so majestic in its simplicity , as all creative images of windows of wisdom remain. Yet to be sheltered in the warmth of the heavenly domain of Grace? Let's pray together that Lady Diana approves from a Land Above laced with eternal lovingness? Y?

  48. Carmen Anticona

    Beautiful, this song is very nice , you are extraordinary

    Carmen Anticona

    Precieux musique!!

    Fred Strauss

    That song about the midway Bonnie rait


    Carmen Anticona Beautiful ❣❣😍 Thank you!!

  49. MrMylifeasahuman

    If I have to watch that stupid ad about the video game spoof one more time I'll delete youtube from my favorites

  50. richard galerani

    i head you & Olivia sing this song as a duet, then I heard you each both do it solo, this song is truly a priceless piece of musical treasure. thank you both for letting me appreciate both your versions of this masterpiece. may god be with you both and especially you john, wherever you may be.

  51. Nelson Lo

    John Denver is my Idol and I had a photo with him when he was in Spore for his concert in 1994. I sing many of his songs to my friends. This song is truly for the environment all love and want to preserve. The slides are so excellently done.

  52. Pat Bounds

    SO beautiful. It doesn't get any better than this! Thank you for making this video.

  53. garrett boyd

    This is such a beautiful song I want to cry and the fact that he I ain't here to make more music like this :,(

  54. Marion

    Excellent video to go with Johns beautiful message here!
    Thank You

  55. franielee38

    Beautifully done!!!