Denver, John - No One Like You Lyrics

I like your eyes.
I like your nose.
I like your mouth.
Your ears, your hands, your toes.

I like you face.
It's really you.
I like the things you say and do.
There's not a single soul
Who sees the skies
The way you see them.
Through your eyes.
And aren't you glad.
You should be glad.
There's no one, no one
Exactly like you.

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Denver, John No One Like You Comments
  1. Ali Whitwell

    Beautiful. Written by Andra Willis Muhoberac.

  2. Jamie Emm

    The muppets Rocky Mountain holiday brought me here

  3. Jamie Emm

    I really can’t believe this is one and a half minutes long it seems a lot shorter

  4. Jamiejay456

    This is the lullaby he sang to Kermits nephew, Robbin to get him to sleep

  5. Jamiejay456

    That's the lullaby he sang to Kermit nephew, Robbin to get him to sleep

  6. Karen Ryan

    Just heard this and never did before. lovely. ...absolutely lovely. ...miss you John ~♡

  7. Doug Russell

    I loved your eyes
    I loved your nose
    I loved your mouth
    Your ears, your hands, your toes
    I loved your face, it was really you
    I loved the things you said and do
    Theres not a single soul who sees the sky,
    the way you saw it through your eyes
    And weren't we glad,
    we should be glad
    There was no one, no one
    Exactly like you.
    R.I.P. JOHN.

  8. Ppl Lso

    Me too, haha, this is a good lullaby :)

  9. Jen Shimada

    The video with the 6 year old boy brought me here too!  

  10. Anto Garcellano

    Me too I got this link from the six year old boy. :)

  11. Ben -G

    This is so nice. That six year old boy that sings a lullaby for his newborn baby brought me here also. :)

  12. Poorva khandelwal

    Yes, the little boy bought me to this link too..Thank god..What I would have missed from teaching my 4 year old...

    mary liezel domingo

    me too:)

  13. Pamela Meadows

    The perfect lullaby!

  14. Phyllis Price

    Beautiful--saw a young boy sing this to baby brother on Today Show 7/10/14 Hoda & Kathy Lee segment--sooo sweet!

  15. Lyka

    little boy singing this :3 Cutest six year old big brother signing lullaby to newborn baby brother

  16. Hannah Choi

    No One Like You
    I like your eyes 
    I like your nose 
    I like your mouth 
    Your ears, your hands, your toes 
    I like your face 
    It's really you 
    I like the things you say and do 
    There's not a single soul 
    Who sees the skies 
    The way you see them 
    Through your eyes 
    And aren't you glad 
    You should be glad 
    There's no one, no one 
    Exactly like you

  17. Donna Kemp

    I absolutely adore the way John sang this song.  It made my heart so glad when the children's Windstar Chior sang this to John.  He very much deserved it.  All I know is that I would give anything to see John again!

  18. Lucille Mays

    beautiful song <3