Denver, John - Durango Mountain Caballero Lyrics

You know I love the trail I'm on
And the friends who ride with me
The country that we're passing through
Is a paradise to see, a haven for my spirit
The homeland of my dreams
My heart flies through the wilderness
And on an eagle's wings
And oh I love the waterfall
And the way the river sings
From snow-capped peaks both proud and tall
Through forests deep and green
The highway of the mountains
The lifeblood of the land
I can hear my mother speak to me
And hold my father's hand

Durango Mountain caballero
Take me for a ride
On the backbone of this mighty land
The Continental Divide
To the place where earth and heaven
Meet the mountains and the sky
In the heart of Colorado, Rocky Mountain High

And oh I love the campfire
And the circle that I'm in
The stories and the laughter
They should never, ever end
Forever in my memory
Forever in my song
On a San Juan mountain trail ride
I'll carry you along

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Denver, John Durango Mountain Caballero Comments
  1. Damon Batty


  2. infierno es jalpa zacatecas

    Lol im from durango 🇲🇽 and we from the mountains de la Caballeros. Wierd fucking shit. Viva Culiacan, Sinaloa

  3. Geny Martins


  4. Audrey Smith

    What a beautiful song in the most beautiful setting imaginable. John's voice stirs the most heartfelt emotions. I'm trying to see through a curtain of tears. He was such a friend to Mother Earth and his legacy lives on.

  5. ÂfullmoonGtr

    such a beautiful song, melody and voice❣❣ Thn-q JD❣❣ 😍💓

  6. Carla T

    Anyone know if this was released on a CD ,and which one?
    I can only find it on a 4-cd set

  7. Paul W

    Next year, at #keenestock18, you may hear this...minus the Muppets, sadly!

  8. Karen Ryan

    What I would give to be there with John and the Muppets right now ! This is pure magical love ~♡

  9. marjonne50


    Joseph Shmo

    (And Yaay, Grandma.)

  10. Earthlinked

    Yep I still think about her - and I don't know why!!!  I never met her - never saw her we only chatted by email and on Yahoo Messenger!!!!!!!  I never even saw a picture of her!!!!!!!

    Robert Jackson

    Saw John in concert six times, and have all of his recordings 😍🌈🌈🥰👋😻❗️I will ov his music forever🥰❗️

  11. kaftanimp

    I heard this song sung by a group of wonderful people on the narrow gauge railway between Durango and Silverton in October 2007. It was one of those moments in life that will remain with me forever - thank you Tony for leading the way that day and thank you John for your beautiful music.

  12. Karyn Jones

    I love it, too!!!

  13. 1bol390

    I wish i knew Kathy. I think through John's songs we do. : ) PEACE

  14. Earthlinked

    @ilockyou2 Her death was a surprise to us all!! As we soon found out - going to Pacific Grove was a "Bucket List" dream for her - she knew that she was dying and told nobody!!

  15. Laurie Stowers

    @Earthlinked I met Kai online after a JD event in Pacific Grove was in the news and she posted a comment. I was able to answer a few questiions for her...this was before she moved to California. We emailed for awhile and I even referred her to the real estate agent she was using. We met in person only once at dinner in Monterey. I went to a concert but she was unable to attend due to her foot injury. I was sad to hear she had passed soon after.

  16. Earthlinked

    It was 1 year ago yesterday that Kathy died in California! Kathy moved from Vermont to Pacific Grove and her California license tag was KAIYC1 - for Kai (her name) and YC1 = Yankee Chick One!!!! She was a wonderful spirit - and she passed away April 11, 2009. Durango Mountain Caballero" by John Denver (her favorite singer) was her favorite song!!!!!!!!

    Still missing your calls - Kathy and eventually - I will be your "Poe Toaster" and we'll share a "Fat Tire"!!!!!

    Max Götz


  17. PeaceGirlMusicFan1

    so precious! John Denver , John Denver & The Muppets, Priceless!

  18. ForrinWolf

    Nobody can sing it like John can.

  19. Earthlinked


    The hick-up from ROLF was from the previous clip in the show - Denver had just taken the Muppets for an airplane ride in his old Waco bi-plane and did several stunts to scare the hick-ups out of ROLF!!!

    In the actual shooting - Denver went to land and got stuck in idle. He was cleared to land in Aspen - the controller saying - "Pick ANY Runway"! They only have one! He landed safely - and got out and could not walk - his first experience of almost crashing an airplane!

  20. jrssjdca

    You're welcome Michelle. I love sunsets too, I know you what you mean and what Kathy meant.

  21. jrssjdca

    Great video Michelle! Wonderful song and great quality. I love that scene of the sun at the end. Nice job!