Denny, Sandy - Whispering Grass Lyrics

Why do you whisper, green grass
Why tell the trees what ain't so?
Whispering grass
The trees don't have to know

Why tell them all your secrets
Who kissed there long ago?
Whispering grass
The trees don't need to know

Don't you tell it to the breeze
'Cause she will tell the birds and bees
And everyone will know
Because you told them once before
Yes you told them once before
It's no secret anymore

Why tell them all the old things
They're buried under the snow
Whispering grass, don't tell the trees
'Cause the trees don't need to know

Now don't you tell it to the breeze
'Cause she will tell the birds and bees
And everyone will know
Because you told them once before
Yes you told them once before
It's no secret anymore

Why tell them all the old things
They're buried under the snow
Whispering grass, don't tell the trees
'Cause the trees don't need to know

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Denny, Sandy Whispering Grass Comments
  1. High Castle

    Better than ink spots

  2. Garry Harriman

    Did Chas and Dave cover this? 😂

  3. Michael Tatzky

    Wonderful, greatings from Germany ;)

  4. Fiore Brunetti

    Yes! Lovely!!!

  5. Tonetwisters

    Absolutely the best thing I have heard her do, since I first heard, "Who Knows ..." which was the very first thing I ever heard her do ... how's that for being instantly spoiled?


    Give a listen to Sandy singing "One more chance" mind blowing!!!

  6. Geraldine Kestner

    Those damn tattle tell trees. Dagnabbit.


    Thanks , thats a lovely surprise to me at least , that SANDY
    was so broad minded that she recorded this track .
    Its sweet and at the same time charming . So much so that not only could she ' get away with it '
    she almost makes it hers , in a strange way .

  8. Alf Gilzean

    This was an Ink Spot's number. It was my father's favourite. Wish he could have heard this version. Truly superb.

  9. wolstenholme100

    Please see my video taken in London and showing Judith Durham leaving the Albert Hall.Seekers 50th Anniversary Concert, London, 2 June 2014

  10. Colin Hugh Abbott


  11. Bill

    Wow! Stunning is all!

  12. Naughty internet person

    Very impressive, didn't know who Sandy was till I heard this yesterday, beautiful. The version by Don Estelle is great too, probably my favourite, the Ink Spots version is also a classic.

  13. Jose Andrade

    This tune cheers me up and makes me smile. Beautiful.

  14. Linda O'Malley Parker

    Absolutely lovely.!

  15. John Erdmann

    great in every way

  16. james reinolds

    lovely sound,she was so great!

  17. Wedding Data

    Sandy's father had a number of Ink Spots records, and she particularly liked Whispering Grass. Maybe her cover of it was to please him or a tribute to the Ink Spots, or just because she was able to cover it so well.

    e douglas pratt

    Wedding Data, thanks for that meaningful "trivia" which makes her more real to me. -Doug Pratt, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  18. modelleg

    Sounds a little like a Nancy Sinatra cover.

  19. Carole Griggs

    Beautiful version...I have the Ink Spots version, but this is so beautiful too.

  20. oj shilinski

    This is lovely. Don Estelle sings it beautifully also, but too bad he had to play the role of a Pagliacci in life! The Ink Spots are the ones that I fell in love with years ago; perfection in diction and mood...always. Thank you for posting.

  21. SeaBassVamp

    Wonderful song, tuneful melody, supreme voice!

    Poi Winn Song

    I envision a 30's night club, small stage, arch and foliage, 3 musicians in tux's, and Sandy as the ingenue, hair up, green gown with a simple gold necklace.

    Ryan Turkington

    Don ettel and windsor davies is better tho

    Buddy Joe

    So sad she died so young,..So much talent 💔⚘R.I.P Sandy Denny

  22. BIll G

    She also recorded "Until the Real Thing Comes Along" with the same orchestration - wonderful piano, bass and guitar. I think that is the best version ever of that song. Those were the only two on her "Like an Old Fashioned Waltz" album with that orchestration.

  23. terrence gurnee

    the ink spots ruled!

  24. Sean

    I listen 2 this version more often
    than the Ink Spots, mostly.
    (Not to take anything away
    from The Ink Spots..God forbid;)

  25. stufink1

    Danny Stiles, the Vicar Of Vintage Vinyl, loved this song, and loved Sandy Denny too.  Years after her passing, he still played her music, and spoke about her.

    Adele Meyer

    years gone by. I did the same thing. Great times listening to a voice that fills your heart.Adele

  26. Michael Joseph

    Sandy Denny is brilliant on this song, lovely, sad and so sweet.

  27. Wayan Eve

    Almost like Jazz

  28. chris ott

    as sweet as the day is long...thanky

  29. xelena

    "Waltz" is probably my favorite Sandy Denny album.


    Don't rip off the Ink Spots after they worked so hard to make that song.Just don't recreate the song and make it horrible.

  31. TheRunner75

    This version should had to top the UK charts instead the awful Windsor Davies & Don Estelle one.

    Naughty internet person

    TheRunner75 Don Estelle's version isn't bad at all, he's a great singer, this one's not bad either though.

  32. Leonard Dixon

    The Ink Spots version is on YT - here's one: watch?v=QvIIcZxL6p4

  33. Joseph Patrick

    The song was first recorded by Erskine Hawkins & His Orchestra in 1940. The Ink Spots featuring Bill Kenny also recorded it the same year. (source: Wikipedia)

  34. jim walker

    did ami winehouse do a version of this?

    John Warner

    I hope not

  35. tc030564

    i love this song, and its a great version, but it really does belong to Don estelle and Windsor Davis sorry.

  36. River

    No shout out to the Ink Spots? Lame

  37. pmfnr

    What I love about her version of this song is that I'm always left with a lingering sense that she is actually talking to grass (in a playful sort of Muppet Show way).

  38. Loran Davis

    OMG! What's happened to music?! **Cries a thunderstorm**

  39. janetathensbay

    My favourite version from a wonderful singer...Sandy, you left us sooooo young.

  40. Froggy19510

    Good old song. Originaly e Ink Spots (the version on TV)>

  41. emvin1982

    Unfortunately she died in 1978 aged 31.

  42. electrickithara

    I have this on vinyl and CD. She's one of the best singers I've ever heard.

  43. Iain Meek

    Wowsa. Found it again. I first heard this on a Radio 1 weekend special. Truly brilliant song sung by one of the great singers. RIP.

  44. xyearsafter

    Excellent song and performance! Thanks!

  45. animascat

    too bloody nice

  46. lilywondertwin

    @Dansker1931 I lost all my stuff in a flood too hun I am sorry :(

  47. Hawkeye620

    Thank you for uploading this wonderful song, I first heard it back in the '70s on a wonderful NY station, WNEW-AM and I loved it. Sandy Denny was a wonderful singer, how sad that she died so young.

  48. QueSeraSeraist

    can't believe no one has commented on this! Sandy Denny was a founder of the Fairport Convention and one of the driving forces behind the British folk rock scene. She died when she was 31yrs old, another sad loss for folk music lovers.


    Actually, as extraordinary as Sandy was, she wasn't a founding member of Fairport Convention. She joined the band on their, 2nd, 3rd and 4th albums and then parted ways with Fairport to form Fotheringay.