Denny, Sandy - The King & Queen Of England Lyrics

Bring back the king to his throne
And the smile may return to the queen
How can she rule on her own
When the glory of what might have been is all she feels?

The fire still burns in the hearth
The music still plays for her pleasure
But the air is as cold as the death
And the soft melodies only measure her bittersweet tears

Every note of each song brings a vision
Of love and of pain back to me
Like a captive I've locked in a prison
And whose liberty rests upon me
But I can't find the key
You may never be free

The servants still hang on his every word
But his youthfulness passes him by
The king only watches the seasons
And they watching him see his sparkling eye
Holds no diamond any more

In the folds which begin every ending
I wish I forever could lie
But the cloth I wear is not for mending
For what tailor could stitch up the torn blue sky?
So the battle is done
Nobody won

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Denny, Sandy The King & Queen Of England Comments
  1. TheToolnut

    Sandy was, is and will forever remain the greatest female voice of all time. She is my Queen, ❤

  2. Portcullis

    "But the cloth I wear is not for mending. For what tailor could stitch up the torn blue sky"? I love that line. Friday 6th of January 2017 is the 70th anniversary of the birth of Sandy Denny. I hope that her beautiful voice and wonderful songs continue to inspire young songwriters for many more years to come.

  3. Portcullis

    I really can't work out why such a beautiful song had to wait so many years to see the light of day on a box set, as opposed to being included on one of her solo albums in the mid-1970s. I've been searching for several years, but I still haven't found another voice that is so moving. Sandy Denny was truly unique.

  4. Christopher Todd Durnil

    My favorite Sandy Denny track...

  5. oscar6418

    beautiful song...thanks so much for posting