Denny, Sandy - Losing Game Lyrics

I love you darlin' but you don't love me
Might as well face it and est you free
I've been playing a losing game
In spite of this I'm not ashamed

I gave you my love and I have no regrets
I'm true to you baby with love and respect
I stood by you when no one else would
And I gave you everything that I possibly could

I'm sitting here my hopes so high
Never been a day pass when I didn't cry
People are talking all over town
Keep telling me that I should put you down

Oh, from your lips sweet honey pours
That is where all my love goes
I shouldn't have put my hopes so high
Never been a day when I didn't cry, oh

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Denny, Sandy Losing Game Comments
  1. Portcullis

    I love the black and white festival photographs.Anybody know where and when they were taken?

  2. sudfac

    Remarkable cover James Carr performed by Sandy Denny.
    Thank you very much, xyearsafter!